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Des Nicole Jul 2021
I just want to be loved
Loved like I deserve
But I keep looking for
The love that only hurts
Des Nicole Jul 2021
I wear my heart on my sleeve
And then I wonder
Why they take advantage of me...
Des Nicole Jan 2021
Like that glass you poured back fast
I am empty..
You just want to feel a buzz
And I just want to feel anything..
Des Nicole Aug 2020
Life isn’t a fairytale
Like you read in books
And watch in movies

And it *****..
Des Nicole Jun 2020
Hating someone for their skin color
Is like hating a certain color of skittles
Don't you know
All skittles are the same flavor
The colors just represent different smells for the flavors
That make people assume they're different..
Des Nicole May 2020
God created us all in his image
Skin color and all
So what makes you think
Your skin color is dominant
Des Nicole May 2020
Why are you sad?
They ask
I'm not, I say
I don't feel a thing..
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