Dippes 6d
When i pormise if forever, it is true
And you know i only promised it to you!
A loving soul to me I gladly admit,
This feeling for you is something totally new,
And i'm so happy, so so happy, that i met you!

You love in your own adorable ways,
Of making me feel valuable than i am!
Your soft gentle smile, on me, truely understands,
You are in my dreams, Whether i'm awake or asleep,
All these emotions, for you, are going eay too deep!

You are the one, the one i look for in every crowd,
You are the reason, my wishes always come true
Because you are everything I wish up on a star!
My heartbeats for you have always been true,
But this aint a dream and my reality is,''you"! ❤️
Dippes 7d
Always a day decorated with best wishes and blessings,
Blessings of life from mom and dad decorates the day,
Early best wishes from you & a days passes with a smile,
All i can have is a heart that has every second beat for you❤️

You bring out the best in me, the best that even i dont know
A day goes so good, in the memory is only your best wishes
A worst day turns to be the best, a feeling of being so blessed
Maybe the day we got to talk also should be best wish you made for me and asked god to pass it on ❤️
Dippes Jun 12
how maybe it’s strange that always we are surrounded by the stars 
yet  do we actually look
yet rarely can we actually see anything more than dim sparkles 
i’ve taken to stare for a minute get stuck in my mind 
that i am all yours anrarelyd you are mine!
All the memories decorated  the big loud lake at night, the brightest they’ve been. 
by the less big less loud lake at night when no one wanted the day to end.
holding on to small time.
sometimes the stars stare back.
The infinite heartbeat,your smile for my happiness, Your love my heart and you and you and you 
and the time they danced for us.
Dippes Jun 12
The secret behind the days and nights,
Is that the moon glides up and sun dies,
A day of fortunes & night of blessings,
And a life full of happiness and pleasure !

A day is okay for infinite memories,
A moment is okay to know a loving soul,
A mind saying you're mine,
It's heart correcting, i'm yours !
Dippes May 28
Whenever I look up
I'm welcomed with your eyes..
Those eyes..
to love me like one can ever be loved,
to hold me so that i'll never fall down,
to take care of me like i deserve the best !

the sky is the color of your eye,
and i'll make sure you'll never rain!
Pretty little iris & those tempting lashes,
Sun flicked upon your eyes, scintillating as the seas !
Dippes May 27
Happy birthday to you my sister,
I hope life continues to bring you joy and cheer,
I hope that all your dreams come true,
A wonderful birthday is all I can wish for you!
Dippes May 27
A girl so caring, so gentle with a heart so pure and true
Most adorable and loving with her voice so sweet and adorable like the snow.
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