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Feb 2017 · 884
Alin Feb 2017
Sitting in the narrowest cabin
half made of glass half fiberglass
it could be for a death or a birth
Corridors full of standing people side by side as if
They will talk all night but
Sun has set down already and
We have crossed the villages
The bazaars
My devouring eyes
Its now time to sink down

Dim lights
here and there
I have seen a praying man for his cup of meal
presenting this to his own

All gods sit on the road side

Dim lights here and there

The last match has blown out
by the wind alas

alas i cannot write
Write no more

We'll go althogether so

Patience's silence

to a hymn
of surrounder

We'll go Altogether so

The land of the kings
The sun

will rise for us
in a desert
Like a dream

and maybe a dream

Yes we'll go altogether so
Until dawn
but for now
I will just watch the stars
from where i lie
and listen to a song
Jan 2017 · 436
Alin Jan 2017
There is only Love to Love
because Love has a pure mind

There is no word that recalls its antonym
for Love
because All words equal to Love

There is no duality in Love
Love embraces only

There is no renunciation in Love
No owning
No conditions
No sacrifice
No longing

Love knows
All actions as Love

because Love is
because you are
Jan 2017 · 661
Sofa Legs
Alin Jan 2017
What is a day when you wake up in meditation
this body is inseparable from this light
and the mellowly blowing signless flag
singing only to one side
and the brown edge
nothing else than its edgeness

Skin having already freed itself from the weight bearing traces of the dust of my mind
capturing smooth
the light –
melting differences over the bumpless
recalling velvety longing

not for the sake of the material but
the freedom that has once recorded this twin light
long ago
on such surface

for its manifestation

bringing awareness about the tempter
on senses
and again imploding its imaginary cavities
on the touchless curves of a sofa
newly displaying the angle of
its wooden edge
drawing a perfect eighty five degree Invisible line
in space
towards the webless corner -just noticed-
where the eye gets relieved by its neatness
and relaxes
becoming the point of a trivalent stillness

This – the edgy- is a sister of these Sofa legs
Four in all

implying itself as a sexiest part of its couch –
couch of a type – as it says
owning each other
Like body and sense
in one posture
and in its remembered object name

and maybe ready to unfold memories Alas
if there would be openness to listen
or if I were what it could allure me to be for its charm

but No – it says nothing this time
mending time through fractals of its becoming my spaceless space
with the old radio set aside
never playing more than its silent tunes for those skaters in an etching of an ancient landscape hanging on the wall above since …
since before the internet age
showcasing a memory that nobody knows and can see or hear but smell maybe
beside a winter blossom
flourishing its inspiration

not understanding each other but requiring the same attention as my body does
or as the realization of a thought that I could not run up that hill as fast as that dog –

a dog being observed behind a glass and I am unsure if this observation could have effect on the style it puts to the run

or if my observation is being observed and that may be a reason of its action as such
as if it does so to show off – Really!
unknowing to who or what
and then again still …

AaaaaW !!!! Shut up!

No no no ! I should stop now

what may make a catch less of a catch
putting things of importance of a day on a scale of indifference
and then again what is this nosy urge
asking for order!?!

It is a play.

See ?!
even if you like it or not
I am in and such is
You yOU YoU

A play as true as the one watching
Same actually –
Same as the one watching

Watching or steeped in
Space in Space

No Space

non of these Things

A day remains
as the mind fades to embrace

*Like the day
rainbows are manifesting
from the heart of this inspiration
Nov 2016 · 875
Inspiration as it were
Alin Nov 2016
You are not from this time
I am not from this place
but if time would be place
I would sit across you again
on a lucid carpet and play the games

like a maze
born from your smile
and assigned to me
as yogas

‘for the Play!’
as you would always say

If time would be place
I would become the dance –
particles mingling you to me
we would pass through each other
and heave this universe

just as I have become the light reflection
shining reverse in your pupil
one of on that vase which you've always observed
without any prejudgment
analyzing breathless what it really is

maybe not so much different than the self
learning the essence from the self
without words

true knowledge remains in the body of experience only
like a mantra

what makes the eye is what sees the eye
the key is well preserved Timelessly in love


Just as I know moments your thoughts connect to me
Just as I can become your skin again and again
experience this world through your breath

and teach your hunger a lesson

It does not help hiding you through my psoas
if I press the big toes and as the diaphragm falls
these muscles wherein you hide stretch
and O dear one
subtle is the skin we share
through which fingers can pass
not dense – not dense at all!
like any universe born and witnessed by inspiration

and like a sea-squirt I can then digest anything that is past tense

and that’s exactly how I became a raven today
balancing on the thinnest and highest branch of a maple
even a sparrow wouldn't dare
but the gaze of inspiration

Only to see your form one more time
Standing there at the window from a past
Watching the park

You know
It is needless to ask

It is not the mind that can answer
neither waves of any sort
Yes you already know

immersed in an unmoving gaze
For generations
At different places
In different bodies
Having monumentalized the eagle’s eye
Should know!

Immeasurable remains the thingless to things
and Inspiration as it were
Nov 2016 · 1.2k
the last day
Alin Nov 2016
it's my last day
it's your last day
it's his last day
it's her last day
it's our last day
a day a hundred day
99 th of which has already been

it's my last day
it's your last day
it's his last day
it's her last day
it's our last day
a day a hundred day
one left already pending

it's my last day
it's your last day
it's his last day
it's her last day
it's our last day
and still a day
but now even
less than a day
and still a day

it's my last day
it's your last day
it's his last day
it's her last day
it's our last day
*a day which has never been
so much of a day!
Oct 2016 · 694
The anatomy of letting go
Alin Oct 2016
When it comes to forgiveness
In truth there is not a single body
to be forgiven except for your own
Let go of that self with an inner smile
Let these subtle flocculation dissolve in the pipelines
By inner knowledge
and flow Down the back
drawing the borders of the levator scapulae
On Both sides of the neck
where both lines shall meet to run down
through the gutter of the cervical curve
A clearing and space created for it by compassion and
Skin Replaced by the regenerated cells of the mind purified
And that pseudo-self delivered from the sacrum to the ***** of mother earth
with a truthful farewell.
Oct 2016 · 788
Stay Stay this time!
Alin Oct 2016
If it would be up to me
I would be facing now

