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Dimitris Dec 2018
I wander around in Athens
like a vagabond
passing by the house
that I rent to be
with you,
almost three years ago.

Before that
we were both
still living with our parents.

You see,
we needed some space.
Some space
from the others,
not from each other.

We needed some time, for us.
Almost three years later and
I've lost count of
the nights
I looked
for you
in empty bars
on stranger's faces
at university parties
in the train, where we first met

I don't regret leaving you.
It was the right thing to do.
But I am in pain,
after all these years
I'm still in pain
And no one knows.
Not even you.
Dimitris Dec 2018
I'm pretty sure that
would appreciate
Nietzsche's philosophy
If he was able to meet him

But most of all
he would admire his
Dimitris Dec 2018
My father tells me
that there's only one teacher in this world
they call him
Dimitris Dec 2018
They lied,
when they said that
everything goes black
when you die

Everything goes
either completly
or completely

Don't believe me?
Look around!
all these
surviving blindsided
in a no-space, no-time fiber

on these screens
these bright screens
these white bright screens
these white bright screens of death
The idea of using the term 'cyber-zombie' as well the term 'white screen of death' is borrowed by 'The 5am club', a great book by Robin Sharma.
Dimitris Dec 2018
Athens is small enough
to run into
everyone you know

family, friends, acquaintances
the dog you lost five years ago
your best friend's ex
and your ex-best friend.
random instagram ambassadors,
first-class ******
and TV celebrities.
They are all here.

They are all here,

Athens is small enough to
randomly meet
but her

— The End —