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Dija Jan 2015
There people in this world that made me laugh till my stomach cramped who made the cramps turn to butterflies there people in this world that made me cry with joyful tears and there people who made it hell Everytime I looked at them with my tear filled eyes there people in this world that make this earth worth living on and there others who push you into the grave
Dija Jan 2015
If It were up to me I would never let you shed another tear and if you were to let one pass behind my back I would be there with a box of tissues and a hug I would wrap you up in my Arms so that you would hear my heart beat double it's speed and you then in that moment will feel safe I will hold you until you close your eyes and fall asleep i will sit there wondering why this girl in my arms mean so much to me and then when I start to imagine what it would feel like to see your beautiful eyes open when you wake up and to hear my heartbeat in my ears and to get to see that perfect smile of yours then it would hit me all over again why I care for you so much why I want to hold you in your toughest times and why I want to wipe away your tear stained cheeks because I am in love with you
Dija Jan 2015
I'm not as bright as the other stars in the galaxy my light may not twinkle as much as the others I may flicker every now and then one day my light will burn out but until that day comes I promise I'll try my hardest to be the light that helps guide you to happiness im okay with the fact that I'm not your happiness and I'm just your star
Dija Jan 2015
For 3 or 4 years music has meant the world to me, I would play music till I fell asleep.I would make playlists from ******* bands to acoustics.I would fall asleep focusing on the guitar strings and the piano keys.I would take showers listening to music and sing along (even though I sounded like ****) to the lyrics that consumed me.When I would read books at lunch time, I would sit at a crowded table with earphones in and I would get lost in music and literature.On long road trips the one thing I would never forget to bring with me was my music,I would stare out the window and just listen . I never noticed how much music meant to me, it became such a big part of my life. Going to concerts and listening to the lyrics and the guitar strings that's what made me feel alive. I never thought anything else would make me feel that way. Music became my life, it made me feel happy and excited. Although,sometimes when I'm listening to acoustics and I'm sitting in my room alone thinking it makes me sad,but only more music would make me feel happy.Some time after you surprised me, you became my music.You make me Feel. I spend so much time focusing on you from trying to make you feel better at 3 am to thinking about all the little things that make you perfectly imperfect.You became the thing I love most you became music.
Dija Jan 2015
Don't allow poisoned people in your life all they'll do is feed you lies filled with poison in the most innocent and beautiful way they'll make you fall in love and that's what will break you poisoned people are like drugs you get addicted and you just want more and more even after you found out you've just been Poisoned
Dija Aug 2014
All of a sudden the air I was breathing turned toxic.
My lungs burning and my heart turning black.
My brain all clouded and my eyes blood red.
This is what it felt like to love you, it felt terrible.
It hurt so bad I couldn't take it, but after getting used to it I learned to live with it.
And the pain slowly became a way of life.
Now living with a black heart a messed up mind and lungs on fire, I Can truly say to love you is to love pain.

— The End —