Cool elegance
formed by the flexuous splash
Wild is the temper belonging
to the change of the impending season
the bleak-dark growing deep inside
A passion higher than the unreaching
tangent of a sharp urge unable to cut
by a smoothing of a creamy surface
Opaque by nature
hiding explosions inside
Bearing mysteries of the swallowed sounds
of seasons

Seasons of all the knowing
Covered by if
the fabric of the unknowing
of the autumn waves
of the sea that grew teardrops
Washed away at once
by a fierce Splash
Shifting the mind
as the slapped face of the shores lamenting
Covered with its courageous green
A regenerating variant elongating savor
to the nose coloring the mind
by the help of a long Forgotten
rush of the algae unseen
diffusing Joy
drifting the rhythm
of a piano of a Turkish contemporary
unlikely to be heard through this maddening
storm where I am standing tall at the edge
In perfect effortless balance
Saluting the gusting and the turbulent
of all sides encircling to provide
the stillness of a home at hearts
As they used to do

My friends
Stay Stay this time!
As if a song
the smile inside
As I used to do
and they would see

But I will need to cross soon
the horizon approaching
I only came to see you
One more time
embrace you
the last time
walk with you
through the bazaars and bridges

Our memories trapped in tidal fluctuation
Spanning generations over the Bosphorous
traces of dolphins patiently carrying
holding on to the edges
of old fishing boats
Wood hardly bearing
these ashes made of stars
Waiting to be born again
by my one look into the water
like the first one
A cry of eternity
and Today
I am heading home already
crossing this place only
where you brewed me to love
in this old drawing of truth
plainly framed
on this play
for a farewell

Ashes to alight to the sky
sculpting the light of poetic alignment
of you and I
in the eyes of the loving

A deliverance of Enjoyment of the being
Shall be my duty says a passerby carrying
The matchmaker's match for all
Until the final journey
where I shall eternally Stay
Stay this time
I am heading home now
I only came here to set you free
Oct 2016 · 527
Keep it Like a jewel
Alin Oct 2016
Like jewels he said
I kept these last two
like jewels

The unchanging gift
of the grandeur tree


through the
unchanging change
of the seasons…

in the garden of tales

with Roses
A cherry tree
An owl
A weasel
A pomegranate tree
A well
A frog
An apple and a plum tree
A snake and an urchin
and the peculiar birds in a row:
A laughing bird
A singing bird
A napping bird
A rushing bird and
A guarding bird
The last one also
gives them many changing tasks
using verbs
and they become many
also disappear sometimes
as if there hasn’t been any

And of course
The bees!
Spiders too
strange insects too

A cat passes
not always!
changing its shape and color
each time it passes
I know
it is the cat

Sometimes people visit
Not always

changing the place
of the fireplace
by the season
from outsides
to insides and then again
from insides to outsides

And an an orphan dog
abandoned there
by one of such people
that he trusted
and if there would be a chance
He would trust again

He is always there nowadays
Alone mostly
in my shadow

and Only he knows
where I have been hiding

In the shadows of the shadows

which also stays

Even though
Leaves change
Branches change
Creatures change

will stay
As long as he is there
Looking for love

cause My shadow
made of
a heart
of dreaming him like a jewel
from beyond a far far Land –


*Our secret is your secret
Our secret is my secret
your secret and my secret is
Our secret
Sep 2016 · 4.6k
imagine a kite today
Alin Sep 2016
imagine a kite today
that becomes visible
only because
you’ve imagined it

imagine a kite today
that will be seen
in all colors
made of
the rainbows
of the eyes
of the loving
Sep 2016 · 357
One with the self
Alin Sep 2016
Oh only Once

Tuning in...




is­ this knowledge
All knowledge


Light of the self

not a word
not a breath

to pause for

nor a body
in truth

Has this body
ever been
other than the
lines encapsulating

Shape of
a moment

of an embrace

of this uninterrupted dance

made visible
a while

for which
by which
and as which

We dance


of life!


its immaculate
infinite sided crystal

like the germ of an
ethereal flower

delight of knowledge

Move as if

as if

so these subtleties

by the steering
of your grace


of oneness
of temporality
or of the form of you

like the child caressed

One with the self
Sep 2016 · 694
Alin Sep 2016
The sun shines
Skin becomes light
drawing shoulders
towards the earth
dashing lines
One part down
towards the red
One part up
towards the blue
straightening the neck
Fronts well aligned
with the back
While a lift
of this healthy tension
from the middle
out of the hips
Joints know well
How to turn
and sink the distal
fronting a bliss
that welcomes in
a thrill
towards which I remain sober
as the music
softly fills
this temporary
Summer like air
I listen to that all
from an experience while listening to a street musician in a joyful crowd
Aug 2016 · 767
Alin Aug 2016
the holy sand from holy lands somewhere in the multiverse brought by us accompanied by cows and rainbows as we do yoga sinking golden droplets of sun on horizons to bless and adorn as dawns on lands of parallel universes all of which we watched sitting at a beach on our yoga mats sipping the ambrosia of all tastes resembling a dance of romance of a summer spirit that starts and ends fitting to two marking rays both celebrated by the sun unquestioning but in full awareness of burgeoning of a rhythm of breath driven by grace  we are the players of this video game appearing here and there the travelers of Satya crossing time teaching timelessness.
for a dear friend  

"Nityam" means 'always'
Aug 2016 · 436
Mudra of a smile ... :)
Alin Aug 2016
Who is this beauty!
Who is this lover!
this body with me

through your eye
I can travel

like rays

towards an
amaranthine Crest

along which She dances

in the arms
       his ecstasy
                and whirls

dissolving double

of becoming


Oh    for love only

and   for love only

such        an

along three worlds

which I peacefully watch

with a mudra

         a smile

but AA YEA!)

    my Cheshire cat smile :)

in me
with your aura  *

pervading my skin

such smile
can only be kindled
by your distant
touch of love

color of the heart
to lift me
to a knowledge

for A  love living on a <3 star
Aug 2016 · 729
Deja vu of
Alin Aug 2016
Deja vu
of Deja vu!

