DireSleep Feb 25
You wrote that flowers are
The carbon monoxide of the earth
By product of its uses.
That flowers are
Merely the speech of birds
Daughters of trees
Perpetually waiting to grow into their womanly bodies.
That flowers are the kisses of stars
Merely a twinkle in the sky on a good night
Nearly always drowned out by the light
Pollution of the city.
That the only way I'll ever feel your kiss
Is to drive into the countryside
Where no one can see us and no one
Will believe a beautiful girl like you would dare.
That flowers are the incredibly small brush stokes of the enormously huge hands of the universe
And yet always painted with such care.
That flowers keep clouds company
Will always have a kind touch for when they cry.
That flowers are the passion that keeps the sun exploding; it's only form of art.
That all the things above describe flowers and flowers are why you are mine.
Notes: Grammer will always be lost on me.
DireSleep Feb 21
Rust in my liver
Rust in my brain
All I am is shakin here
Shaking to my teeth

They're comming down the road
They're comming up the stairs
Is this really happening
Is this really happening to me

Is this really how I feel?
This is really how I feel

The voices are coming
The voices are sound
They know the truth is here
Here and all around

A turned basket of thoughts and
A minor stop is played
Is this really happening
To me
A cordial braid of roses and
A hefty cask of caring
Is this really how I feel
Inspired by a radiohead song and lyric I always heard wrong. In any case it is about mental illness.
DireSleep Feb 19
There's no pin point precision that would lock down the moment I decided to write.
I can tell you that words fed my soul tell it burst into flames
And pain fanned them tell it burnt down my inhibition.
Words bled from me as if they were smoke spilling out the cracked walls of my frame.
Art billowed out from the splintered charred remains as if distractions could cover up scars
But as my arms and legs will tell you they can not.

"Why poetry,"

I've been asked as if my form art is a lesser ring of hell?
It's been stated with a laugh
As if it was a joke but I assure you without the steady flow of words the noise inside my head would have bested me
And that blood cannot be laid on my hands as fuel for further hate because my unsteady mind is reason enough to hate me.
You put your pretty face on the line by talking to the girl while I burn myself alive to keep her warm from the cold.
You make a joke to see her smile while I walk her to the eye of the storm so she can see how the arc of lightening spells out her name as it explodes from earth and blast into the sky
And how every time it shoots back to the earth it's just my reply.
So why do I write because I'm one big fucking storm!
DireSleep Feb 17
Your eyes are like the mountains.
They paint the rich landscape of my life with the hues of stone greys and smokey blues.
They contrast the pure white of the snow covered mountain sides.
Canyons etched from half frozen streams,
terraces mounted on jagged cliff faces,
thousand foot water falls all dance in the distraction of you in my presence.
A subtle day dream of wondering your eyes,
skating half frozen lakes while clouds kiss your peaks and it's shade caresses all of your edges.
I bare it,
so incredibly jealous of the weather.
The way it touches you,
the way it moves you,
the way your body quakes at its advances.
If I only had the power to move you.
If I had the power to change the way you change the weather.
Pushing storms aside,
casting them away with the vast of your soul,
sometimes holding the timid and mild ones letting them shower you intimately.
If only I could change like the weather.
Instead I find the intricate details of your eyes as the only staple of beauty in my life.
Sometimes I waste the day with only meager glances and other days I force myself to look away.
No reason to stare as these great monuments paint the landscape of my life.
I'll always have another chance to hike the hills,
to swim the lakes,
to drink in all your beauty but if only I could change like the weather.
DireSleep Feb 17
I feel as if I could never capture that moment.
Maybe it's self confidence
I know I can make you laugh
I know I have
But it's a moment I don't feel I could recreate.

Your happiness is unattainable
But maybe that's why I try so hard
Maybe that's why I'll never give up
Maybe that's why I'm completely lost at this task
Of making you smile.

There is no goal in life I find more worthy of my time.
Call it silly or call it what you will
To me it is more pointless
To waste away
To fritter away
At the details
Of collateral
Then it is to surprise you.

I want to tell you.
That I'll lasso down
The falling stars
Wrapping around your neck
A string of fallen things
That'll never hit the ground
As long as you love them
And at the pendant place my heart.

I want to lock away my hopes
And forget everyone of my dreams
Giving you the only key
So that together we can find again
Each one
Because I know together we'll find them.

I feel as if I could find myself in you.

I have a handful of ragged words
And a broken heart.
It's what I have to give
And I feel as if there is no greater gift.
If you would just see.

If you would just see.
That in these words
Is the most faithful hands
That'll ever hold you.
That will always look you in the eyes
And with unshakable certainty
Make you feel beautiful.

If you could just see
That despite the many frayed edges
And cracked fault lines
This heart has seen war
But is the one that will never give up on you.

I'm not sure what it'll take
To have you fall in love
But I already love you.
DireSleep Feb 17
My blessed queen!
I'm soon to be your departed friend of years.
No matter how the time did play
It was all too soon my lovely dear.
So here I lay in blessed calm
Of what was never said but always known.
God and You are what made this life my own.

We played our parts amongst the thieves,
Stood like statues for our beliefs,
Letting only tide and night dictate our life's
Aside from what is right.
So as I lay, never standing as tall as I am now
In the wake of this morning
I've never felt so proud.
For it is love that is glowing
On all these cherished faces.
Holding remnants of my memory
And relics of my blood.

My blessed queen,
I'm soon to be your departed love.
Through many years and though life granted many.
It's still far too soon my lovely dear.
So as I lay in perfect calm
Of what was never said but always known.
God and You are what made this life my home.

We built it though hard earned
Till our bodies shown the scars
And pushed through strife in stride
Knowing our love would last forever.
We gave our love in gracious doses
And poured it into those we held the closest.
They weaved a dam, and flooded us with hope.
DireSleep Feb 17
The heart where once
love resided fell too cold.

Now the flesh turns
an uneasy grey beneath
a thin layer of dusty frost.

When touched,
the fingertips stick and the cold bites.
Few dared to warm
the space with their hands
and now neglect has my heart forgot.

There's an uncared for path.
An overrun piece of forest
nearly hidden in the brush
that leads to a cave.

There's a cool breeze
that staves away my curiosity.
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