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Feb 2019 · 484
Dot Feb 2019
I stood and studied my ankles,
As they rudely interrupted
the passage of sea to shore.
Waves; they almost made it
to caress the sandy incline,
slowed to a final trickle,
as they reach their journeys end.
They grasp at grains of sand;
a desperate bid
to drag them home to sea.
Feb 2019 · 431
Dot Feb 2019
Today is a day of peculiar bliss.
Of undue and novel joy.
A casual quiver of happiness
has unexpectedly been deployed.
Floating, fleeting and airy
A dandelion puff in a breeze
I smile as I relish the stillness
Of a once racing mind, now at ease.
Apr 2017 · 765
Dot Apr 2017
A lethargic frustration
has taken up residence
somewhere between
logic and clarity.
She's a devil;
a tantalizing waif.
Powerless but relentless
in her horrid little mission.
Pulling and clawing
at all that is good;
drawing curtains to
inhibit the light.
**** her
and her intrusion.
She has dabbled in
the dark long enough.
Its time.
She was never welcome anyway!
Apr 2017 · 326
Dot Apr 2017
Place your offerings
at the alter of my feet;
Bright, jagged colors
Propped up by solid green.
Words poured on paper;
dancing letters of love.
Spill it here, by naked toes
And I will give back
All that I have.
Apr 2017 · 571
Dot Apr 2017
From where came you;
Sun drenched flower?
Why does yellow
not dissolve in you
like the others.
You beam back
at dazzled onlookers;
Bobbing your head
in agreement
with the beauty
you exude.
Jan 2017 · 422
Dot Jan 2017
I scuffed along a dreary trail;
Lit by the orb of night.
A muted glow, grew 'neath the haze
Of fog disrupted light.

A pathway hemmed by fir and ash.
Its' silence taunts the nerves.
Your outline there, amid the trees,
My mind thought it observed.

I stalled, 'neath creaking wooden limbs,
Froze still and calm, I gazed.
It was your frame, your gait, your hair
There, ambling in the haze.

I felt you turn your face t'ward mine;
Racing heart, now in repose.
I drew in deep, your silent tale
Of why this path you chose.

I held your story in my chest
'till fog and dark did cease.
'till wary eyed, I woke and smiled
To know you're now at peace.
Jan 2017 · 833
Dot Jan 2017
There are depths within you
To which I cannot reach.
Where water drips
and echos in an
obscure cavern.
Where each drop leaves behind
its narrative,
on the pore from which it fell.
A story untold.
The vast space makes echoes of heartbeats.
But deafening silence resonated,
the day your heart skipped but one.
Jan 2017 · 501
Dot Jan 2017
Polished and serene;
your vocal tones,
they soothe my stereocilia.
Jan 2017 · 1.2k
Dot Jan 2017
Lazy cares not for sleep,
Contrary to popular belief.
It cares not for the easy life.
Lazy is forever catching up.
Lazy cares not for rest.
Her mind is racing; exhausted.
She hurls herself over the finish line,
EVERY time...
To embrace the other procrastinators.
Jan 2017 · 432
-A Daily Routine-
Dot Jan 2017
The draping curtain draws back
revealing a dimly lit set.
The cast scuffle backstage
in their daily quarrel.
I wish their din would cease.
The lights awaken,
Silhouettes of exasperated
hands come into view.

"A Comedy, it must be".
"Satire, surely, is what she needs".
"No, no, another Tragedy".
"Lets sing and dance; fill her with glee".

"Can we not do this again",
comes the voice of Reason.

Meanwhile, the protagonist;
She waits 'till the eleventh hour
to know of the script.

*It's all an act, at the end of the day!
Oct 2016 · 725
-Safe Keeping-
Dot Oct 2016
An empty box, I wish I had
A space I long to find
Into which my heart could sing
When 'er you cross my mind

I wish a place, discrete yet vast
In this world or beyond
A portal hidden in my palm
to which love could abscond.

There safely kept, for days of rain
Spoilt not by woe nor fear
I'd call upon this excess love
When you are far from near.
Oct 2016 · 531
Dot Oct 2016
The sun projects a cross on the window blind.
A heavenly body skirting around the man-made.
The lines are perfection, though moving slowly.
Both silhouette and fire are facing each other;
Dancing clockwise,

Never to embrace.
Oct 2016 · 662
Dot Oct 2016
I've never wanted,
To never want anyone else,
Until YOU.
Oct 2016 · 1.2k
Dot Oct 2016
Stand me still in swaying grass
on the crest of a smooth esker.
Numb my ears to synthetic noise
so I can embrace the earthly chorus;
Green blades clashing swordlike.
The creak of trees, rooted in the battle.
The flip and twist of a passing bluebottle;
Awkward and disorientated.
Let me breathe deep the same wind
that lends herself to these instruments.
Let me hear the crackle of sun on skin;
The sound of hair electrified,
The thud of chemicals leaping across synapses.

