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Jordan Feb 22
i gently tell him my
greatest secret
he believes me and
goes on with his

he asks me about the
threads in my vision
and i try to answer

but one question

i cannot answer
Second poem of the two. Thank you.
Jordan Feb 21
in my world of red
everyone has a thread tied
to their pinky finger

sometimes it is a couple
that is connected, the small string
in between not
the only connection

and this is most of the time
the string leads elsewhere

in my world of red, i am the
only one without
a thread of fate
tying my destined partner and i

until i met that certain
green-haired boy
I'm working on a fanfic and I wanted to write a couple poems for it. Here is the first one.
Hehe, it's an IzuOcha fanfic where Ochako can see everyone's thread of fate except for her own. I think it'll be pretty good!
Jordan Dec 2018
the night is full
of stars

with millions of stars

i know that
it's my ancestor's fault
that our sky is
hiding the stars
from us

their irresponsibility leading
to the heavy pollution

hiding the stars from us

and yet they are angry at us

you're the one
who's at fault

i want to look at the stars

it would help me
comfort myself

i've only seen pictures

i just want to see a sky full of stars
the indigo void
freckled with the infinite stars that exist

they say
"I believe what I see"
does that mean that i shouldn't
believe in stars?

thank you
for polluting our world
and blaming us

it's you at fault
Jordan Nov 2018
i wish for
is for
someone to love

people joke
but there's a twist
they joke about terrible

they joke about
suicide and
mental states
why do they do that?

something i want
is for something to just
go my way for

i want
for someone to be
kind and
acknowledge me

rain falling outside my window
represents all of
the tears of the world

and the droplets
of the sky
cling on to trees

like i cling on to hope

suicidal thoughts cloud
my head every day
i always
them away

falling into depression
both the suffering
cell-mate and
the cruel jailer

i want the door to swing open
and to be free

but with bad things
repeatedly happening
i don't think it'll open

no friends
school is ****
my sister hates me
my dog doesn't even love me

get out of this ****
maybe live in another world
being a fangirl
that would truly make me happy

because is there anything in this world
that wants me?
Jordan Nov 2018
before you decide
i am your friend
here's something you should know
about me

i am

i may look happy
but that's not
the truth

i don't

someone has always
found a way
to remind me that
life is ****
and can i trust

all of my friends
that were real have
left me
and if they
weren't real
you know the rest
how that plays out

if you want to be
my friend
listen up

my friends
don't lie to me
friends don't keep a simple
secret bottled up
don't leave you in the
leaving you waiting

friends are honest
tell me if they change their mind
and are patient

but those friends have
already left my side

so tell me
can you live up to this?

can you be my friend?

you don't want to be my friend
you're just another one of the fakes
and if you truly
want to help me

i am begging you
stay by my side a little

be a friend that tells me
if you're leaving
so that i can at least
get to see you in person again
before you move
across the country

and i'm left holding my hand
to a ghost of a friendship
that was once real
but now nonexistent

if you want to know me
stay by my side
and don't leave me
like all of my friends
I am depressed. Life always finds a way to remind me that it's cruel. I don't know if I'll ever find a life-long friend.
Jordan Oct 2018
what is fear?

there can be many definitions

a hard word to define

fear is
falling into the abyss
falling into depression
worrying that you'll never fly back up to
the clouds labeled

fear is
sprinkling off
a car
as the lights
reflect off a
young girl
lying in the

fear is
not knowing what lies
in the shadows
as your flashlight
only spreads
out a small part
of the land
and a shriek
fills the air

fear is
many things

not a singular item

but a million miniscule thoughts
and people
not just people but
everyone feels

one thing they
is if
they will ever feel
or never feel again
Jordan Oct 2018
do i
have to go to

my teachers
get paid

but no one else does
we must
and work
and work

until we are

oppressed to be
but they don't want us to be
do they

the smart
that we are being worked

so that we can get a

but we are already working a

and we're not being paid

and work some

all-nighters just
to survive the
of homework

i want to escape
from this
they call
This is just my interpretation of school.
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