Dippes 4d
i stopped hoping things will be okay.

i stopped looking at the clouds wondering what could have happened if things didn’t happen this way.

i stopped reading words that tell me life is a cold hard bitch and it was teaching me that i shouldn’t go astray.

i stopped listening to the sound of rain, crying every time i feel my sadness should go away.

i stopped listening to people that begged me to look the other way, forget, and just be happy, be gay.

i stopped learning what it means if i had the choice to stay.

i stopped letting my demons cloud my mind — at least i have the strength to keep them at bay.

i stopped hoping things will be okay.

and it’s okay,

because i realized, all that had happened will come to pass and all these things will be gone one day.

so, from now on, instead of hoping,
i’ll work hard everyday

to make myself happy.
it’s my choice, be it as it may.
Dippes Sep 9
Little bird, we're here
I'll sing to you a tale
about me and this mighty golden called the sun.

He poured endless light to my eternal darkness
and helped me grow flowers
to create this garden of love
where you would chant and fly around

Little bird, the sun hushed my bitterness
he shines through my tears
and we create a rainbow
as he said cursed is the life
but sweet it is for certain.
Dippes Sep 8
A deafening silence settles,
Leaving only dust and some movements,
Rustling in the sheets, tossing and turning,
Trying to get some sleep.

But where is the peace in the silence
When all you can hear are
The whispers, an illusion,
Yet there is nothing to be heard.

Slowly, out of reach,
My hand tries to grab
What is left of my own sanity;
And every night, I wish it were over.
Dippes Sep 6
i wrote a verse for myself,
i had stardust in my eyes
just a dream
of being beside my own.
I was the new kid on the block
from the dark corner
your eyes lit up
as my name shined behind me
and then
i woke up!
Dippes Jul 16
To stare at wall clock mysteriously
Still clueless of time passing by!
With you comes my sun ever shining..
Always glowing, shed a light on all i've found!

Getting holded in arms of your heart
A smile for me with heart, soul & Honesy!
A memory to rid me of all worried thoughts
Happiness is to have space within me filled!

Happiness is you, forever staying in my soul,
feelings to fill infinite sky with love!
Trust me, No word can ever replace 'YOU'
No world without you will ever be mine!

Your values are those,which enlighten always,
My mirror, my shadow.. everything for everr !
Mysterious and adorable, Always a loving soul
Happiness is you asking me to never worry !
Dippes Jul 2
I dont have bad days anymore. As long as i have you, I can get through anything! So my life.. I will never have bad days & anything on my way will ultimately be cleared!
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