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It's just me it's just me come and sit on my knee I'll tell you a story of how the wind blows and where all the bad kids go the boogie man ate em' he snatched them up by the toes spanked them on the bottom and gobbled the boogers from their nose the boogie mans got em' oh mommy and daddy they know off to the boogie man all the bad kids go!
Shane M.  Stoops
May 3,2017

How rain's nigh ghastly light haunts vague suspense
Ere darkness yield to after.  In the pale
Note follwing, whiter morsels chase th'exhale
Which moves atwixt these firs as if pretense
Could not decide oer snowbanks' worn intents
And newer puddles thinking of betrayl,
This fragile romance in surreal tones' bail
Lost in the flurry of just whither hence.
I want to ask you what you're doing fer
All we have overnight made me and you
Erm, us and we.  And scared but driving, you're
Not one bit daunted either.  What'd we do?
I've heard of whirlwind stories.  Aren't such poor?
You'd kiss my tear-washed face, and say we knew?

[]Mebbe when we can do it tangled up in each other.  *needless to say, he likes this one.
it's too boring to be simply up to no good
vanilla skin and ashen lips, shaking hands
sly, slender nostrils that started drip wine again
convinced she's not a person without him

when she laughs that cool laugh
these straight lines that keep her
coiled and uncoiling again
she smells like absolut and lust, cheap perfume
letting loose old chains
you and your wry laughter
defeated by the day old machines
of life and their constant clogging

time's hands tear into spring
nail first, peeling off the light constricting canopy
twisting barbwire off delicate skin
strangling you on a couch from hell

wake up to the smell of bourbon
and dead roses - so pretty
your lashes creating the shadows
on your gaunt cheekbones,
and your name is Soul
i struggle a ton with full length poems but thank you all for reading

edit: thank you, sexywiggle, for lighting this poem up
When the chains fell silent, the gears stationary
Once more. When sheers where as they were.

Everyman's ideology fell soundless on the
Breeze of once tainted obsessive thought.

Bullets were but pebbles now taken by the
Shores of time, stationary no longer tainting air.

A rose grew through the white bleached remnants
Of what exhaled life now motionless and still.

Man was many things but his temperament
Grew to strong, now earth heal now he's gone.
She beckoned them as they hew the air itself.
A haziness of twilight graced the sunrise and
All fell in trepidation of what was to come.
Feathers descended, shards cutting all beneath.

Those who stared where in obscurities flight
Beckoned cried tears of scarlet. As when light
Finally blessed the sky, garnet tears flowed down
Soiled ground, sight was nil seeing a final sundown.

She gathered her flock of ravens as each merged
Upon her skin. Flowing wisps of clotted darkness
Knitted upon her physique. Gracing the earth
Beneath with winged decay, life dead beneath her feet.

Mistress of rising onyx of those that guild the night
Ill fortune would befall all touched by her blight
She graced the air never touching beneath her feet
When she spoke the raven called words incomplete.

If you see feathers behind a beauty in onyx , she
Who still walks the earth eternally dressed in
Darkness, ill fortune to you and those that hear
Her call for the raven is coming to take you all.
half free verse half rhyme fun times in the darkness of the raven
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