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D Awanis May 20
My dear sister, I’m sorry I wasn’t there
When they call you names and harass your crown on the street
When they tell you what you should or shouldn’t do with your body

My dear sister, I’m sorry I wasn’t there
When they pluck your honey against your will yet they tell them you enjoy it
When they touch your skin yet they left it bleeding and bruised

My dear sister, I’m sorry I wasn’t there
When they want you to cover your scars and pimples because they don’t meet the “beauty” standards
When they forcibly ask you to shave your hair because it doesn’t potray cleanliness and hygiene

My dear sister, I’m sorry I wasn’t there
When your rose is blooming and the moon is come but they show you their cold shoulders
When they make fun of your shape and laugh it off but they refuse to make a clean breast of it as an insult

Thus rise, dear sister
—for your pain is mine to carry
—for your wound is mine to mend
—for your war is mine to fight
D Awanis Apr 13
My mother never gave birth to a girl
Neither did her and my father ever raise a daughter
Yet, they raised a wolf—wild, fearless, strong, and resilient

They told me to howl at everything I found misfit;
to bark as a warning sign,
to riot as an act of resistance
maybe because i was born on national's prominent women heroine day, Kartini, thus i feel the urge to carry this responsibility upon my shoulder
D Awanis Feb 10
God, guide me through this mess
ease my mind, soften my heart;
for I know that You know best what is good and what is not

God, help me accept the plan You have written for me
soothe my soul, strengthen my shoulder
for I know I plan, and they plan, but You are the best of all planners

God, release me from this pain and sadness
calm my nerves, harden my feelings;
for I know You will never weigh me something I'm not capable of carrying
D Awanis Dec 2018
Come closer,

What do you see?

Look deeper,
There's more of her than what meets the eye
She might spell queen on her tongue
She might blind people with her glance
But don't believe anything you see

Explore further,
There's more to her soul than the physical shape
She might wear fire on her skin
She might imply strong on her wrist
But don't believe anything you touch
she's more than her beauty, and she knows it well
D Awanis Nov 2018
I think those who are in love on this era is cursed,
not that their love is delusional nor artificial
But because their manisfestation of love is perceived
by how society visualizes and defines it

We think someone genuinely love us because
they upload hundreds of photos of us
We think someone sincerely love us because
they write essay competition-worthy captions
We think someone truly love us because
they praise us at all of our selfie posts

To me, love is listening to a music
and suddenly it reminds you of them
To me, love is reading a good book
and suddenly wants them to read it as well
To me, love is when winter comes and all you ever think is whether they wear their warm clothes
To me, love is when the night comes and all you think of is how his day was

Well, then again, Chbosky once said that
"we accept the love we think we deserve"
And maybe we don't get to choose the way we love
or the way we want to be loved
Simply because we think it's the kind of love
that deserves us
"you make it far too easy to believe,
that true romance can be achieved these days" // Alex Turner
D Awanis Sep 2018
My mind is a busy street
its twinkling lights and noisy horns won't shut
whilst the walls are made out of skyscrapers,
only when the rain is pouring it began to quiet

My mind is a busy street
indefinite amount of strangers are crossing every now and then
leaving their footprints on every intersection,
little did they know it cost me bleeding wounds
D Awanis Sep 2018
Every corner on this earth
feels like war zone

Every mouth of the people
tastes like revenge

How do we find peace
in this midst of chaos?
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