Rose K 5d
i can’t form the words
to tell you how i feel,
and even if i could,
no words could expresss
the pain that i feel.
i still can’t believe
you would do this to me...
Rose K Dec 6
the smell of love and regrets
the smell of you
on my lips
bitter sweet
Rose K Dec 6
No more temporary highs,
to hide away the hurt.
No more lies,
No more “good-byes”.
No more temporary fills,
to fill the voids,
or making homes of
what we should avoid.
Rose K Dec 6
Rose K Nov 29
i guess my biggest fear is
giving the best parts of me
to someone who brings out the worst…
it’s stripping myself of pride and ego
while they bathe in their own illusions
it’s welcoming you to make a home of my heart
while you leave me banging on your front door
crying for comfort, dying for shelter
Rose K Oct 24
i’m not sure what to hold onto anymore.
everything seems new,
though i’ve known it all before.
am i living my truth,
upholding my truth?
who knows...
i’m not sure what to hold onto anymore..
Rose K Oct 20
no hangovers,
just leftover
memories from last night,
too faded to remember
what happened last night
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