Let me feel truly alive.
Aug 2016 · 556
Dot Aug 2016
Where do you take me, night creature?
What alterations do you stitch
and weave into my conscience
when I teeter along your tightrope?
By day, I am but a slip away
from your labyrinth of fable and yarn.
By night, I navigate the pathways
of your alternate universe.
I breath deep and wait
to know your interpretation
of the fine print omitted in daylight.
Where do you take me,  sleep?
Aug 2016 · 513
Dot Aug 2016
"To write", she wrote.
She needed it more than ever;
The letters ordered on paper,
Falling neatly in a way that
Expelled and deciphered it all at once.
She longed for the **clarity
For the void that would materialise
Once the mind was cleansed.
She struggled to grip
even a syllable of substance,
to fling down in a hail of ink.
There weren't words.
No line of text alone could capture
this bombardment of her senses.
Only an act would suffice.
Yet, here and now,
She is without a stage.
Let. It. Out.
Aug 2016 · 3.3k
Dot Aug 2016
I wonder how it felt before;
Before the perfect fit
of my hand and yours.
Aug 2016 · 464
Dot Aug 2016
I have no medium to capture you, perfect scene.
No lens or film can render your essence.
There are no words to speak of your beauty.
There is no sense to taste your presence.
Jul 2016 · 416
- 87 -
Dot Jul 2016
A slow and steady crescendo
Of blended melody and rhythm
Grips the edge of reason and
Pulls it softly, toward contentment.
It feels and folds its way through
Storming emotions and insecurities.
Ushering their voices to calm and follow.
Harmonizing against the pizzicato
Of over stimulated heart strings,
It flows outward from her core.
Its cadence steady and sincere.
As it rushes to alter her face,
The sensory orchestra of
Memory, thought, fear and hope
Culminates in the most subtle of smiles.  

She exhales.

This is LOVE.
May 2016 · 1.1k
-The Deep-
Dot May 2016
Now and then,
the dark wave comes.
She loosens my grip on
what dwells above the surface.
Finger by finger and all at once.
Her beautiful irony.
Her tragic existence.
She wants only to embrace me
but her touch is toxic.
Enveloped by her, I am paralyzed;
momentarily in hindsight,
yet eternally in that moment.
Then, as quickly as her curving crest appeared,
she is gone.
Dissolved into thick blue ocean,
She crawls back into the beauty of the deep.

Until next time...
Apr 2016 · 892
-Horizons Facade-
Dot Apr 2016
I face the mountain;
Sharp and defined.
A tiny, uneven facade
skirting a perpetually
changing sky.
I grow envious
of its consistent demeanor;
Its' immutable character
in rain, hail or shine.
Now, closer to the summit,
I stumble on rockfall
and scree slopes.
I face the mountain,
Resolute and bold
in a final struggle
to assume its
soothing temperment.
Mar 2016 · 1.1k
Dot Mar 2016
It is an irony
to finally find yourself
only to realise
you are utterly
in normality.
Feb 2016 · 300
Dot Feb 2016
I want to know
the blend of cosmic
forces that caused
me to see the world
the way that I do.
Feb 2016 · 605
-Residual Volume-
Dot Feb 2016
Every once in a while,
when time stands still
just long enough,
the hazy curtain
of life is teased apart.
Just enough to see
the world for what it is.
And when that happens,
I inhale and grip tight my breath;
Hoping that maybe, just maybe,
some of the infinite beauty
will be trapped in my heart.
Residual volume (RV) is a lung volume representing the amount of air left in the lungs after a forced exhalation; this volume cannot be measured, only calculated.
Feb 2016 · 571
It makes no sense...
Dot Feb 2016
The conditions are perfect;
unexplained heavy thundery feeling.
Biting nails, picking fingers.
Repetitive movements.
Tossing and turning.
All the ingredients for inner turmoil.
And yet...

