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 Nov 2019 Ankita Gupta
 Nov 2019 Ankita Gupta
I'm sat here,
Wasting my time,
Thinking up,
Memories that rhyme,

The flag hangs,
There's no life,
A homeless man,
Silently declines,

The black on the bricks,
Historic pollution,
Endless talks,
But no solution,

Empty balconies,
A silent square,
The wind fills out,
A questionnaire
 Jul 2019 Ankita Gupta
it's a beautiful thing to know
you'll miss me when I'm gone
 Apr 2019 Ankita Gupta
Let it end, now
I break the connection between you and I
I remove your power over me
The trouble is I care too much
And so I have let you rob me from me.
I let you take away the words i wanted to say.
The things i would've liked to have.
The things I need.
I'd like to say I don't care for you
But I can't help to care.
You promised forever.
Silly me.
It's human nature don't you see
Well for me it is anyway,

I don't know what you are anymore.
I proffer a flower
for you to smile,
But for your heart,
you frown.

May it hide
on your shelf,
with the dust
and the sunrays.

Forget it,
the sweetness
was not cupped
to my ear.
Truth is, I am your five minute cigarette break. I’m your scotch on the rocks at 10am, and the bottle of wine after a long day at work. I’m everything I don’t want to be, yet everything you want. You can put me out after lighting me up, throw me out once I lose my flavor and empty me out like a bottle of wine. You don’t do it because you can, you can because I let you.
 Jan 2019 Ankita Gupta
A walk
 Jan 2019 Ankita Gupta
I just need to tell someone I want to die, then hold hands and take a walk.
 Dec 2018 Ankita Gupta
 Dec 2018 Ankita Gupta
I have two people living within me,
Two shadows, follow me home,
Two voices screaming inside,
I don't know which one to call my own.
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