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blemishes borne by blueberries,
beautiful baby bruisings
“water you up to?”
the water puns were flowing
“well, not a dam thing.”
with her bright and bubbly
sun dappled days
came a hurt that taught me
what it mean to stay
rotting strawberries
ancient prayer come to life
off with the fairies
Sinking, feeling antsy
Pink fingernails dancing
Sinking feeling, antsy
about my psychiatrist
I miss holding hands with you
I miss showing you my favourite songs
I miss how easy it always was to make you laugh
I miss your voice in the night while we were in bed
I miss your family even though they would make fun of me
I do not miss you.

I miss meeting new people with you
I miss your dogs and how sweet they were
I miss talking about nothing with pointless intensity
I miss watching the sky change colours as you play guitar
I miss the way you would drop everything for me if I needed it
I do not miss you.

I miss going to the movies with you
I miss talking through to daylight over the phone
I miss you caring enough to say you were worried
I miss coming to your house and climbing the stairs
I miss you telling me there were better things ahead
I do not miss you.
I will never miss you.
sea sparkle:
turns out that’s the name of a real thing,
a phenomenon.

i’ll write that down as a note for later poems
but then by mistake,
i let the sheet float away
through a window that i left open
only for it to find its way to the waters
and sink down to the bottom of the ocean
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