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  Apr 3 Jake
Laine Viv
There will come a time when the night air
won’t send chills down my spine
for it will no longer whisper your name.

I will stop telling stories about you,
for the moon has grew tired of hearing them
and weariness is an awful thing to feel.

The stars would appear
brighter than your eyes,
and I would hear lullabies again.

The winds would be warm,
the seas won’t crash waves,
and I will no longer drown.
  Mar 30 Jake
Even tho things did not end up well
I still go back to the moments we shared
If I could I would go back in time
and fix what was broken in between us

I'm sorry I wasn't good enough for you
you deserved better, and now you do what you said you would do

By this I mean that you're happy without me
I'm glad you're smiling, even if it's not caused by me.
Jake Mar 29
Nothing more
Nothing less
Just perfection
I know I’m pathetic
Jake Mar 29
Months go by and it feels like a slideshow
Terrible nightmare that Sets a new low
I can’t escape it and all I truly want
Is to wake up and find you right beside me
At least we say hi to each other
Jake Mar 29
Fake friends
Fake appearances
Fake smile
Fake lives
Real tears
Real love
Real you
I’m glad that ur happy
Jake Mar 24
a hug from you is so real
makes me feel as strong as steel
cats eyes staring at me
makes me feel free
„you were supposed to call me tonight”
I tell myself that as if everything was all right
gniewamy sie teraz
Jake Mar 22
I love you
I miss you
I love your laugh
I love your hair
I love your songs
I love your drawings
I love your acting
I love your eyes
I love your jokes
I love everything that you are
I love what you will be
I love what you were
I love

it be like that sometimes (always)
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