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Jared Apr 29
I've always feared
That all this love I give
is for nothing

Then, I faced death,
her warmest embrace
she  w h i s p e r s  to me

"That love isn't for nothing,
of all the life I can take out,
of this universe and beyond,"

"there is only one thing I cannot ****,"

Sep 2019 · 341
Jared Sep 2019
Paint the skies blue,
And touch the heavens.
See the truth in hue;
Skin, delicate feathers.

Smooth as a storm,
Tough as marbled form.
Smile wide like Great-whites,
Dimples rind from walnut barks.

Glasses firm, sitting on a bridge,
Above the rims are bowed ridges.
Dark and thick
Fine and slick.
I'm afraid to say that seeing someone's stature and form is better than actually touching them or feeling their skin against yours.
Jared Jul 2019

...You are my sunlight and my rain
And time could never change
What we share forever more, ooh


I never knew love like this before
Now I'm lonely never more
Since you came into my life...


Cause I never knew love like this before
Opened my eyes
Cause I never knew love like this before
What a surprise

And we danced to the song, filled with euphoria and elation,
Gracing the hardwood floors, reciting the lyrics in full encore.
Jul 2019 · 214
handle with care
Jared Jul 2019
tear me apart, like roughened stained glass, ‘cause I’m not of paper,
instead, I’m of sand from the shores of your heart,
embered from the fluid of your ******* blood.
Jared Jun 2019
Cherry Cola sizzling,
At 90, we were driving.
The winds roared in a whisper
As our lips smiled crisper.

I have never thought of loving,
To the point of no returning.
I loved Cherry-Flavored Cola,
Used to, Love Cherry-Flavored Cola.
Jared Jun 2019
Like a song, I waited to be heard,

Till' they lent their ears and offered

The gift to listen to a voice

That gave clear insight from all the noise.

Throughout the epochs of hearsay,

Eons of complete mental disarray,

Ages of false images,

And unclear periods of distress.

At last, my voice was hearkened.

The truth has soared and shined,

To illuminate the path for the blind

To enlighten the false that had me bound.
Holocene is a series of anthological poems that focus on the epoch where humanity sprang from.

— The End —