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Dianne Guerrero Aug 2015
A day like this...
Deep into to song...
I want only this deep sleep
Tears raise toward  light
Energy shines  with vibration of voice
how can i learn if I can't see you
West I roam
Feet our planted
Time for harvest they say
As I can walk miles without help
I have a twin soul with me.
Dianne Guerrero Aug 2014
Open wide eyed and bare foot.
My heart is growing which i haven't before.
Now my death and rebirth I am Rooted now.
Dancing with a new light.
Change is beautiful now.
I was a lonely soul.
Little wiser now with all i have now is deep leap of happiness.
I have to say learning all i can it's become  deep understanding of love.
Dianne Guerrero Apr 2014
The night was ours when you asked.
Maybe I was into you.
Thought how you open your room to me.
I still remember "How" It came to this.
Rude and hair so messy  but I still picture you.
This time really feels no doubt "I"....
Can't or I won't "Say".
Make it easy to just be.
I take it all in.
Close those eyes. Just "Take Me In".
Stand above all else being with you.
Shallow games you play.
Promises or Not let it ride.
Dianne Guerrero Apr 2014
My own mind.
Channeling sending my soul  away.
Expect  laughter and doubt fly.
Why not? Enjoy.
It's not that bad alone.
I don't have to pull my string.
Burning in my heart keeps me at bay.
Story teller within.
Distilled coloured skin.
Dianne Guerrero Apr 2014
My vision see me through this spin called life.
All  paths our labeled by your chances to be.
Keep your soul and walk enjoy all that is real.
Touch your mind to expand your light.
Take control your air "Breath" all that's yours.
Doubt can told you without pushing it out of site.
Make it. Believe all the is ...... Peace Of Mind.
Dianne Guerrero Apr 2014
Staring at ceiling "All This " can't be all that  bad.
One day growth will reach me.
"Oh" how I miss the  taste of truth so, pure.
That's the way you open your mouth fallen rainbows seem to
reach just a air. It's wild "How" we seem so complete.
Each step we move side to side which is never the same step.
Calmness keeps  me up each day. The sun raises I bow to beauty of you. I will remember all this. I take in all the pieces. Tasteless words. Steal the outcome of youth.
Dianne Guerrero Mar 2014
I heard  all I can stand.
Deep thorns keep poking my skin.
Whispers still remind.
Perhaps they have nothing better to do.
Use the that energy for waste dear ones.
Turn my head and let you breath  air.
All I can do just be still and gaze at the moon.
Let it go and let it  lay underneath your shoes.
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