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Liquid courage to numb the pain.
Intoxicated to forget.
Offbeat blood, sent from heart to vein.
Returns with a guest, she just met.

She closes up, leaves the bar clean.
To her apartment, around three.
In bed she lays, counting some sheep,
That mock her, thinking she will sleep.
She hears the crickets’ lonely beat.
Reminding her of creeps she meets.
Sometimes they have a potential start.
But never truly go that far.

Each night dealt with some other cards.
But slowly starts to build up guard.
She puts less time in her makeup.
But drunks continue to pick up.
She joins in shots, hopes to pass out.
But in her head she hears the shouts.
Her heart’s hunger for real love.
Her clouded thoughts rise above.

A newly turned insomniac.
No longer sleeping on her back.
Till curtains peek with starry eyes.
So bright, leaves a forceful rise.
Her sobs like strings of violin.
A void no liquor can fill in.
Despite how much she tries to drown.
The aches resonate with shrill sounds.

Another night, still found no one.
A man enters, two drinks and done.
She questions him, “What is the rush?”
Always pulled into a quick crush.
But never really tends to last.
As he mumbles about his past.
A bartender, like therapist.
As alcohol reveals the gist.

Now drunk and loud, he starts to shout.
Before his crash, he raises doubt.
He talks about, the best he lost.
Always at home, waits for the toss.
She cheers him up, when in a rut.
He gets up again, “That **** mutt!
To see her hurt, curled up in bed.
I held her paw, up till her death.”

The next night, slept pretty early.
He was perfect, brown hair curly.
Her eyes were lost, but not with lust.
Enjoyed his smells, delicious must.
A piece of her, became a part.
Happy to save his sinking heart.
Rescued him, he slept on her rug.
Named Milo, her three-legged dog.
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Love came to you the same way it came to me

It came in layers
like ******* onions
leaving our vision blurry

It was only natural though

and now when people flaunt
we look at them with sad ***** eyes

and we hide love like someone is going to steal it from us

like someone is going to take our love
hold it like a dagger
and stab our backs
or bellies
up and down
and sideways

and the worst of it all is that
it would still feel like
a blessed death
to be
ripped apart by love
She was the one who brought me up,
she was the true epitome of beauty,
she was the one who i'd look up to,
she was my truest inspiration,
she taught me to live womanhood,
she let me enjoy the color of herself,
she let me play with her,
she let me swallow her,
she let every be her part,
She made small parts of herself!
she let me be fully reliable on her,
she let me dazzle by her gifts,
she let me want to be grateful to her,
but somewhere i made a mistake,
i learned more than she taught,
I misguided for an independence
I let myself discover,
She let me go on conditions,
Conditions that made worst out of me,
but i being a human deceived to be satisfied,
i dishonoured and failed to gratify,
i exploited her beauty and turned her colours,
once in a full blossom and now she was dull,
she was unhappy and a fail,
she asked where had she gone wrong,
she found no clue for all she gave,
was love, love and beyond,
and now she stayed all deceived,
she avenged in outrage
and now I'm on my knees.
Oh dear, i'm on my knees!

I used to think men
should be more like books
Both you cannot
judge by looks...

If I didn't want to finish reading
I put it down... no heart was bleeding

A book will never fuss or fight
It will stay with you
through the night...

It doesn't smoke. It doesn't drink.
It won't leave toothpaste
in the sink!

It doesn't binge... it don't eat...
It won't leave up the toilet seat!

It don't forget. It doesn't mope.
It won't hog the TV remote!

It doesn't have to have
The last say...
It doesn't have legs

to walk away.

But it's not soft. It isn't warm.
It doesn't keep you
safe from harm.

Even though it makes no fuss
It can't think. It can't discuss.

Even though it has its charms
it can't hold you in its arms.

It doesn't pine. It doesn't miss.
It can't hug and it can't kiss.

So now I think on it again...
... I think BOOKS should be
             more like MEN!!!

Love went missing.
Last seen wearing
a red mask
and the search began.

I found love she says 
No its loneliness

I found love he says.
That's just honey coated
agony and abuses.

I found love. 
He is my friend
Baby that's only because
right now
its convenient.

Some found love in clubs and 
Some in parks underneath
the stars.
When the lights grew brighter
it was only lust.

Somewhere up above
sitting amidst the angels,
underneath a red mask
a half crooked grin,
and love
looks down on us
and mutters

And The search continues.
You're a one night stand
But we spent too many nights
I lost count of it.

You're that unexpected kiss
On a drunken wasted night
Of vomits and *****.

You're that awkward hi
Exchanged by strangers who
Thought they both knew each other
But were clearly mistaken for another.

You're the bruise that turns blue
When I accidentally bump my leg
On the corner of the bed.

You're the scar that I never
Knew I had.

You're the bittersweet taste in
My mouth every morning.

You're the last thought lingering
In my head before slumber takes me
And you're the vagueness that
Haunts me in my dreams.

You're the scalding hot shower
In a cold freezing morning.

You're the boiling tea that numbs
My tongue for the rest of the day.

You're the obsession
I will never learn to let go of.

You're that person I will
Never get to call mine.

You're the one that got away.
It terrifies me that we only get a limited amount of time with people. And that some people get more time than others who should have. I’m forever envious of those who’ve gotten more time with you than I have. That I may never get to be with you as long as they have. That our time is running out. And I miss you already. And I never want to say goodbye. At first it was slow, late nights in your car and afternoons in my bedroom. But now it feels like it’s happening all at once, like you’re doing a snow angel on my heart and it keeps getting bigger and bigger. Kissing on the sidewalk, holding hands in your coat pocket because I forgot to bring gloves. Wandering around museums and having hard conversations on your couch that make me love you even more; even when the air becomes glass, I can’t stop thinking about how lucky I feel to know you. That there’s no one else like you. My heart aches in your arms and aches when we’re apart. And I just want to be as close to you as possible, for as long as possible, because you are the most beautiful person I’ve ever met, and I love who I am when I’m with you.
Child picking flowers—
She loves me, she loves me not,
  .  .  .  Wind graffiti.
instead of saying
instead of judging
instead of worrying
instead of hating
instead of hurting
instead of taking
instead of crawling
Blury you,
in the fog of nowhere.

I keep trying to focus,
but you seem to fade away.

I try to yell but I can't,
I try to run but I can't.

Yet, you seem to fade away,
in the fog of nowhere.
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