Dot Apr 2017

Its hard to be fair,
when the other wants it all.

  Apr 2017 Dot


i go out to meditate
what is it do i spy?
there, a ghostly gallion
rides the morning sky
floating on the crests of cloud
mare's tails sweeping high
moon, once proud, once dominant
the sun has made her shy
drunken in her swooning heart
she's surfeit with rye
now reaching the misty mountains
hidden from my eye
she, mystery incarnate
at last, goes down to die
in the arms of ocean's  trenches
for a while she lies
in night's darkness resurrected
gently, she will rise
in some foreign land or other
in a different guise

but how i love these mornings

when sun and moon collide

(C) 4/17/2017

My front porch is my sanctuary.
I love mornings when the moon is just a wraith in the china blue sky!
These are special mornings.

It's going to be a special day!
Dot Apr 2017

A lethargic frustration
has taken up residence
somewhere between
logic and clarity.
She's a devil;
a tantalizing waif.
Powerless but relentless
in her horrid little mission.
Pulling and clawing
at all that is good;
drawing curtains to
inhibit the light.
Fuck her
and her intrusion.
She has dabbled in
the dark long enough.
Its time.
She was never welcome anyway!

Dot Apr 2017

Place your offerings
at the alter of my feet;
Bright, jagged colors
Propped up by solid green.
Words poured on paper;
dancing letters of love.
Spill it here, by naked toes
And I will give back
All that I have.

Dot Apr 2017

From where came you;
Sun drenched flower?
Why does yellow
not dissolve in you
like the others.
You beam back
at dazzled onlookers;
Bobbing your head
in agreement
with the beauty
you exude.

Dot Jan 2017

I scuffed along a dreary trail;
Lit by the orb of night.
A muted glow, grew 'neath the haze
Of fog disrupted light.

A pathway hemmed by fir and ash.
Its' silence taunts the nerves.
Your outline there, amid the trees,
My mind thought it observed.

I stalled, 'neath creaking wooden limbs,
Froze still and calm, I gazed.
It was your frame, your gait, your hair
There, ambling in the haze.

I felt you turn your face t'ward mine;
Racing heart, now in repose.
I drew in deep, your silent tale
Of why this path you chose.

I held your story in my chest
'till fog and dark did cease.
'till wary eyed, I woke and smiled
To know you're now at peace.

Dot Jan 2017

There are depths within you
To which I cannot reach.
Where water drips
and echos in an
obscure cavern.
Where each drop leaves behind
its narrative,
on the pore from which it fell.
A story untold.
The vast space makes echoes of heartbeats.
But deafening silence resonated,
the day your heart skipped but one.

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