Activated by a reading
about some voluntary
and involuntary ...

and an awareness
about it...

Questioning still your role:

as something
slipped through
the cracks of clouds
whose unknowing
is helplessly known
and as synchronicity of love
slowly oozes to disappear

for good

and unfolds my soul ****
to the last remains
of my desire for you

in shapes of

as if … etched on aether

May these be an aerial view
of ancient landscapes without history
drawn by primordial eyes

A simultaneous action

as white blood cells would
do to an invading agent
and digest to purify it
as a source of themselves

or like Martian waterways
as a mirror
adequate for life improbable
for unchanging minds
... to remain aware that it is a choice
Aug 2016 · 786
Alin Aug 2016
Your lines
so true
as if
to circulate
an ethereal dance
that proliferates
to a universe
made of this

Let me touch you
to draw a yoga
of you and I
on a far or near star
an illuminating
made of
my touch points
like the
closing and opening
of your
Aug 2016 · 895
Alin Aug 2016
And she opens her arms
to the sides

with the coronary

ethereal  flowers

ambrosial to the heart

A mimic

In the same frequency

of the touch
of the lotus

my waist

one body

an indispensable
Lucid trace
to a mind pure

A volatile image of the
in the universe
as the universe

almost always there
to be dispersed
like condensed vapor
for the enlightenment
of the other - unaware
of the truth of the self

from the crest

light of I
the only reason of I
My love dancing
Aug 2016 · 436
“familiar Right?
Alin Aug 2016
when we are
so well

This transparency…


That can
ever be known

in the smiling awareness
of the unknown

the mind - ( the one busy with western psychology etc.!)

The revealed
in silence

in silence only

always now
in your light
by your light
as a basis

not needing
the outer edges
of a skin

so as to be called a beauty-queen

A goddess
A goddess just
in the shape of a universe

and not
the universe
knowing beyond the the

a god
a god just
Yes just

Simple as that
We are

Both the same"
Aug 2016 · 875
Goodnight Kiss
Alin Aug 2016
I have never seen such a star before!

It shines
by and to
the sides of my eyes
but only until I’d look up
to see it Fully

It has never been there maybe!

or is it its nature to just disappear
and because I look up ?

or are we
playing a game of
kika boo
to test
a rhyming faith?

which could
become a melody
to the lines of darkness
uncloaking us

once or thrice
does not seem matter
to the form of my observation

sheltering in a multicolored ice

Catch this subtle point of luminosity
Now ! - If you can

and once you have it
Set it free
or Stay there
as if meditating on headstand
and clear your mind

before night diffuses into light
and shines through a crystal
with a hidden star inside

I cannot prove If eyes are not be made of its
and only a deluded mind  -Alas !

such useless
doubt of difference
of the other
by the other
about the other

And the other
always and only
in the corridors of beliefs
and thought-constructs

Is it not pointless
Trying to catch
a star
in daylight ?
and sometimes recklessly
at the tip of my nose
makes me giggle just
as if a **** tickle
at a mystic corner
on a lover’s lip
longing for its kiss variant

I look down again
Tired of the silly mind game
Just to feel it by my side
A sweet friend
A sweet love
Made of my trust
Only appears
to the side of my eyes
So what!
A needle tip sized glitter
Living only
in the reflection of the reflection
of a night sky
Shining on my window
behind which I hide now
Jul 2016 · 386
Alin Jul 2016
I am full of you
There is no measure
of a day
not a touch apart
radiating your glare
within me is
this universe
the same universe
submerged in its peace
It always is now
I am Bliss
can only shine
and can shine only
To a universe
This universe
My light of my love
of you in I and I
Made of your love
I haven't even moved once
Never have I lost my memory
Full is my experience
Same same! Always same
of you
unbound of time
As it has always been
of which
has never ended
or started
Title inspired by Sive Myeki's 'Today'
Jul 2016 · 671
Alin Jul 2016
I feel naked when I look at  the moon today
Why ? Why ? What is there to hide?
and are we really so far?
Such a destitute gaze
alight to sky
Glaring with its brittle skin
Under which she knows
I hides
as a drifter beloved
Always lured
the world’s tides
inspired by a lecture I heard by Swami Rama of Himalayas that humans do not necessarily need to be controlled by "phases of the moon" like animals.
Alin Jun 2016
I said goodbye

she helplessly cried
full of me
for the first time

Teardrops of
the other
by the other
Not to impress
or annoy

the canvas
of the truth of I
remained untouched

this uttermost cry was
maybe a cheek warming
Silent expression just

in the conscious presence
of both

embraced by both

Goodbye to this roof that welcomed
our dreams…
Goodbye to this roof that
accommodated our flows
allies skies
I s
Aiaiai s ….

All of her dramatized stories
that agonize
to be capsized
to emphasize -
harmonize -
so that
I s
are re centralized
re authorized
along the curly hum
For the game!
like the newborn tree
growing inside of me now
Me ?

me again?!?


I need not much of these anymore

and such are all things
that gave breath to us :
the in/sentient
courageously left behind
for a cry that bore generations
and such is her’s now

A means
that helped me grow
towards this no thing thing

and You

You ?

But you…

An immortalized posture of a shoulder shrug!

Nothing more
and nothing less

You - as love apart
but still with me

by each one of my shoulder shrugs
like the nameless sage of shoulder shrugs

In the western ‘who cares’ style….
We are so good at that!
So …

so ?

