Dhil Zalee Feb 2017

Like the river it pulls everything

Of supernovas and pulsars

It matters. It is.
It is, beyond time and space

But love
Love, is everything.
No matter the time and space

Like you
Bringing night and day
Pulsating the seas
Super, ecliptical or crescent.

Behind clouds
Or on the other side
Strong, relentlesss and beautiful.

Yes you

Dhil Zalee Jan 2017

Look at me moon
Look how I look at you
At everything you do
Yeah you are all yellow

I'ts been so long
I waited long for you
But deep inside I knew
That you were still yellow

So then I took my things
Oh what a way to leave
I stopped being all yellow

But your skin,
Oh yeah your skin and bones,
Turn in-
to something beautiful
And you know

You know I miss you so
You know I miss you so

I looked across
I'd jump across to you
Oh, but ICA said no
'Cause I'm an odd fellow

We drew a line
I took it all for you
Coz I can't see you blue
Coz you're still my yellow~

Your eyes,
Oh yeah your eyes I missed,
Your hands,
Oh yeah your hands I wished,
Oh I wish

For you to hold my hand now
Will you just hold my hand - now

It's true
I wanna be with you
I wanna stay with you
I wanna live with~

I wanna live with you
I'd be the shield with you
I wanna fight for~

Look at me moon
Look how I look at you...

Dhil Zalee Feb 2015

Where have you been.
You've left a million things behind.
Hidden in words
In flowers.
And in my mind.

How have you been.
I've been waiting for you.
My one way trip.
Into the clouds.
384,400 km overdue.

Do you know I look into the sky
Thinking one day
Maybe on a wednesday
I can fly to you

My neighbours think I'm crazy.
But they don't understand.

I know I'm a fool.
But I'm a fool for you.

Dhil Zalee Feb 2015

How do you unlove the loved
How do you return the gift of all gifts
Make the flowers grow unearthed

How do you leave a poem unwritten
Leave a biten soul, unsweetened
A vindicated decision.
Your inquisition.

Can you erase the lips you've dreamt of?
When they raise your drums into a storm
Brewing heaven's scent from up above
And falling down into voidless sense
By alarm.

Mark my words, I have sworn them
My fruitless serenades are long forgone
Each one I cannot undo, its undone
I've shunned.

Dhil Zalee Jan 2015

Somewhere in the open sea
Swimming so free

I'll be looking out for thee
Maybe, i hope maybe

In coral reefs of burgundy
Once again, you, i'll get to see

In your lovely fins i'll be
In a whirlpool we'll spin free

Love, this is, my goodbye.
Dhil Zalee Jan 2015

Go to sleep little darling go
Close your eyes coz i'll kiss it so
Leave your worries and let it go
Smile little darling to the clouds you'll go.

Hop on the clouds, be free and show
The world how much it's beautiful
Hear the moon whisper to your soul
Sweet little darling I love you so

Dhil Zalee Jan 2015

If I was a tree

I would have wilted all my branches
Shed my bark and all my roots
But my driest leaves would not resist
The mystic light, I saw in thee

If I was a sailor

Sailing in the darkness of the sea
I would lose all my sails by treacherous winds
Cold, floating in waves of the dark abyss
And your warm arms would be all I see

If I was a kid

Standing in aisles of the candy store
Anf if I would ever walk out empty handed
With my little tongue sour as ever
Your sweet pink lips would my cure

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