**I cant write
Feb 2016 · 896
Dot Feb 2016
A crack on the ceiling.
A line; far from deep.
Its cross-section layered,
Its existence discrete.
Unassuming and simple
in a room bright and plush.
Its existence is futile,
for its fate is the brush.
A restoration of beauty;
appeasing the strain.
Layering and patching
again and again.
As long as the eye
knows not that its weakened,
The flaw will endure,
now perpetual and deepened.
Its a crack on the surface
a line; far from deep.
Take heed of its presence;
but mend whats beneath.
Feb 2016 · 347
Dot Feb 2016
They say she has a
heart of gold.
Perhaps that is why,
when'er she dare show it...
They steal it away.
Feb 2016 · 457
-Luna's Riddle-
Dot Feb 2016
Whether full or a half
or perhaps a mere crescent.
My eyes open widest
When her light is present.
Jan 2016 · 1.1k
Dot Jan 2016
A monochrome film plays
Over and over.
To a singular audience.
It rewinds.
It sticks on one frame
Over and over.
In the scene
It's me, lost in a
It's walls lit with
projected clips
of a monochrome film.
Over and over.
Nov 2015 · 539
Night Vision
Dot Nov 2015
It's a beautiful thing:
A heart grown round and heavy with love.
The delicate seams stress and strain;
An attempt to hold it all in.
The pulsing red adjusting
to a surreal feeling of calm.
Just like how pupils dilate
to capture an image in darkness;
you've pried opened my heart
And filled it with blinding light.
Nov 2015 · 832
Dot Nov 2015
We are the heartstrings;
we play songs in chorus,
to summon the hands
of the ones who adore us.
To call you to our land
to rule, as did Horus.
Yes! You built your guard:
tried hard to ignore us.
"Desist with that noise"
we hear you implore us.
But your wall is no match
for the lilt of the Taurus.
It's thick and secure
but deceptively porous.
Nov 2015 · 1.0k
The Missing One
Dot Nov 2015
I am without poetry;
Without verse or rhyme.
I am cleansed of all torture;
Have no concept of time.

No longer frantic,
nor riddled with woe.
I have fled from self-pity
to a land of unknowns.

A space so reckless,
it tickles the skin.
My demeanour is calm
but I'm woozy within.

Love rushes to greet him,
palms slippy and warm.
Relieved that my body
Still longs for those arms.

Heat flows round the shadows;
My soul's once more kissed.
But I've been without poetry;
She's the one that I've missed.
Oct 2015 · 348
Dot Oct 2015
You've left a space.
A gap.
A knowledge of prior existence.
The way that bubbles
are there, then gone.
The way that breath
dissipates on a frosty night.
I held you close and
melted into you.
I felt you evaporate
like steam from my
heated body.
A dream-state later,
you had to leave.
The sleep sealed our fate
and reality took you back.

I'll see you soon.
#Distance #relationships #heart #love #poem #poet #hp #poetry #missyou #miss #sad
Aug 2015 · 881
The "1"
Dot Aug 2015
I will not try to find
'the one'.
I will search for the
one thousand and one
things in you,
that lead me to
find myself.
Aug 2015 · 2.4k
Pen and Paper
Dot Aug 2015
I love the look of words
written down line by line;
their flirtatious teasing
along feint ruled ivory.
The gentle drop of letters
below unrestricting lines;
the emotion immortalised
in each cross and dot.
Most of all, I admire
the finality:
the beauteous dedication
and commitment
of that pen... to this paper.
This was written August 2014 before I set off on the Camino de Santiago
Jul 2015 · 2.9k
Dot Jul 2015
Ever look to the night sky beyond tiring windscreen wipers?
They screech, exasperated by an army of droplets hurtling downwards.
Ever lean on the dashboard gazing upwards into the downpour?
Constant and linear; like how stars zoom past spaceships in old movies.
A whole universe of dazzling stars.
That's how she lived; her aura a universe peppered with light.
Light forever radiating towards captivated eyes.
Oh, she loved with a love unparalleled.
Jul 2015 · 1.6k
Dot Jul 2015
I'm forever fighting
the urge,
the want,
the neeeed,
to know the
source code of your
To see the matrix
of your thoughts.
To know how your feelings
color them.
Jul 2015 · 1.8k
-What is a poem?-
Dot Jul 2015
What is a poem?
A lilting of words?
An image of voices
forever unheard?
What's this picture of symbols
all ordered in lines?
What's this rare combination?
Did it take her much time?
What makes the pattern
or rhyme start to flow?
What sets it apart
from the prose or the scroll?
Is it empathy recalling
some rose-tinted dream?
Maybe it's laced in darkness
the vile or obscene?
What is a poem?
Some words written with tone?
What are these lyrics
Sung straight from my bones?
Jul 2015 · 1.6k
Dot Jul 2015
feather of
             It dances
                                    on the
                       wisp of wind;
                 the draw
                                 of cracked
formed of
                                      withered apple skin
                                                         and stale coffee;
                                            of puckered
              and deep
                             Hunched shivering
                                                       shoulders hoist a
                                                                                            shaky hand
                                                                                          toward the
                                                A raspy exhale releases
                        another puff of smoky breath.
The icy air exaggerates
the capacity of old
and tiring lungs.

