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Dez Cat Jan 2016
I always tend to hide who I am inside
I always tend to change my appearance outside
I always tend to forget who I really am sometimes.
Maybe she left
Maybe I left her behind
She couldn't keep up with this life
So I just left her aside
She was shy, she was scared, and she always cared
Someone that couldn't make it through the race of life
But me, I pushed myself towards the finish line.
Its based on what my Track team has done for me C:
Dez Cat Jan 2016
The bipolar life I live
Thoughts so thin
Like paper planes
They can fly so perfectly
Then crash to an island near by.
The bipolar human i am
My emotions mean nothing
My emotions mean something.
The bipolar thoughts i think
I feel so outgoing
I feel so unspoken.
What am I?
Dez Cat Jan 2016
Confined space
Broken vase
Heart break
Lost mind
Thin rhyme
Out of line
No sense
Connecting dots
Think outside the box
Dez Cat Jan 2016
The truth unsaid
The lies that lead
Me on to think
That in a blink of an eye can change what you think
But when words can't speak
Actions will think
Of a a way to gain trust
And not from some stupid lust
From my brain cause I must
Confess my love.
Dez Cat Jan 2016
Peace and quite.
Yeah right lets be honest
Kids are shooting
Parents don't care
Baby in a box on the street free to keep.
This generation has no decency
Show some respect, show some love
For the world you were born in
Throwing it all away
Just like your responsibility.
Stop moping around school like your the only one with issues at home
Grow up and realize, life ***** us all.
And you'll get over it once you accept it, and move on.
Dez Cat Jan 2016
I'm feeling the feeling of no feeling at all
I'm dreaming no dreams it's just a black wall
Behind my eyelids is a place I deal with after my fall
But it's hard when your thoughts are to wide and to tall
I take a ladder to reach the top, cause I ain't ever gonna stop
Being the human being I am
Is this to hard for you to understand?
Dez Cat Jan 2016
I saw through
I saw through it all
You thought I saw nothing
Nothing at all
I told you I knew lots of things
Was that not clue at all
That I saw through you
And saw it all.
Omniscent-All knowing
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