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Ankita Gupta Aug 2019
Peeking in, sitting by the half dug hole in the ground
Finding worms in the sand as if a can got open
I stare into the nothingness of this roots like labyrinth
Shovel resting on the side nudges to be put to use
Wait, hold on a little, while I decide to plant a seed or dig a grave
It would be a birth nonetheless, only followed by death
Ankita Gupta Aug 2019
I might run for pages, go out of line
Might write with broken nib, words that fight
Some twisted feels, come taste the lime
I might scribble tales, none held by daylight
Ankita Gupta Jul 2019
When we are limited by the inelasticity of time, we run to the past

When we are freed by the depth of life, we walk into the future
It's truly our understanding of life that decides where we live for, past or future.
  Jul 2019 Ankita Gupta
it's a beautiful thing to know
you'll miss me when I'm gone
Ankita Gupta Jul 2019
To this day, I pray to not know it again
To this moment, I wish to live it all over

If we were to live a life agian, read an old chapter afresh, pluck a different flower this time; we would pick a rose from the most memorable garden of life.

If we were to rewrite endings, take back spoken words, walk a different path; we would speak of the most tragic war and hand that rose of peace to the soldier inside.

To all those on ground battles and in house victories in life, let's pat the cat and drink a little; we know we put the best fight
Ankita Gupta Jun 2019
He said he will **** her
Why did it fall in place
Like his kiss was planted
To show she was a different case
She thought he joked, but why
Maybe that's how he operates
Let's say what's the worst that can happen
And leave with just a taste
Then she will see he had mercy
While he treats her as waste
Tell her off like she was a ****
Maybe shift the whole blame
Ankita Gupta Jun 2019
When it's fire writing the story,
Papers are ought to get burnt.
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