Be proud just!
to be commemorated as such

I will Never
pick a wildflower again
to place in my beloved vase
I did it only twice
Watching the truth die
and no we do not like duality
But there will NOT be a third time
for such sad action
You have my word on that

I walk now alone
content with a song
of a bird welcoming
my accord

Carrying your light
in my heart
Plainness is my courage
I know you now

Your love rains
beads of truth
shaping words
of peace
that I read
as us

knowing my duty
I go
go now

Taking nothing
Needing nothing
Leaving all
Things and
Insightful of
no things

I am you
With you
to these
of hers
before she willingly dies
experimental, theatrical ... needs to be performed - :)
Jun 2016 · 699
Alin Jun 2016
I wonder so much
What kind of talk that was
held in secrecy
The one shared with him only

He knows that ‘I OF SHE’ knows

But not me!

It could have only been me  instead
and the ‘EYE OF SHE’...

Knowing now
EYE OF SHE is me

And I and EYE and SHE are all the same

So all are me  
or something like me

In essence ...of course
In essence...only
‘I am’
is same as
‘I is’
(this is not always the case)

but He
He also knows
even before me!

and maybe even
even his friends know!

And still and not yet I /

Yes I also suspect that
It is a possibility

A collaboration
‘For a divine reason’

But am I a conscious part of that collaboration?

Has that reason already been shared with me?

I mean the Me me me ?

Has that already been pronounced openly
that time...while in secrecy?

I wonder that ...

And yes
And still not I
Not yet
At least this part is clear now
Clear enough to be confirmed as such

But Why?  
Why on earth
did she choose for him
and not me?

I know there must be a reason
I know she does not make mistakes
But I only also hope now that
she does not really make mistakes

Or does she?
Or can she?

So I wonder
Wonder still
And so much
What kind of talk that was
Held in secrecy
The one shared with him only
And why
Why on earth
did she choose for him
and not me
Alin Jun 2016
O sappy daffy incongruous frog
Waiting for a beauty queen
to be kissed by
to turn to a prince in your dream

You want some lessons
on art?
You want some lessons
on art?

then come to me
For ye it’s gonna be for free!
Oh come to me
I can teach you how to read
in manners that are non-slurpy
and slimy
As your automatic long tongue

I be a friend and a lover and a teacher
For the manifesto of our Love

We’ll read  as loud as we can with our combined reptilian heart

Let’s shout until we silence
Let’s shout until we can be heard
as and by and for the silence of the spirit

Without defining
to be assigned to any poetry

Let’s trespass these fake borders
of the image of our predefined
in our  
As boring as can be
made of the phrase
Only clever birds sing it as:
“This has been done already”
Your shout would silence
My Palpating heart

Please do not misunderstand my
Love word
and traditionalize

As mushrooms grow
Under rotten
Of urban flats
or lies
La la la lies

and pathetize
Yes Pathetize
my words
Without understanding what they’d truly mean

When words
Combine to a phrase with the spirit
Truth shouts
but not the cynic

Like a poisonous
Made of the scared sound of your blood

which should have instead been sacred
by the earnest of our lovership

Without any of your definitions of poetic

You shout
You shout like politics
Which is meaningless
For true ears

A defined silence
has no power to trespass
Boundaries of conditioned
aesthetics of your
Learned poetry

Let's dare to read love now
As plain and clear and straight
As can the truth of hearts be
without the need of any gelatinous stickers
or the chess board tattooed
Along the skin softness of
our sitting bones
inspired by a word of ' Shout ' whose truth is never heard by some of us...

you may also wish to listen to Shout - Tears For Fears
or my spoken interpretation of this poem above on soundcloud: dnalumuland/ribbon-snakes-serenade-to-***
Jun 2016 · 440
Lemon Tree
Alin Jun 2016
I used to know a lemon tree
Standing alone
at the backyard of the gardens
beneath where a dear friend
flourished green plums

We got to know each other
On a moment
not so many hours left
to sunset

Maybe it was after some lunch and an afternoon nap

against such rules not even once I protest

maintaining to be happy
with whatever comes to me
whatever comes to me
to sustain
a peace appropriate to my role
in the family

Ah yes
my friends
still were there
Maybe a hidden cover of a candy
maybe a play of a shadow here and there
Where at other times other creatures
would play
A scary probability!
to wipe away for now
but not erase ‘the’-
‘Why would they hide themselves
In the corners of darkness?’

something to still discover later

while I used the time
to play secretly in a bed
where finally sleep could nurture me
always on the same set time
of the schoolless afternoons
of another summer holiday

One day after my nap or duty
and before dinner
when I was again
An idea struck me :

to try to climb
these very steep
perfectly squared
brick Stairs
to see
to which unknowing worlds it would lead me

from this far beneath
I always sense their bubbly trans

and the time has arrived
to test
that outguessed:

a beauty that
has already been preserved

into the shine
of the green plums

that gave it an existential strength

One of the many of my recording devices
For you never know in case times
If if
I would like to watch the same
as it has shaped itself
in my heart

I would look then
to the shine
on specific time
and retrieve these worlds
back to me

“Oh my dear friend your greens make me laugh again and no one can hear that
but you!”

“So I will go now to these secret worlds and No
I am not afraid
It is an important task
To prove I am not afraid”

“Mom is still busy
And until the time I will be back

I knew
The reality of these worlds
could be
dream-breakingly different than the bubbly
Belonged to the neighbors’ gardens
where I was not really supposed to be

but yeah as said
all grown ups were busy
at that time of the day
No one could see me
And so
I could peacefully talk to the not talking ones
before they could interfere us
and before I would need to reply them politely

so I went far up
and up up
and there I met this lemon tree

It was not big
Just a little bigger then me
These bizarrely straight  leaves
are almost bluer than greens
although they look green
Shaped so ordinary
like a drawing of someone
who could only make a straight line
Too ordinary to be ordinary
That’s what I saw first
And that’s why I saw it maybe

I used to draw a lemon tree
kindly blown by the blue
of the wind
My visits  matching
Towards the end of the days
was set open
Preserving a secrecy
maybe about giving her a company
A presence towards which she
always remained indifferent
Maybe about
Getting to know us or me better
By slowly understanding
why she felt so gloomy
And what feeling so

