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D Awanis Jul 4
Your heart is an empty auditorium
during business hours
where everyone's too busy
to even see a play

It’s quiet, silent, and hollow,
like the cemetery at 3 a.m
and you will be frightened
by its silence

But as it heals,
the empty room will become
a hallway full of people
and it will foster

Until the emptiness turned into a parade
where broken parts march back
towards the eternal void,
and fill up the spaces
someday, you will love again
D Awanis Jun 24
[ The Ache of Longing ]

It feels like an echo of hundred lifetimes ago,
that she almost failed to reminisce
the last time another soul looking through her
and tell her that her mind is brilliant;
that it's her warmth that captivates the most

And for what it's worth, she knows better
what it felt like to be seen for all that she is
and to be embraced for all that she isn't;
that she was never a quiet drizzle
but the storm that brings wreckage
yet, she was understood and accepted


[ The Echo from The Past ]

These days she never heard those words coming back to her
bet they won't even bother noticing what her eye color was
was it deep jet black? was it brown with a little hint ot hazel?
since they were too busy staring at her curvy waist
that everything else becomes blur and dull

Sometimes when the day feels longer than the night,
and her cheeks started to weary of carrying her grin
she would contemplate how good it must have felt
to have a comforting silence that worth thousand of words
where she could rest her overwhelmed thoughts for a while
yet, somehow the void that creeps inside her chest is filled
i wish one day,
someone would see through her again
to see that she is more than just
a skeleton made of bones and muscles;
she is a skeleton made of thoughts
D Awanis Jun 15
In this ocean of probabilities and uncertainties,
it's not death that I am most afraid of
since death is the only thing that is certain
yet, it's life and to be alive

In death, you only have one possibility
your nonexistent; an eternal darkness
of which light could never reach again,
even your loudest scream sounds like a long silence

In life, every steps taken create alternate endings,
perhaps sometimes you made the right choices
but when it comes that you didn't, it will haunt you
for the rest of your life that you'd start to wonder;

"what happened if you'd only brave enough to take the risk?"
"what's on the other side of the roads you didn't take?"
"what are the opportunities that you have missed?"
"what if what you thought was right, wasn't?"

Thus live, instead of just being exist and present
worry not of your demise, but every seconds you spent
for life and death is only as thin as a thread;
make sure it is worth your while
it takes more than a pulse
and a pair of working lungs
to call a life,
D Awanis Jun 14
Soldier's weapon is gun and grenades,
while journalist's is pen and paper
& neither of them was ever a saint nor a sinner,
yet they play the most pivotal part
than anyone ever was

Unbeknownst to them,
the legacy they have sworn to protect
is curved from thousands of lifeless bodies,
glued with blood, pain, grief, and despair
of those whose names won't fit in history
D Awanis May 30
There are glory and victory in every battles
Yet there are more bleeding and suffering
Glory doesn’t bring back the dead to the living
Victory heals neither scars nor wound, let alone fixing the broken ribs

There are villains and heroines in every war
Yet there are more desolation and devastation
Villains are written in history by the side who wins
Heroines are what they call themselves after slaughtering the innocent

There are rebellion and revolution in every regime
Yet there are more poverty and misery
Rebellion is done by fewer people against jeopardy
Revolution is an act of people power against oppresive authority
Inspired by Game of Thrones
D Awanis May 22
See the unseen, even when it's poignant
even when it feels like your eyeballs will drop out of your skull
and you cry blood instead of tears

Speak the unspoken, even when it's bitter
even when it feels like the tongue will slip out of your mouth
and you spit blood instead of saliva

Fight the invincible, even when it's exhausting
even when it feels like your arms will be torn apart
and you shed blood instead of sweat

Seek the unknown, even when it's dangerous
even when it feels like your bet your life on shooting star
and you are drowned in blood instead of ocean
because the truth is, none of us is ever a damsel in distress—as no one is able to save us but ourselves
D Awanis May 20
My dear sister, I’m sorry I wasn’t there
When they call you names and harass your crown on the street
When they tell you what you should or shouldn’t do with your body

My dear sister, I’m sorry I wasn’t there
When they pluck your honey against your will yet they tell them you enjoy it
When they touch your skin yet they left it bleeding and bruised

My dear sister, I’m sorry I wasn’t there
When they want you to cover your scars and pimples because they don’t meet the “beauty” standards
When they forcibly ask you to shave your hair because it doesn’t potray cleanliness and hygiene

My dear sister, I’m sorry I wasn’t there
When your rose is blooming and the moon is come but they show you their cold shoulders
When they make fun of your shape and laugh it off but they refuse to make a clean breast of it as an insult

Thus rise, dear sister
—for your pain is mine to carry
—for your wound is mine to mend
—for your war is mine to fight
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