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  Jun 2019 Daiss
Shofi Ahmed
When the sun
is a sleeping beauty at night
shining on the Moon!
The night is wake
is a stunner far cuter.
It knows no cold foot
is on the move.

The full wax of the starry
sky keeps awake.
But none could chart a line
exposing a beautiful
night in the veil, no one
says a single word.

The first one perhaps that
dared to open the mouth
only to be speechless
to be lost for word!

Not a night or two ago but
since the dawning of the time!
Daiss Jun 2019
The glow in my heart
You are my piece of art.
The butterflies are awake and alive inside,
I'm assured and secured to now tell you why.
every little thing you do and say,
It’s impossible to now stay away.
Let’s explore, take a look.
We’ll be able to fulfill the chapter of my loving book.
Daiss May 2019
You made me feel like a rose,
beautiful and loved.
You watered me and grew me.
But who knew how bad
you’d destroy me.
I grew thorns out of anger.

I don’t feel the same.
But at least with these thorns you’ll be able
to stay away.
Excited to post my first poem here. Please leave a comment (: thank you.

— The End —