She was at a place where she was not supposed to be

Not knowing
Why she would never be able to grow fully
Lonely but respectful still
To the peculiarity I assigned to her

Her indifference
diffused into
That wind
defining a gloom of the day
would remain
Between us
until this day
to make me wonder
and to make
A bold memory
Jun 2016 · 829
Pure desire
Alin Jun 2016
Pure desire is what shaped this body
Pure desire is what healed this finger I burnt yesterday
instantaneously with just one mantra
so that I can write my love word to you

Pure desire is what I am
And will be
for one of your touch
And shall stay so  
always near
or from far away
with whoever you wish to be
Feeling you this way
Is my joy
I shall gift as love
And sprinkle to universe
Knowing you are I

Wishing you gift
This passion
To enlighten and rise
Humanity to a level
That they truly are
And should be
The highest
Of gods
And goddesses

Let’s touch them
With pure love
Let them be free
Free oh free
Peace to three worlds
Of  hearts
Let them make love
And stay free

No matter what forms
you choose to assume
Which life stories
you get involved in
I only know you as I know myself
When every morning
I open my eyes
Rested or tired
in dim lights
By one of your call
Of my name in your
I shall awaken
And kiss you
as if you are by my side
In serene silence
Listen to the dawn-welcomers
and know your heart is with me
Just as today
Just as yesterday
Just as now

You have no names for me
All names are you
Your name equals to all names
I shall always remain
After and before a touch
As one language
Of pure desire for you

Pure desire is what enlightens my path
To give birth to you by my breath
And make love to you in human form
Pure desire is what keeps me long
for the eternal day in shapeless form
I’ll stay in one posture of our love
Of you and I

Once my duty as a beloved
Is completed
On this world

For you
for you
for you
Jun 2016 · 1.2k
I was born in love with you
Alin Jun 2016
I was already born in love with you
A body shaped for your love
A love that a body cannot hold alone

I was born in love with you
and with you
A You that I have studied from the start of times that made me Me
and You

I was already born in love with you
Knowing such love cannot only be reserved for an I apart
but for the variegated forms of you as I
all as the universe a truth
And that’s how
And that’s why
I have shaped
By one of your
By one of your loving
As I have shaped
for you
I wrote this for a flower i touched 2 weeks ago and wished from it to become very beautiful and it did so . I also have a spoken version with the image of it :) it is very pretty :
Jun 2016 · 700
flower mother
Alin Jun 2016
A white flower is my mother
emanates from the immaculate
light of bliss
a firmament of
aesthetic rupture
steeped in
the silence of the truth of the Self

an infinite stream
of consciousness
of her
sprinkles spiritual energy

A white flower is my mother
Lines of plain light draw her
delicate nuance

A space made by
the surge
of divine rapture
manifests atop
a universe of veins
funneling of peace
and of bliss
by her pure light

in silence
of true
Jun 2016 · 904
thyme fields
Alin Jun 2016
whisper a whisper of their shine:

“You can only see me if you are true
You can only be me if you are true”

I assume a purple

a flower

rocked by the wind


a shape of its stem

and its roots


All of my


one by one


the ever knowing
the ever loving

the waves

in waves


to equilibrate

by her
ever present


Tune of

a crest

of a





color of
thyme fields

for a while
May 2016 · 615
love word
Alin May 2016

to receive
my ethereal
that shall replace
the omitted sign
on his skin
Apr 2016 · 719
Hi we are two monsters
Alin Apr 2016
we are two monsters
stuck to the edge of the mirror
not needing support really -not to fall down
a spider recently threaded from our edge to the wall edge
a long thread to show off he is here
to show off also that
he really is inspired by
how we look like

we are two monsters
and they say we are look-alikes
we have different color
but we are look-alikes

we are two monsters
and we like talking to each other but
we have never seen each other

we are two monsters
we are stuck to the edge of the mirror
and we have never seen each other

we are two monsters
we talk all day long to each other
We wish to see once
each other
but we are stuck both
on two different edges of a mirror
She has seen me through the mirror
I haven’t succeeded to turn my head yet to look inside
but I have seen her aaa aaa in my mind…

we are two monsters
and we are so nice to but
we have never seen each other
we are both stuck to the edge of a mirror
and apart from each other
we talk all day long to each other
and she has only seen me once
through the mirror as she could turn her head

we are two monsters
can you help us
see each other
well this one on behalf of the two monsters
their spoken version is on soundcloud: dnalumuland
Apr 2016 · 895
Alin Apr 2016
a wish
flies to skies
Swims against
the star-glittery
and inspires
the coolest of breeze
cincturing a mount ridge
to carve a glimpse
of an ice goddess
made of a pellucid kiss
O the flamboyant curves
of the temptress
abiding the blue-sky
shall too
one day vaporize
by the fire of a touch
to deliver
a seed of sprouts
within the dissipated
yearning of the fumes
lovers scintillate
aureate gleam
of the celestial bliss
on a non starry sky
whence becoming a home
to their eyes
the moon smiles
to exhilarate
by a dawn flower
born from love’s
secret meeting
unmanifest until
You have vivified
an unknown myrrh
in your dream
An aroma of
true desire
by which
shall be born
and reshape
most elegantly
most delicately
to dissolve
in the euphoria
of this incarnating bath
made of breath
the immaculate flavor
of nectar
like the mastic
of the pine
on your tongue
for I’ve left
my fasting heart
in vows of truth
to be able to
answer your question
about what I have meant
by my ’you are my first’
resurrecting letters now
to a whisper
clinging like a
perennial symphony
in your ears
only once heard
in the absence
of full trust
shall it too
this waking reality
from its truth

I would stay
then still
in your ears
to aid you create
A harmony born universe
of here
as you open and close your eyes
and teach me yogas
I shall not assume
of things and beings
Anymore but be
the one and the only
divine posture of the devi
that shall unite me to you
Apr 2016 · 2.1k
I was born as a clown
Alin Apr 2016
I was born as a clown but nobody could see
that was my true face

