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dhinesh murugan Dec 2018
I've been alone with you in my mind
and in my dreams,
I kissed your lips a thousand times.
hello, it's me you looking for
I can see it in your eyes,
I can see it in your smile,
you are all I ever wanted
my arms are open wide
I wish to see the sunshine and tell you
time to time that how much I care,
tell me how to win your heart
I haven't got a clue...!
love of my dream
dhinesh murugan Dec 2018
Hi, this is the story about the loser who understands his life yet never try to change.
there is a person who thinks he understands clear about his life yet he is so confused. he is mostly alone in his life at that time he searches for the answer for his problems he asks questions to himself and answers it himself
even though he knows the answer he is afraid for trying it out.
it a story
dhinesh murugan Dec 2018
It is the place where you learn the important lesson for life.
dhinesh murugan Nov 2018
When I speak
You where in my words
When I see
You where in my sight
When I think
You where in my thoughts
When I listen
Your voice is what I listen!

You were everything and everywhere
Expect it's all a dream
Will my dream come true?
dhinesh murugan Nov 2018
There are people who don't cry
they don't want to cry
They have no more tears to shed.
Your tears are more valuable than you think
dhinesh murugan Nov 2018
Accidents are the incidents that are ment to be happened.
Incidents are the memories of the past and path to the future and lesson for the present.
Never question the incidents...
There are no accidents

— The End —