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white bird Sep 2020
My eyes are closed
But my ears listen

My mouth shut
But my mind goin' round about

Heart choose to rest and let it go
But my head wouldn't and keep it go

Must i go on and hanging on

Or give in to the dark

  Sep 2020 white bird
John Destalo
we all have songs
we can’t sing
out loud
they speak for us
they feel for us
they have the
softest hands
that reach so deep
they know things
about us
we don’t want others
to know
they can rip us
apart from the first
white bird Mar 2020
You go away
with those heaps of trust
that i gave you
And now you threw it away
like it was nothing
All those years
that had me hold onto a fragile hope
You say you remember everything
Of course you remember
yet that's not enough
to stitch the open wound
not even worth a single needle
Because you will never stay
white bird Mar 2020
If i come closer
and this is not a promising
I'm afraid that it'll
eventually tear me apart
Just don't leave marks on my book
It'll hard to get removed
white bird Nov 2017
i stumble from where i stand
my entire body refuse to get up
minds been hanging for such a long time
now i don't want to choose anymore

been longing for freedom
yet the voices strangled me down
burst my sweat into tears
i can't take it anymore

for whom i walk this road everyday?
keep wondering why
why don't you understand?
'cause laugh it off doesn't work for me anymore
white bird Apr 2017
There was no stars tonight
Dark clouds covered my eyes
Buried me alive
white bird Feb 2017
i've been burned

burned with the same fire

that you gave to me

eerie, they say

but i keep calling your name

cause i just saw a clean getaway

and knowing all of those story are the same
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