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I miss when you were a child you would pretend you were an airplane,
Spread your arms out and run across the backyard like it was the sky
And you were flying over the baseball parks and lake nearby,
Back when your shoes had Velcro straps because you couldn't tie them,
And you took naps every day so you would grow up tall and good.

I miss when you were a child and you weren't always so apprehensive,
You took chances and had faith in your yourself like a bird with its wings,
And tomorrow wasn't even considered
Because today there was so many things to see.
Back when that mushroom haircut wasn't your decision
And mom only allowed you to have sugar free lollipops after the doctors,

Yeah, I miss that so much.

I miss when you were a child.
My brother is turning 22 next week. And this is how I still think of him mostly.
 Oct 2014 Deyalyn Batista
The King of the
strikes again,
too careless to notice
the war he began.

He retreats back
to the castle
to smoke a ****,
and sleep alone
in his empty bed.
I worry.
and when I do, I shake.
instability becomes
of me and I
continue to let my heart quake.
in 21014
what I do when I worry about you
is search your name
on Facebook
on Twitter
on Instagram
any medium that
displays your attendance
active participation
in indulging in anything else that isn't me.
what are you sharing?
what is on your mind?
who is on your mind
if it isn't me?
does the video you just shared help you make sense of me?
I want to know
and so I search.
quickly moving, borderline trembling
as my sensitivity to you heightens.
read, comprehend, sense, indulge
in you
in hope that
write, describe, illustrate, get
 Sep 2014 Deyalyn Batista
i do not believe in soul mates
however souls, i put all my faith in
i do not believe in love at first sight
which is convenient considering i cannot manage to remember when i first saw you.
i do not believe in true love
however there are many loves that are true
i do not believe in perfection
however i love every inch of you
even the parts that i hate
even the parts i do not believe in
i do not want to be naive
i do not want to be cracked open
i do not want to be known
yet i'd say anything, do anything
im as impulsive as the storms that rage outside my window
i think of you
i think of doubts
i do my best not to think
if you were here then i couldn't
I've got chump change
in my bank account

and bad vibes brooding
in my brain

I'm somewhere in between
average and clinically insane

but when you look at
me like that I shiver and I shake

my heart my soul
my blood my bones are all
laid bare for you to break
 Jun 2014 Deyalyn Batista
I seized a colorful pigeon on my palm
And I started to engrave the story of our love in its feathers
It flew away to orate our love
And in the night I met him in my dream
He was dead, and said “This is how the society deals with love
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