They laughed and laughed and laughed
while they looked at me

and when the laughing was over
They wanted to see what was behind

I was born as a clown and nobody could see
that was my true face
spoken also as my new poetry on soundcloud : dnalumuland
Apr 2016 · 393
your shimmering heart
Alin Apr 2016
From the way you say Hello
It is as if you're someone else today

From the way you muted
It's as if you were so tired yesterday

From the way I slept
it's as if I could have been  goaded
to revolve against the clock only if
I could dance
holding the mirage of your arms

but not even once have I deserted the
warrior dreams of a mystic healer    reserved to us along three cities

From the way of knowing
our story or sound or breath
I trust as always
and behold you engraved
still in the mundaneness of this shimmering starlight
keeping the beauty of its trail
as an illuminating code of truth of all worlds
Knowing perfectly where I truely stand
An experiment .
Mar 2016 · 403
Alin Mar 2016
It is impossible not to sense the closeness
each time I close my eyes

Would that be closer than skins untouching ?

The gap: causing the desireless stress of presence

of the other
because of itself

My mind  

For what
We celebrate is
a precision of love
made of
our wordless waves
that subtly replaces
and sculpts my
gross lines
to their

We are transparent
space casts its chassis
Made of us
our deserted shells

as we fuse
to fit in things
Color of sound
now as big as
its encapsulating hall
We are time only
to heal
Light is the sun that shines
beyond our gratitude
Feb 2016 · 901
i am good
Alin Feb 2016
i am good is a place
of peace and bliss
i am good is a place where
cells replace to their primordial
and i am good
is no more wonder
than when he says
i am good
when i learn
it’s as easy as
to swap
the not good
to its antonym
like within a time
as long as
a slip of the tongue
and i am good
once again
because of what he says
because of what i am

we are good but
are you also good??

good is a place
not at the turn of an age / any age
in reality there is no age
there has never been a yuga
after Mahabharata

if you don’t want to
you don’t stay
in what has never been
in what will never end

there is no count for
one thing to end and for
another thing to start
no silly things like that!

there is no place
for a savior one
to show up

these are all residues
of a delusional mind
an anthropogenic
pollutant is expectation
that only awaits
and awaits
for a tomorrow
to resolve
a past! ?!?

which tomorrow?
which past?
no silly things like that
may you be
depressed by that!

a you
who values thisrthat
a you
who cannot be
whereas it
is one step
and not ahead
to here and now
to i
and no

no one can tell you
it is your path
it is your step

we already are
and we have always been
enlightened in Satya
and we have always been

inspired by someone who says ‘i am good’
a goodness that brings goodness :)
Feb 2016 · 361
for 'As smoke fades...'
Alin Feb 2016
‘As life fades…’
I’ve seen
an older face
through or
made of
of gravity
with which
I am now

this way
I surpass
just as
a psychic
tells and
the truth of
the self
the heavenly
and its
all that


we haven’t got adorning words
to describe which
cell memories awaken
by a lukewarm light
at nights
shaping these metallic lines
of a suggestion of
a temporarily
deserted  terrace
sticking out of
an apartment
storey of a

A shrill
Middling well
that just one star
to my gaze
Walls of
Feb 2016 · 428
for He
Alin Feb 2016
Once I was a pretty girl
Made of a big leaf
and a strong root
that grew to
fields of fruit
On each of my birthdays
I used to wear a dress
made of yellow flowers

I stayed so
Thinking to be
As strong but
Unable to walk
Like a tree
Or a tree
I met he

who called me She
He a true
Human Being
He a true man
One of the strongest
Of its kind
dared to pluck
Me fully
For whom
I converted
A plant
As he says:

I walked the depths of
Mud hand in hand
With he
by which
my feet shaped
To toes
soft and pinky

He teach me
How to step
On the
Crystal shiny
Water smooth
Rocks passaging
A delirious rush
Of dizzying fall
Only by the sound of
Such gobbly bubbly
Sound of vertigo
He holds
My arm
Needles to ask
In sync fit time
He says
I help She
Because she is not
As strong as ….

Never using the word
Face of gentleness
With coal black
Shiny eyes
A smile like buddha
No he cannot hide
And no why would
When hide
İs only
İn my tongue

As he holds me
I feel light
Clearing my sight
As if on the moon
Defeating gravity
And voluntarily
The She

In my terms
For Once  
the Weak

By his strong palms
He who raised me to the
Blue of freest skies
Made of the joy of lovers
Brought me
to a cleanest Lagoons
A Queen's bath on another
Plane from where suns shine
Their brightest
to heal our worlds

And Lovers make love
As we walk hand in hand
Each of a stumble of mine
As if  a pure longing to touch
him longer
While i bathe ****
he politely looks the other side
And picks a blood red bloom
for me

Like a nature you used to be
And still are
A gift for you  
he says  by his light
Shining the purest
without any expectation

A Flower once gifted to Shiva
She and he now
She and he now
As all pray
to be a blessing of love
Maybe a dream
Maybe still here or there
Maybe the color of the sunset
on a new moon day

For he
He who warmed my heart today
He made of divine light
He who never will read my lines
Lines made of words
But for he
He who calls me She
He who I know
already Knows
He who
held my hand
on a new moon day.
for Ramesh
Feb 2016 · 383
Alin Feb 2016
a gypsy of changing face
‘I know
you have been living
in this land
very very long
so will you please tell me
how long’

my first time !  I reply
just arrived - few days ago
all details in a flash...

But he ignores
and repeats
the same

Do I not really
as I smile
and thank him politely?

