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divinity m May 2018
this world is far uglier
than the evil trolls
from my old fairytale books
divinity m Oct 2018
the sound of the thunder
carries a certain emptiness to it
as if all the anger
the sadness
the will
has left only the shell of a sound.

kind of like you.

your will left
then your soul;
and all that remains of you
is an empty shell
as you're lowered
six feet into the ground.
divinity m Oct 2018
winter is coming
as the unforgiving frost creeps in
freezing over
already stone-cold hearts.
any tears
rolling down your porcelain cheeks
will become icily fixed in place.
any recollection
of even the slightest warmth
turns bitter
as the colors begin to fade,
and even the reddest of roses
will turn blue, too.
divinity m Oct 2018
the sweet satisfaction
of seeing
your bitter tears
run down your face
is enough for me
divinity m Jan 6
once my time has been cut short
do not put me in a pretty box
and leave me in an eternal sleep.
don't mourn the person i used to be.
instead, extinguish the fire
that was once inside me
with more fire.
disintegrate every peice of me.
scatter my ashes
across the four corners of the earth.
or drown them.
make sure i won't be able
to ever come back.
divinity m Oct 2018
You light up my sky
brighter than lightning does.

But you're even more dangerous
when you strike.
I've been obsessed with storms lately cause it hasn't stormed in foreverrrr and i miss it
divinity m May 12
liquor lips
cloudy eyes
the bottle downs
oh, how time flies.

a life relived
a tale retold
a realization made
i'll never grow old

memories flood in
of a cruel cold world
always tarnished
and never pearled

once it's all over
at the end of my dream
i have one dying wish:
that the world would be less mean.
They say when your dying
You relive your life
Once more
Before you pass
divinity m Dec 2018
earthquakes have nothing on me
as my shaking body shivers
trying to ignite some form of warmth
to fill my empty bones.
However my mind will extinguish
any flame that starts
for i have worked too hard
and too long
to be stuffed full like a plush toy
divinity m May 2018
I've noticed people like it
When I don't talk as much
Including myself
divinity m Jan 7
i stared down a gun
i had pointed at my own face
but i never pulled that trigger
and maybe
you were part of the reason why
divinity m Dec 2018
its quite strange
being in this room
full of the living
and only being able
to focus on the emptiness
that surrounds the ghost of you

you've left your finger prints
all over this place
and your late night whispers
still linger in my mind
every time I close my eyes
your smile is there

so as much as others
might want to forget you
spread rumors about you
close the gap around your existence
or pretend they never once knew your name
I will not forget.
divinity m Mar 17
divinity m Dec 2017
It starts out slowly.

Then just like a shotgun signaling a race,
We jump to our feet,
Each of us struggling to get our own say out first.

Then the shouting begins.

We hurl words at each other so razor-sharp
They cut even our own tongues
And we try to ignore the bullets
Coming from the other's mouth
But we seem to know how to aim the hurtful words just right
So no one ever leaves unscathed.

Pretty soon there are so many hateful words
Flowing from our mouths
They pile up on the floor
And rise higher the longer we go on
Until pretty soon we are drowning in them.

Eventually we run out of things to say
And we storm off in anger
Leaving the emotions in the other room to fizzle out.

After a cry or two, we are okay.
We are in the clear.
                                                   ­                    But it won't last long.
                                                           ­                   It never does.
divinity m May 12
i used to know what i want.

i wanted to stuff myself so full of pills
that even god himself
wouldn't be able to save me.

but the doctors beat me to it,
and now they're the ones
stuffing me with pills.
so many that even god almighty
lost count.

sleepy pills
and happy pills
and chill pills
and pretty pills
painted all the colors of the rainbow.

but instead of feeling
and happier
and more chill
and prettier
i feel
and disconnected
and seperated
like i am a guest in my own body
looking through someone else's eyes
going through another's motions.

i used to know what I want.
now i just feel numb.
divinity m May 2018
if i had a tattoo  
for every sin I've committed with you
i'd be covered
something random that popped in my head while i was looking at tattoo ideas. thought it sounded cool so i wrote it down
divinity m Oct 2018
one powdered line
becomes two powdered lines
then it's multiplied by four
and the only thing it gets divided by
is the edge of my worn out card
as i separate the small piles
into more and more lines
trying to subtract all the hurt.
divinity m Sep 2018
we are floating where the oxygen is thin
high above the clouds
and rising continually higher
with each drag we take
from the small harmless blunt

we are buzzing with the bees
more tipsy than the tulips make them
and getting more dizzy
with each swallow we take
from the burning liquor

we are happier than a blind person
who sees colors for the first time
even though we are losing vision
because we start to view the world
in only thin white lines

we are full of laughs and giggles
as we pump our bodies with more chemicals
than a pump puts gas into a car
because we are much too far gone
as we turn ourselves into a human pincushion.
divinity m May 2018
even after I learned i was being fed glue
and not honey
i still swallowed it for you
           -yet you still tried to convince
                      me it was honey
divinity m Nov 2018
a single tear
of solid gold
rolls down my cheek
as you leave
and take with you
all my worth
ahhh sorry i haven't been active. I've been really busy with theatre rehearsals. opening nights tonightttt
divinity m Oct 2018
more uninspired
than the sound
an out-of-tune piano
makes on a dismal day.
i have no more ideas right now whoops

— The End —