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Diana Mendes May 2016
I've never felt so high until you've touched my skin,
and when you kiss my lips, it feels like a sin.

Gosh! I love you, but I hate you too,
but please don't leave me feeling blue.

You don't feel the same, I know,
still you want me, I know.

I don't mind, even though I do,
yet I'll be here if you want me too.
Diana Mendes May 2016
You talk about my promises when you don't even keep yours,
you think you're a saint but I'm not so sure.

I'm tired of this, I've cried for the last time,
this is my goodbye, I'm leaving you high and dry.
Diana Mendes Jun 2015
remember when i kissed you?
remember when i touched you?
remember when i said i loved you?
you probably don't remember, but i do,
will you help me forget?
  Jun 2015 Diana Mendes
Gun Boy
what doesn't **** you makes you wish it did.
Diana Mendes Jun 2015
i think i saw you, and just the mere thought of you being there made me lose my breath,
and i realize i still want you for the bad, the good and the ugly.

i'm not much of a prayer but i'll pray for one last conversation, one last touch, one last kiss,
one last i love you.
Diana Mendes Jun 2015
i read someone saying "everyone has a happy ending, so where's mine?"
why would you want it to end?
Diana Mendes Jun 2015
i hate onions but i love food,
i hate lies but i love you.
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