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marley dogwater Feb 2015
“Rolling Rock” it reads, fatefully so, so I’d hope he’s no Sisyphus.  Bringing corner markets drought with pocket money, he’s perhaps overlooked by the commoner a proletariat.  dating me in simply ways, peeing from the next room, my alone time, and indexing my forefinger: canine and biscupid, telling me to feel the ****** up’d-ness inside his skull.  I claim otherwise but I suppose within fingers lies fallacy!
marley dogwater Feb 2015
The news has reminded fans that just because it is the Super Bowl
It is not okay to hit your wife

But you did, and you were drunk, and now there is guacamole on the floor.  

Peeling back your *******
Like a clown
Forever stripping away tricolor cloth to reveal
More tricolor cloth
marley dogwater Feb 2015
I ****** an actor
On a leather chair
His mouth evidenced
Expensive sake
And the foreign touch
Of a Transylvanian stage performer
Was not what made me feel sick
But it was
The flowers growing from his skin
marley dogwater Feb 2015
if i got all the abortions i wanted
would you still **** my
haunted *****?
baby gettin a nonsense foodstamp speed bump sticker
off a key bump off
do i need **** to write poems?
coming forward up with something
and figuring out you kicking,
kicking the kickers
and a bunch of rhetorical qeustion?
stalactite cellulite bring back britney she aint deadff
marley dogwater Jan 2015
"Hey, we've never really talked."

I imagine surviving an earthquake.  

"We never talked."

I dig my nails into something red.

"We've never really talked."

I cough.

"We never talk."

I wipe the spit off my lip.

"Hey, we've never-"

Rewinding the VHS for the next customer.
marley dogwater Jan 2015
“delete history”
I think it’s pretty gay for a bunch of sweaty queers
To be sharing spit w/ each other
In a ******* closet
I think my ***** smells like macaroni
I used to ******* to animals beign tortured
I used to tell my mom
Im not pretty
Im not pretty
throw rocks at your garage
It’s hard to come up with 4 things at once,
I want to play violin in a bathtub at 4 AM
Because 4am’s cool
And it’s not really night or morning
It’s just stinky
Im just a kid with their stinky feet on a splintered stool
Watching suite life of zack and cody
In a pair of boxers they/i haven’t changed for like 3 days
I have a bic pen bumper sticker tattoo on my ***
You made me **** your **** and feed your bunny
And you made me hate white boys
I generalize
I forget to feed my tortoise sometimes
I don’t forget to feed myself
Im not cool and skinny and white
Im fat and
I never forget to feed myself
I eat the stuff on my body
Im my own **** tree I beare my own fruits I think you
Should get used to how GROSS I am
I got heartburn
In all the wrong places
I got an ache below the waist
and a cold sore on my heart
marley dogwater Jan 2015
cutting off my cellulite
going to carve it into
little figurines
of dolphins
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