Don 6d
Time will tell - if
you'll stay yourself
When you're hard pressed
for convenience.
That confident reply
of a resilient Ghost
often does not come
so soon - so close.
Yet, we will go
to worlds once more,
He's not one for convenience,
That much I know.
Don Mar 13
God, I'm not strong.
Hell, I've failed
So many times;
Reoccurring fear
Is the hell I hold

But I've been taught
Have heard so sweet
All is grace
Such is life;
Reality is hope.
Don Mar 6
Knock Knock Knock*
"Whatcha knockin on friend"
Hell if I know,
I'm just doing what I can,
A beggar on the doorstep
Don Mar 5
i pop pills and,
my soul sulks'n'pulls
in opposing directions;
soaking in whatever- i'm at the center
between tugs of discontent and wonder.
guess life is muddy water - i guess
i'll live happily ever AfTeR
- i guess i'm whatever
what the - laymen call "tired"
I'm tired
Don Mar 4
"Feets" and "fights,"
I lift my hands
Say, "this" and "that,"
I'm not enough

"Psychological" jumps
So that theo
logian said.
I'm tired of lifting -

Hands of praise
At the bottom
Of the rocks
Of the sea.
But. Dear God,
Do I want the
Honest faith.
Don Mar 3
My brain shook a fist at me
I made one gesture with the finger between,
We looked upon ourselves
And traded blows to win our life,
I could not stop myself,
There was not a person left.
Don Feb 22
It's not the people I don't like
[the fights with fleeting thoughts]
Just the things they make me


The fights inside my brain
[The pictures that they paint]
They don't really have "it"

Right [?]
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