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Dimitris Jan 26
the apartment that I rent was on the second floor
on a hidden alley, somewhere in the center of Athens,
it was old, crooked, and chaotic,
the kind of place where you could
read Bukowski, listen to Tom Waits,
and nod your head.

and through the room's window, you could see
the dancefloor of a tango bar,
and couples would dance,
all night long, to romantic melodies

and beneath that bar, there was a door,
with a dim red light upon it
men would occasionally pop in  
while casting their eyes warily around

you could hear constant noises
coming from the empty corridors and the cement walls.

the neighbours, they were faceless, absent.
the buskers would play the blues on their Lucille.
the cops would sit down the corner
light up their cigarettes and laugh,
and couples would walk down that alley and mumble.

and you would sit there,
deep in the night,
finding peace,
in this disharmony,
eventually becoming a part of it
Dimitris Jul 2020
I heard you travelled to Rome,
with that new man you fell in love
You drunk espresso on a boat
he even gave you a red rose

He wears sharp clothes, he has good style
but let me guess he has no clue
that you would rather have some tea
and jasmine is your favourite bloom

So, why are you smiling a half smile?
why are you sharing a half heart?
when baby you're my only one
and I'm the only man you want

I heard you went to Pantheon
as we were planning to do,
confessed to latin Gods a secret
carrying  along with you

As you walked the Milvian Bridge
a memory flashed through your mind
the time we danced when we first kissed
under the Acropolis at night

So, why are you smiling a half smile?
why are you sharing a half heart?
when baby you're my only one
and I'm the only man you want
Dimitris Apr 2020
The time's trace
appeared on your face
in a blink of an eye.

You are too young,
until you are too old.
There's nothing in between;
but lies.
  Apr 2020 Dimitris
Maria Etre
stay close but far
Dimitris Oct 2019
The math was wrong.
One plus one is infinity.
And two minus one is zero.

It's been four years,
and for that i'm sure
Dimitris Dec 2018
My father taught me
that there's only one teacher in this world
they call him
Dimitris Dec 2018
surviving blindsided
in a no-space, no-time fiber

They lied,
when they said that everything goes black
when you die.
Everything goes black
or completely white.

Like this screen.
This white screen
This white bright screen
This white bright screen of death
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