It all sounds so holy
just like this cow
each and every
while I write
in the same cafe

Really! :) yes
Can you imagine!? :)
She just comes to watch
oh No … not hungry
the owner says
as if everyone
knows but me
I explain

while I secretly wish
wish for what he says:

‘You have the same fire
of an indian woman
in your eyes
a woman that never dies
until she brings healing
and something more’
… he says

And I babble
babble on

He and I
On a thin line
A dangling
game of
Oh the silly me’s
as if s
residues of

so Maybe...
I say for the
last time
And forget

to only live
the thing
with him


and I look up
to see

to see
the me
in his

but he

He is not even

Me is
one point just
beyond  a holy

We - union of three

to match
to a combined path
of the ever known

I used to call unknown
which now makes
mute alone
Feb 2016 · 330
Enjoy yourself
Alin Feb 2016
Enjoy yourself
All my teachers say
So I go to the beach
for a chat
during sunset
I meet a boy
His eyes as  if
from an epic
I know
The wind is what he truly plays
I watch him
change the shade
which now gently displays
along the corners of
the boulders made
of the diamond
of the sun to
perpetually shine
its’ brightest
through the corals
of the hazy mind
I cannot hear
what he says
but listen to see
more of his
enchanting face
and keep this
as a beautiful
of romance
or a dream
delicately preserved
for times after sun sets.
A thank you to teachers of life and gifts   that understanding them brings.
Jan 2016 · 399
the warrior
Alin Jan 2016
Then I opened my eyes
how many years have I been a warrior as such
how many generations has passed through my lines
what is not important for my meditation
such questions of how many
just a reciprocal of the mundane worry
it was less than a moment
as long as the age of universe
the warrior
they said
Then I opened my eyes
I opened my eyes and saw a tree I was
facing a warrior just
we melted into each other
becoming the core of material
becoming one
shall that stay
as my heart flows
towards I
just a tree
Jan 2016 · 352
Alin Jan 2016
It was
the grace
of a daisy
With 23
that teach me
on this blessed
new day
that it shall not matter
to start counting
I love you
I love me
The revealed is
and the same
Divine reason
for my friend/s
Alin Jan 2016
I dated two robots yesterdays
Both were programmed to service me well
We did things
In the same
good old  
learned order
of doing things
And after sunset
we kissed
at the beach
With one -
our feet touching
With the other -
our view inviting
the rush of salty waves
Both robots could suddenly
not speak
One even bluffed
he had a virus in throat
AI intelligence?!
jaa ha ha
The other was hanging just with
With variations of
what do you feels
Tell me your fantasy s
‘Don't think
tell me whatever comes first’ s

I believe
I say
Mine is what he can't understand
His’ is
I think a drink on the beach
But unfortunately I don't drink
Using coconut biotica only
These days
While they chatted so well!
Without any error of a word to spell!

I dated two robots yesterday
That sighed only to say
I can't believe I am holding yous
How much I missed yous
Hugging robots
Vibrating robots
Robots with small mouth and twister tongue
Ready to penetrate into mine at a slightest chance of an opening
A disguised disgust of my sincere failure
not towards the robot but myself
Hiding you still under my palate
from where the soma of your love drips
Now as if forcefully been replaced
to a taste of this preprogrammed chatalike

Have they lost their voice because of my best dress
or maybe the fantasy of the sandy bikini
which they will never see
in the dark wherein
Both hiding their face
But I see
By my loose body parts
Maybe a lookalike
But I ain't no robot

Oh my sandy bikini
Oh Chosen so carefully
To rejuvenate their fantasy
a different pattern for each-
yes. I do take care of that!
Stays now
as an Everly Brothers’ dream
In my mind only

My ‘okey ‘ is an ensuring
‘yes yes’ the Indian way
Of course
They did their best
For the zest
That obviously still can break china hearts
I took it as a test
To get to know me better
Let me be broken through your dream
Let me cry and shake and perceive an angry cloudy color world
let my remains of china burst

I dated two robots yesterdays
while expecting for a man
Thankfully though
these are yesterdays
Today I met a true man
A gypsy
We will date sometime
Play tabla and darbuka
Drink dance and sing
And sleep
To salute the sun
early in the morning
At the beach
Jan 2016 · 723
I go on a trip now
Alin Jan 2016
I go on a trip to get a true
beating heart now
Like all the rest %of you
For all the rest of rest %
l shall pray to the divinity in you
like Swami Rama
I go on a trip to find out the la
part of my name
Being a part of someone’s
body-mind and heart
ain’t good enough for me
I gotta  irrevocably be
me me me
outta this painful duality
I gotta be free

So yeah I go on a trip now
hanging behind a sky blue
To embrace her thankfully
and unite us to the truth of us.

Thank you for your cautious courteousness
Thank you for sincere friendliness that  made me feel like a true girl at times  
And a puppet as such is jolly maybe and even pretty but a halfish heart
ain’t enough for me
ain’t enough for us

Thank you for your sisterhood and chivalry
For Such beau et bold souls I have sung for and through which I have become
I  go on a trip now dear all and won’t show up again
I go on a trip now dear all and won’t come back
I go on a trip now dear all to receive a heart of true like all of you
and for you and for us
I go on a trip now dear all cause I gotta be free
and free
cause we gotta be free
I go on a trip now dear all I am blessed by your good luck
L’alin is going on a trip and so I decided to change L’alin s profile picture Soon and she could bear this hard truth only by her last poem for all of you which she thinks will gift her a true heart. Much Love!
Alin Jan 2016
Oh the enchanting
Silhouette of the winter bird
On such January morning
with a tail
Implying the precise degree
of an acute angle
Between two **** branches

You are making an imaginary roof
for your sweet roundish oval head
Fitting it exactly
under a perpendicular space
equal to the height
of the opening
of one missing panel
of my venetian blinds

through which I am peeping right now
safely below the closure points
Of a spectral  line

Made by your precision
to manifest
a beauty of an
illusively two dimensionalized
Isosceles Triangle of a
branchy reality

These ever changing orange blue
dashes of an upcoming
Early morning With smoky fumes
are wisely making the volatile
roof for your house

an opposite line
halves to deliver
two adjacent lines
at a perpendicular point
to reserve permanently
its never changing cosine

and still it seems to be
Preserving  some of the
fading brittles of stars within

Ah such a home is to be!
where you can peacefully
Fatten and
Rest the tip of your
to say
This dot of the tangent
Belongs to me
And changing
to a new colored
vitreous roof
of yours

Like the buddha
of all silhouettes
Sculpted to
Guard skies only

Oh wise bird
You stay here
And meditate
For me??

