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Dona Mayoora Nov 2014
Sitting in a wintry land
and writing this to you.

I did hesitated after win,
but there aren’t no winning,
you recognizes that
far better than me.

I pause after the word win,
each time
when I write about winter,
or anything
that start with the word, win!

I take a deep breath
and then try to finish it
with the rest of the letters.

After all
trying is everything,
so says lots of them.
It's true for me too
especially when adding a try
to win you and to survive
in this wintry weather!
Dona Mayoora Nov 2014
I become
a sparrow
And hang upside down
On an imaginary branch
Pecking up on your words.

I become
A spider
weaving dreams
across the horizon,
Right then and there
you starts to tease me with
the words,
flies and butterflies.

When you talk,
The warmth of
Your words on me
make me fog
like a cold piece of glass,
now you can write on me!
Dona Mayoora Apr 2014
Two were suffocated
One stabbed
Four drowned
Three broken neck.
A massive shock for her,

10 were over
None are forgotten,
7 irrelevant
but 3 where all 3.

She was asked to
portray all these
in a pie chart.

While he was eating
a blueberry pie.
Dona Mayoora Apr 2014
Poetry is a poets work
in clandestine chemistry
no ethics exist there
other than poethics!
Dona Mayoora Apr 2014
I see two people
so in love with each other
schmoozing numinous dialect,
only a purest of heart can fathom.

I see a kiss I hear it too,
I see eyes pinnacles
lips singing
and heart sinking in love.

Now, do not tell me
I’m seeing
a teaching of Venn diagram
on the display board,
and my explanation for
A intersection B is ludicrous!

Please do not tell me
I’m wrong.

It must be poetry
I'm seeing,
and I'm in love with it
more than anything else.

/*Orginal poem published in Mayalayam, translated by poet. */
Set A                             Set B
       _____________        ______________
     /                           \    /                             \
    /                             \  /                                \
   /                               \/                                  \
  /                                /\                                   \
|                              / A\                                  |
|                             |  n |                                  |
|                             |  B |                                 |
  \                             \  /                                  /
   \                             \/                                  /
    \                            /\                                /
     \ ____________/  \_______________/
Dona Mayoora Apr 2014
You, the secret code
of a ship wreckage
inscribed with my name.

On a chariot of wind
Wearing a T-shirt saying
‘Sorry, I have vexed you’,
I’m sending you
a floweret form the sea,
Whose petals in-sync
with the waves in the seas.

When the chariot returns
Please do send back with it,
An acceptance footnote
for my apologies to you.

Like a bulb illuminating
on the speech bubble
of a cartoon character
I will find the map
en route to the land form it.
Original poem published in Malayalam(Samakalika Malayalam Weekly), translated by poet.

— The End —