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Deztine Lorenza Nov 2015
Let my heart
turn to

Maybe then
I can sleep

Maybe then
I can eat
a stomachache

Maybe then
I can read
without fear
of a unhappy ending

Take the knife
out of my heart
and please,
let it
turn to
You made a poet fall in love with you
And expected her not to write sonnets about your eyes
Haikus about the way you kissed her in the moonlight
Expected the fire in her heart not to inspire couplets
You made a poet fall in love with you, and when you left
Expected her not to write pages about the ache in her chest
Write a soliloquy dedicated to her tears
Expected her not to feel every gut wrenching moment of the pen hitting paper like your words hit her in the most vulnerable places of her mind.
You made a poet fall in love with you, and you expected her to be silent.
That is no fault of hers.
Deztine Lorenza Nov 2015
In books
we watch
as characters
go through
hard times

We pull
for them
as they
to survive

In our hearts
they deserve
the happy ending

I haven't always
rooted for myself
Haven't always
believed in my heart
that I deserve
the happy ending

While I've always
cherished words
books and poetry

I haven't always
cherished my
own story

I realize now
my life is worth

And I'm going to fight
for my own
happy ending
Deztine Lorenza Nov 2015
In the dark,
the flowers hide
They wait
for the right time
to come up

Warm temperatures
and sunshine
encouarge them
to come out,
to reach,
to grow

They are proud
of who they are
They bloom
giving the world
color and joy

In the dark
the people hide
They wait
for the right time
to speak up

and kind words
encourage them
to come out,
to reach,
to grow

They are proud
of who they are
They bloom
giving them hope

Sometimes it's dark
where I am
I don't want to hide
Deztine Lorenza Nov 2015
I wanted to
But you couldn't

I hoped
But you wouldn't

I understood
Why we shouldn't

So you declined
And we didn't

But it would
Have been fun

If we would've
Deztine Lorenza Nov 2015
It cannot be so
        you say
simple hands
cannot change
the fate of humanity
I say
humanity is
a boundless
absorbing heart
deathand generatins
and centuries
absorbing bullets
and stitches
and tear gas
enduring humiliation
ad illegal abortions
and thankless jobs
        I say to you
the heart of humanity
has not
and will not be broken
And let us raise ourselves
like lanterns
with the millons of others-
with the mad
and the forgotten
and the strong of heart
to shine
You came that night
when I was afraid of the dark
and the rain
but you let me see
the dark is just a blanket
that I will use at night
when I sleep
and the rain
is just like showers
petals coming from the clouds
gentle and kind
they will never hurt me

I know

Your wings are my protection
Since the day you step your foot
On the ground
for me

Your wings--
my shelter*.
shelter, blanket, love, angel, wings, life, you
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