Don 4d
"In every way
I will accept you,
As you fade,
Into ocean -
Losing self
I will lift you
And you Will
still be loved.
You cannot fade from me."
Don 6d
I ache in many directions:
The kind of pain that's senseless
And the one that's sense of distance
From - everyone and -
Fading, nothing but the sound of me
And thinking, I just can't ring true.
It's all but a waiting numb,
And I wonder who feels this too?
Can't grasp nothin', this broken thumb
I'm cold, I hope I'm coming back to something - someone
Broken, knowing nothing,
I wonder, am I done?
Slowly - ghostly - I'm gone
Don Jul 3
I wrote a lot of sound
To find a quiet space.
Made a lot of noise
For an idle peace.
From an idle place
I've written quite a lot.
Written a lot of noise
In the wake of a loud thought -
Just to make it quiet
So I could go to sleep.
Don Jul 2
I want walk in my underwear
As a glistening fat fuck
Under this "pretty" midnight moon
Sweating, bare chested and showing hair -
Walk through the neighborhood
And into the nextdoor woods
In whitey tidies and tube socks
Then disappear from this world -
Make a bed with some sticks
At least when they find me out here
It'll be a funny sight - they'll ask "why in the hell?"
I'll reply, I just wanted "some... time to think"
I say, as I scratch my belly button
And give a dead serious look.
  Jul 1 Don
sheila sharpe
Steel and satin shaded pavement
Strewn with puddles, pools of tar
Spread across the time stained flagstones
By the wheels of passing cars

Leaves, dim memories of Summer
Fallen from the fading trees
Softly stirred in sighs of sadness
By cold breath of autumn breeze

Rain, slow solemn streams of sorrow
Slithering down the window glass
Matching tears that scald my eyes
In stormy grief I wish would pass

Flowers, all a shimmer of petals, jewels too bright
For sorrow burdened hearts to bear
Their fragrance, tangible as teardrops
Lingering on the cold, damp air

Inside the Church
The dust motes swirl upon exhaling breath
Onto  the waxen candles, in parody of death

Prayer books swallow tears that blur
In smears of sadness on each page
Magnifying words of comfort
Icy in our hearts of rage

Then, a single voice of sorrow
Breaks upon our grief stopped ears
Dismissing, with a shared compassion
All our voiceless, raging fears

Hands that clutched at shredded tissues
Reach round shoulders, dab at tears
Wakening in our sorrowed hearts
Fond memories of early years

Now, we follow, as we followed him
Oh, so many years ago
Echoing the stumbling steps of children
In our footsteps, measured, slow

Outside, the grass blades shimmer greenly
Through our haze of gathered grief
Each a piercing emerald dagger
A sharpened spear in every leaf

Upon the grave, carnations shimmer
Opening wounds in every heart
And Iris, blue as pools of mourning
Each a slender, rending dart

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
Death’s awful promise to  us all
As we lay him, to sleep forever
By the moss grown Churchyard wall

Now, clutching at each  shred of comfort
That each fleeting memory gives
We dismiss the scattered flowers
In each heart he lives, he lives
memories of a funeral
Don Jul 1
Rip away every persona
from person
Would there still be people
in this prison?
Don Jul 1
I ache to wake post-daze
Coming cold to narrow gates
Hard as ice - make my heart
Soft as dreams and easy as sleep.
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