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DM May 2016
he said that he still loved me
and desperately I said I still loved him too
"not too much I hope though"

**because *** and love are two different things
you're a fool to believe him
DM Apr 2016
You said it yourself....
You never want me again,

You never want to love me again.

You never could....
*Even if you tried.
regret losing time with you my love
DM Sep 2015
I want the old you back.
  Aug 2015 DM
its gonna make sense
i held onto something that never really mattered to you
Some line from the song of Darren Espanto "Stuck". I only added two words from the line. Go! check out his song its awesome. :)
Special mention to the original writer of the title. I just copy it somewhere. sorry. Just message me if you want me to edit it. :)
DM Jun 2015
Unspoken thoughts.
They haunt my breath.
This dehydration of words is blistering between my teeth,
but i do not wish to harm you, my love.

A smile cracks from the side of my lip;
Manipulated, misunderstood,
you do not embrace me.
Striving to be sane, you torment my mind, my love.

I'll create an image for you.
A false face of untrue form, and a figure you can scrutinize.
But none of this will makeup for what you've done, my love.

These unspoken thoughts,
saturated emotions.
I'll pretend to be unharmed,
just for you, my love.
DM Apr 2015
It creep-ed up on me.
Like a dampness in my bones,
or a shadow in the many cracks of my skin.
This eerie breeze found its way between my existence, and my uncertainty.

Repetition in my mind,
a wobbling and restless insanity,
and it ate away at me.

— The End —