Dippes Mar 13
we never begin & nor we end,
We just join hand in hand when the time is ready!

Surrounded by a crazy world , lots to defend and explore,
you'll get a helping hand by the end og your arms to adore!

If time was never created, a concept never designed,
Qould i find another ticking to sumbolize the passion of life!

There are no worries, things are as they have always been,
It's just a moment gone, the time in tht way just like the dawn!
Dippes Feb 21
In love with your smile,
Starting on my own with no clue,
Strange girl with pretty brown eyes,
Short hair, a smile like the moon!

You blink your eyes in the way,
In the way sun dips below the horizon,
Painting you across the canvas of cloud,
For all the world to stop and admire!

The one who's embraced with grace and serenity,
Living life with a happy soul,
Inside journey of ups & downs in ground,
Trying to make sense of it all!
Dippes Feb 13
I was compelled to bend on my knees My choice was to crawl ,
just to move with the flow !

They never let me put a smile on my face My choice was never to smile,
Just to make my heart laugh instead of me !

I collided with the worst ,obstacles were even bitter
My choice was to keep going , just to leave everything behind me !

Walking with the time , scared ans shivering heart
My choice was to fly , just to lift my heart setting it free!

With my decrepit heart , I was almost wrapped with time
My choice was to hold it hard , just to try lighting up in dark !
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Dippes Feb 13
These feelings,though are intense enough
i won't let them become a part of someone's judgement.

I trust this is felt for a moment like this,
But i dont trust this'll be felt the way it is.

Dont ever talk about heart, it's a'ready about to break
I never get it how much more of it i can take.

I'm numb for every emotion,my heart's gone tired of feelings
My sleeping eyes see nothing but a pile of endless emotions.

I wont let myself turn bitter, heart in my hand begging to be loved
Stuck in my feelings, just making expectaions beyond the bounds of possibility.

Let me ignite,let me trust the sun to rise ,re-emerge to warm you
Else , let me end up with emotions burried up in my fragile heart.
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Dippes Feb 13
I told you i can't stand the idea,
Of being a reason someone gets hurt !

With neon red glow, the anger faded away,
From a victim to villain you've changed your way !

Deep in the heart, a feeling to explode right now,
So many words to say but still i want none at all !

It's worse when i can't even move on my own beat,
Wish to see my favourite coloured sky walking on the street !

Just want to be held & felt, but too scared to be,
I've only got the feeling which only you can see !
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Dippes Feb 13
To believe in the love & happily ever after
I have been lied to, or maybe i've lied too !

I can't pretend any more, the sweetness no longer exists
My eyes no longer see the things they used to see before !

But i cannot, i cannot feel sorry
Cannot lie anymore,cannot believe !

Noone to wipe off tears, alone to rise-alone to fall
This feeling is ajaring,no questions asked none answered !

This soulfullness retaliates, this silence kills
Facing non ending moonlight and emptiness,pretending to live !
Dippes Feb 13
The morning's dew , shining like a diamond ,
and the motionless wind filling the space on me !

Early sunrise , compells me to rise again stronger,
get me empowered till the end !

This nature  , willingly making me wake up ,
dip myslef with the nestlings loving their words !

Flowing with infinite feelings deep inside my heart ,
having faith on myself learn the meaning of life to ignite !

Live in the way of my onw , learn to fell even in the frown ,
love myself unconditionally , till the eternity till the end !
thanks for the title

— The End —