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 Mar 2017 Alin
have you heard the wind
the trees rustle
the wings fly by
the sea roar
watched the mountain
and wonder
sink down
on your knees
knowing this is life
the end the beginning
we are no more
than a bird a mountain a tree a leaf
a wave crash on the shore
a shell
maybe a sunrise
or a moon on the horizon
but nothing more
 Mar 2017 Alin
Pagan Paul
How I wish I could lay my head
down gently on your thighs,
to make you moan and sigh aloud
and slowly close your eyes.

How I wish I could use my tongue
and give you more than rhyme,
to bring a flush up to your cheek,
of feelings beyond space and time.

How I wish that I could speak
in words of feathered certainty
and so entice your curious mind
to lay down with me for eternity.
© Pagan Paul (2017)
For the Muse I have yet to meet.
For the Lady I have yet to undress.
For the Lover I have yet to eat.
For the Goddess I have yet to impress.
I continue searching for you.
 Mar 2017 Alin
Denel Kessler
Eroding brick wall
all that remains
refracted, fading
fishermen shadow
red dawn’s early light

brackish still water
shocked violent green
seeps from the desert
to be subsumed
by an unrelenting sea

restless dreamers rise
muscle sturdy pangas
into the churning tide
seeking quicksilver
at the continental edges

returning boats ride low
the shrinking horizon
race to safe harbor
cold beer on ice
under palm palapas

in the restaurant
a young man
shows off tuna
half as tall as he is
to admiring tourists

like me, seeking
the deep, slow burn
salt, jalapeno, lime
a fitting end to this
unraveling dream

Pueblo Mágico
of “no bad days”
walls of contention
in a fractured land
will never separate us

one margarita, two
another raised in defiance
of those who would try
to confine and define
free-range spirits

the Pacific touches
this contiguous shore
from equator to pole
we could catch
a clockwise current

follow Polaris up North
arrive transformed
magnetically charged
disparate souls fused
together bound
Hello and thank you. my HP friends!  I couldn't wish for a kinder, more talented group of people to spend time with.  Thank you for being a part of my life.  Apologies for sporadic reading...been drinking too many margaritas!
: )
 Mar 2017 Alin
Eric W
 Mar 2017 Alin
Eric W
It's obvious, isn't it?
When two similar planets pass by
each other
and get caught in
each other's
It's obvious what must happen here.
The words not said
scream loud enough to
bridge the hundreds of miles,
and we still don't
say them.
Not yet.
It's obvious we haven't been here before.
Into uncharted waters,
we move so
careful not to create waves
before we meet in the center,
careful not to misstep,
so that we can
do things right
for once.
It's obvious.
I'm so unbelievably grateful that my words were selected to represent this amazing community for a day. This is the best community I've ever had the honor to be a part of. Seriously, each and every one of you are amazing. Many of you have made a permanent mark on me with your kind words and friendship, and I'm continually amazed at the positivity and encouragement I see on this site. Stay great, friends. And thank you so much for reading! It means the world.
 Mar 2017 Alin
Sanjukta Nag
We taste distance
And moments keep dropping
Little by little
From our melting hands.

Stories on your skin
Like a room full of silhouettes
Escape my touch.

Silence stands between us
Revealing an unknown script.
We read to us life.
 Mar 2017 Alin
Plush me purple--

your lap,

take this head in

my memory.

Send down your hair,

I can't climb up--I'll bite,

hair clip me Ma, come on Ma--

hair clip me Kali Ma.

Don't know where my body

is girl...break yours in dance.

Throw me off, far off...

air out my tongue,

**** the lullabies from my ears,

lick my blades of hair.

Let my eyebrows crawl into

my be inhaled by my nostrils.

I only smell you till I get passed the fear.
*Kali is the most wrathful Hindu goddess, she beheaded Shiva.
 Mar 2017 Alin
Time loops
 Mar 2017 Alin
Trapped in a time loop
where all that happens is you
coming to me, kissing my feelings with your smile,
then crashing me
and leaving me there
with my naked hopes
hiding in the deepest grounds of my heart
again and again.

I am the prisoner of my own deathly wishes,
of the same repeating illusions,
and your voice in my head
is singing the same song on repeat
like a broken cassette
stuck in this old, rusty radio that is my mind.

I am trapped in a time loop
and all I do
is getting lost
somewhere on the paths of your soul
where my dreams get born
just so they can go to die.
etchings are probably finer than carvings, i bet the latter are more country based, as in
rural.  wood blocks made from twenty years .
he has done me a service, how to be happy . no need to buy and sell,        we can  look
and enjoy..
the wax came later, as did the currant slice. neither resisted, the cake        one pound
ten pence.
i placed the white paper bag in the village                                                            recycling.
so very nice to me today too late, i have resigned.                                                 my self,
my work is honest.
i have turned it all upside down, and most of the crumbs are gone, with added blowings.
verb: resist; 3rd person present: resists; past tense: resisted; past participle: resisted; gerund or present participle: resisting

    withstand the action or effect of.
    “antibodies help us to resist infection”

noun: resist; plural noun: resists

    a resistant substance applied as a coating to protect a surface during a process, for example to prevent dye or glaze adhering.
    “new lithographic techniques require their own special resists”
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