I foresee this rarely preempted fate.

I quit!
Apr 2015 · 569
Dot Apr 2015
The warmth of bed, is draped on skin,
as I struggle to shake off the hazy hold of slumber.
My toes distort the rowed, uniform tufts of carpet.
They stand, stretched high to meet my weight.
To support my unsteady ascent.
I rise to feel last traces of dreams fall loosely
from my creaking shoulders, like a shroud of silky mist.
Voices and faces disappear, as rubbed eyes restore 'reality'.
Erasing the false memories etched on the minds canvas,
I make fiction of my nightly reverie once more.
Apr 2015 · 3.7k
Dot Apr 2015
My little helium filled heart
floats off into the clouds,
free from the weight of itself.
It makes miniatures of buildings
losing sight of material things.
From its' skewed perspective,
high in the stratosphere,
It has grown bigger than
the earth itself.

There is poetic sadness
in finally reaching happy;
a lust for inspiration
in the openness of the
universe it creates.
Happy Friday
Feb 2015 · 8.5k
Dot Feb 2015
What is that cacophony of emotion
that falls out of the sky and into my head
when the words "It's Friday" are said?
Comical and all as it is,
I have really fallen for her; for Friday.
Over and over again.
Forever hopeful and rarely inconsistent.
Full of promise, never bad intent.

I wish you were my Friday.
Happy Friday HP friends!
Feb 2015 · 1.2k
-The Creature in Me-
Dot Feb 2015
Down in the depths of a wilderness;
the derangement of **** and of wisp.
A creature is arched in a hunker
over bundled leaves; golden and crisp.

Its' blistered hands riddled with splinters
Its' tired face blackened by dirt.
Its' glowing and warm disposition,
Worn pale by commotion and hurt.

It is wary from cold and from torment;
the dark of the forests damp chill.
But it scuffs at the bones as with tinder
igniting the marrow with skill.

Wiping its' brow with its' forearm
the creature desists with a gasp
Smoke trails up through the forest.
A spark has alighted at last.

The flame inhales fallen pine cones;
blazing up through the bramble and briar.
Excitement and fear harmonizing,
'till their voices can't sing any higher;

'till the heart is consumed by her fire.
Feb 2015 · 444
Dot Feb 2015
This blur;
It trails silently
behind a racing mind.
For she has run away with herself; with such pace that eyes no longer see
Just an expressionless face known as
Feb 2015 · 1.2k
-Behind Eyelids-
Dot Feb 2015
Soft-footed and delicate,
you tip toed your way into
my head last night.
Having scaled warm cheekbones
you pried apart my eyelashes;
teased apart my flickering eye lids.
Stepping under the soft pink canopy,
you found a nook.
Curling up, you pulled closed
wafer thin skin, to keep you safe;
to make sure that
even while dead to this world
you are all I see.
Jan 2015 · 571
Dot Jan 2015
I've found a use for this writers' block.
It rushes to disperse grains of sand from
the tightly packed sea bed;
to greet it with a slow-motion,

A half hitch binds it to my fear...
Jan 2015 · 1.0k
Dot Jan 2015
Oh gone are the days of white sheets draped on propped up cushions;
Of safety in delicate, wavering structures only strengthened by imagination.

This fort is of unseen iron, steel and girders - bound and secured by all of my insecurity.
Jan 2015 · 827
Dot Jan 2015
A brief notion today,
it brought me away.
It took my consciousness from me.
Glazed eyed and amazed,
head-first into the daze;
to a life and a love laced in fantasy.

With a rush like cold air,
through freshly washed hair,
I was swept back through worlds - to the present.
I glanced round in a rush,
and embarrassed - I  blushed.
Awakened, to a view much less pleasant.
Jan 2015 · 1.1k
Dot Jan 2015
I feel like a photograph.
One taken of myself
while I was moving too quickly.
The shutter didn't capture me
with defined crisp outline.
A blur of me chases my every move.
A clinging specter.
A lingering sensory experience.
A light trail, as I head towards the dark;
as I leave you behind.
Jan 2015 · 685
Dot Jan 2015
I've often heard people speak
about the sting of tear-burnt cheeks.
The taste of their salty exit
on bitten, nervous lips.
Rarely, have I heard them admit
how hard it is to swallow
the same tears before they
even reach the surface.
I've consumed so much of my
own, I have become the
salty roaring tide.
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