I said carelessly
through a slightest
slip of the tongue
and tired body

but before I could
realize and correct
correct it as:
And meditate here
With me??

He instantly turned
his head towards me
And flew

Rightfully :(

at a reflection
of my silly longing
The deserted
Of two skinny

Once served
As a melodious
Reality Dreams
of an Old Tree
based on the true story of my January the 1st :)

Happy New Year!
Dec 2015 · 796
Alin Dec 2015
heart is
love Awe
love Awe

yours or mine?
leaving me
on such
Dec 2015 · 489
right as you are!
Alin Dec 2015
wherever I go
the world turns upside down as if!
so I better get rooted here now
beside these holy waters
where it is calm
and serene

I hope to see you
maybe  once
but at a most ripples
right as you are
this time
Dec 2015 · 503
Salty Lips
Alin Dec 2015
whom I once met
along three cities
sends me
fleeting messages now
about suns and clouds
from a magic land

I am awash
in the passion
of a gargantuan orange ball
almost bouncing
the pungent shade
of my Nordic dream
from a walk at the beach
Dec 2015 · 1.0k
cosmic wave
Alin Dec 2015
our immovable dance
threads  the great canvas
of no thing
made of and by
our knowing  
the carrier of sound
by love
and plays
lights and shades
along the
ever changing curls
of a velvet universe


if there is two
it is not even at two separate

but a base of being
for and of
each other

we cannot say that
for each one of the two
there is a sense of two

when one is not existential
without the other
then the other is not the other
but the way for the one to be  


then one sees one
then one knows one


one love to one love
like a sheet of purple gaze

flows along
and permeates
one another

it is the dance of grace

in between the two
lies the universe

for they balance
as ever distincts
the sparks of
the tale of things

ah pure love within itself knowing the other
ah pure love source of all divine dance


the carrier of creator’s subtlety

the sign of all creation  
living on its own
– apart from its creator

we hear inside


silence of
the vacuum
as one sound
-but not a thing-
it remains

in a wisdom
time cannot
be traveled
as long  as
time is defined
to create

Dec 2015 · 858
Thou Art Art
Alin Dec 2015
They gave me a guitar
and asked:
what do you wanna do with it?

I said in ecstasy
I wanna be like that once baby faced old
man a street musician and travel the world
with the perishable fruits in my cap
Oh let these tingly breadcrumbs
pave us a miraculous path
where all folks stand tall and free

Art is Art
happens as is
doesn't need
Are you awake yet
oh my favorite poet?

I can feel your pulse -if I want to
and you may know if you wonder
but it is no wonder
and You be sure You
I identify not by I
and for good
remain so
in the unchanging
purification of my time
you -s
from everywhere

thou art a neutral witness
of such wireframes
embodied by the
of temporal
full of blind
desires so
I fast
on mandarins

it is no punishment
neither a fruitless training
but a method
of eloquent technology
blah blah

something brainy
in short
about our humanity

1-what it means being human
2-what it means to be
3-what it means not to be eligible
to be controlled by nature
as animals
because we are humans

and Not! what it means to be innocent as animals once we are
controlled by nature -because we are not animals

yes and only when you are free
you can play joyfully
with all pronouns
that instrument
called mind
becomes your
blissful tool
for making

I said
broke my

Recycled now
to a new
Thou Art Art
to all
for free
Dec 2015 · 1.3k
Poission ARG game
Alin Dec 2015
before they made it public
they created the technology
to create living puppets
producing a tapestry of thoughts
through the filter
of authentic bodies
and minds

their enchanting color of
implemented poison

they had two versions of the site
one the true one and one the public one

the true one was
showing the nature of a mind
in a spherical wireframe
projected space

that could make the motives
of a mind truly observable
using this hi-tech breakthrough
(hi-tech for their time only
i.e  their hi-techness is still
bound to time)
to/by/for those
word loving
and hired scientists
and hired technologists
and hired creatives
and hired psychics
and hired you name a profession I will say yes es  
of their time
working for them
for an almost literally ground breaking technology

a time bound technology that showed them an observable truth of the visualized data
a design driven and poached from the participants’ ingenious minds

the public version on the other hand
looked naively innocent
with an amateurish design
using a ready to go script
presenting an acceptable ‘good site’
based on personal motives
of hard working profiles
of young idealist sisters and bros
you know
like teddies pathetically hugging each other all the time

in reality though
snail shells were being used to implement
new poisons for the game
on unshelled ones
poisson as is French
would be prettier term
to describe
an honest organic fish farm
but alas

yet in reality that hugging was distant jutting

to purposefully run a game that entertained
pockets of those who had it boringly full only
to spend it for their own fun
but which they vowed as
for the salvation of their Utopian land made of the
illusion of their materialistic psyche same as their popcorns
which  continually justified as they  repeatedly asserted
these well learned set of words
on communal and cyclic ceremonies

oh my!
stealing intellects as such!
for the game!
game also runs in a closed circuit just
so no one can see it
they have all passed the Turing test
for the game
cool right
and it works

so who on earth could judge its’ ethics
once a reflection of their own minds
even unknowingly the game admins
once falling in love
with unshelled ones
may turn to the unshelled ones
like the prince falling for a Lorelei
they were warned continually
and then still some
willingly stayed so
in love
and disappeared in the game
loosing their body

well whatever
there is a place though
don’t believe me because I say there is
go find it yourself

from that place
the headquarters of this game
is nudely visible
with all of its partaking pawns
because it remains too low a place in the universe

yes there is a mountain higher
where lives
the inhabitants of the residence of the destroyer
who are a little bit bored by now and since some time already
and so the destroyer -they think- may as well decide to
wipe it off - hiring a well fit dragon that can gobble it all in one go
so that dragon excretion may benefit a famine of sorts in the universe
eating that kinda stuff
****  yeack  ARG hhhh
(or Namaste!)
inspired by the last cyborg movie I saw- I love cyborg movies - it feels like homecoming :D
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