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Dogfood Williams Sep 2019
Sea green isle
Inside a sea blue ****
Hook loop and pull
Pulling parts and mouth
And skin off in chunks.
Stranded inside a swarm
of flight, filled festering
Leaping from the sea to the sea
Feasting on pieces of me

Pulled shut, wind whirring
hoping you don't text me
hoping you text me
Dogfood Williams Jul 2019
I'm terrified
Of the ocean inside
Deep seated squid ink and
Deep seeded kid think
Deep sea dead braindead
Deep see those arms needed

Tossed glass and torn paper
Wrecked ships warning later
deep sea grave jewels inside
Hoping to be worth one more dive
Dogfood Williams Jul 2019
a night like this
i threw seeds in the water
hoping my green baby ball of soul
would stick to the acid in clumps
grow a pair, grow up
and learn to crawl to find the steps
up to the switch on the wall

green baby soul got green
baby sick
oil and puffs soaked in and out
the seeds had sunk and found a home
inside the brick

pinched nose i rushed
tossed and passed the rocks
changed the water clear
like my life baby had **** the bed

alone in the glass
no stone no soil
just moss baby soul
alone with new water
splitting in to three
Dogfood Williams Jul 2019
a cleaner liquid for the glass house we were in
when the dance didn't stop us
that that last chance was somewhere back
between the iron ivy or the heavy palms

with my keys in my hand and my ears covered softly
i'm trying to get back in to the glass house
where the ceiling shattered the glass crashed
hoping to meet you on the other side
Dogfood Williams Jul 2019
the water from the metal pipe
that's in my new room with my new walls
where i've hung my things and myself out
to dry in a wet room
that pipe took me right where i used to be
and i see now for years i've been worse than me
i've been 1, 10, 8, 9 and 3
two thousand plus ways to expose myself
to no one good place

that cold pipe is filling me up with the worst
greenest, grayest, knocked out bits
watering the salted plants
nothing is different unless you make yourself be
Dogfood Williams Jul 2019
little red spiders crawling in
deep little pockets in my dread bad dreams
words worth only so much once you see
red in your face and steam in your ideas

stay with me while the big bug man
pops in to remind you
you'll last til the last gas of the red can

if you told me that i'd be infested for years
with little red spiders spilling from my ears
i'd look nod repeat nod repeat my fears
and say yeah i ******* knew that

— The End —