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Diana E Apr 2020
If I could recall every beautiful memory
Including a caress or a hug or even a smile
Maybe, I could forget the pain of day-to-day
If even for a moment

and, so, I wonder why not?
Why can’t we live in the memory of something inspiring and live in the best day of our lives every day, or laugh at a really funny joke
we might remember off the top of our heads,
without it being isolating?

There are films made about those types of moments.
They evoke the same types of feelings through
the framework of nostalgia.
Imagine laying in fresh grass, staring up at the sky and
feeling the coolness of the ground beneath you.

I implore you to try to imagine these things
And to take it as seriously as if you were there
for the moment you fell in love for  the first time
bring upon the sunshine
Diana E Dec 2015
Wilting as bullets flee.
Open guns and unsettled feuds

April 20th, 1999.

Dylan and his pal are hanging around, coming closer with every breath

be careful-

they might hear the sound of your rapid-beating heart.
Diana E Oct 2015
Someday, maybe a little while from now, we'll remember why we seperated.

When you and I awoke:

Disappearing without explanation is cause for resentment.

You had me at the palm of your hand, ignored without reason

-I wondered for so long,

"What did I do?"

But no, the real thought should  have been, "what  had happened?", not whose fault it had been.

I spent so much time questioning how I had caused the end of something that quite honestly, never even was.

As I laid alone at night, questioning what I had done to push you away, I'd failed to realize that I am not the default option.
Diana E Sep 2015
The lake is drying up, and I no longer know what to do. They have taken my lifeboat.

They told me that it'd be okay- that they would make sure I turned out alright.

Yesterday they gave me an ultimatum: them or this, my life as it stands.

As I expressed my immense confusion, they only seemed to grow equally so and angrier than I had ever seen them.

The lake is my dearest love.

However,  I cannot promise myself to it, as I fear that that would be my worst and biggest mistake.

           Sincerely yours,
Diana E Sep 2015
My leaky red lifeboat.

It's sinking; slowly sinking.

Soon, the lake will have taken it for itself and we will "finally be able to be together.", as it had once said.

Although, as much as I love the lake, and as much peace as it has brought me, I am very hesitant to accept this.

As my lifeboat fades into oblivion, taking me with it, I wonder.

-'So this is how it's going to end, huh? ..really?'

    Sincerely yours,
Diana E Sep 2015
It's my lifeboat
that floats
center stage in the
opaque green, mucky lake.

It glistens and gleams

As its diamond eyes
stare into mine
and ****** me;
further manipulating my senses.

The lake speaks in sonnets,
admitting truths of love and desire.

It cannot live without me,
for I have always managed to make its life more "hectic in the best way possible"

-a forbidden love.

"One day we will find a way to be together", it says.

"One day you and I may become one."

I need the lake, for it has always managed to find me peace.

     Sincerely yours,

— The End —