Dippes Dec 6
The nightsky is alike a mighty mansion of the stars which then
twinkle in elegance, beauty and transience until the dawn outshines them in a graceful manner.
As the night turns away from the sun and from her light, danger
in our imagination could await, from the corners of our very mind.
Yet the stars make up a soft blanket, a cover of the calmest of light,
which could bring peace to a soul which is performing a rampage.
All the constilations, all the names and forms which reveal themselves, are but a heavenly spectra for those who are nocturnal.
Or for those, whom have meet the cruel fate to be allergic to the natural, straight forward, warming and blissful sunlight.
There is no soul with no protector, in the nightsky such would be
a bright,piercing star, standing proud,manifest its location is over you
Holding many wonders, the beauty of the night comes with shooting stars, which at times shortly sweep over the heaven before fading.
Wishes are made upon, hope fills their hearts, for a better future
or a fulfilment of their desires, tangled up within the depth of mind.
Night becomes bright once the moon shines, in its fullest posture.
Becomes dark once the rainclouds drive near, calling in thunder.
But most importantly, it is a time of rest, from all this earth beholds
Dippes Nov 30
Tell her that she is beautiful,
say it aloud tonight.
Tell her you mean everything,
confess her she is always right.
Say that you are like magic,
treat her just as a queen.
Speak words she long to hear,
let her live in a dream....
Shower her with promises,
drown her in your desire.
Whisper sweet devotions,
And convince her you're not a liar.
Tell her how much you love her,
say you will never leave...
Feed to her these little fibs
She wants so much to believe~
Dippes Nov 30
You gloriously shine so bright
And can be seen from afar...

I look to leave as he left,
with a love and a life so much greater
than any open-air prison could ever hold.

*** takes all the bad emotions out of us
when we get to Heaven (if we get there)
so we won't be mad if we see someone
we didn't like when we were alive.

So I'm looking forward to it, to seeing him.
I wont forget his pain, the brokenness, and the grudge -
and I'm going to dip into his memories..

Like a smile so warm
Like joy even in a storm
When I am cheerful and happy
In my intellect, when I am savvy

When I am all these and more
When I am despised and adored
With the colours of the rainbow
With the colours that make me glow..
          -He left without a last goodbye !
Dippes Nov 30
The count till the clock strikes twelve,
A day of celebration of contemplation !
A wish of a happiest birthday with the best days ahead..
Dippes Nov 30
Values are not only limited to daily talks..
Life was emptied and you filled my vessel..
I will fight with the world, no.. life doesnt matter to me until I have the depth of you..

I can never be happy, even to pretend without you.. Just a time to pass, a moment to remember and Scream infinitely, i am not complete to my own world..

Would take it for you.. for every difficulties and a blessings and best wishes to you from all the depth of my heart... Graceful heart, Life will be good.. I will make it
Dippes Nov 30
yet also not alone
'It's Complicated'
the statement of choice.

I don't want complicated,
who really does?
But like it or not
that's what this is.

I want to scream until there isn’t a single breath left in my lungs, until they sting with the energy i’ve expended and my words hanging in the air for everything to hear.

just like happiness
these aren't things ready made.
i fear what i know but do not understand,
pretending to be fine!
Dippes Nov 30
Little bird, we're here
I'll sing to you a tale
about me and this mighty golden called the sun

He poured endless light to my eternal darkness
and helped me grow flowers
to create this garden of love
where you would chant and fly around

Little bird, the sun hushed my bitterness
he shines through my tears
and we create a rainbow
as he said cursed is the life
but sweet it is for certain.
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