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She asked me to write her a happy poem.

Me, a natural disaster trying to write about the sun?

Yes, I found her, Liv.

The one who’s orange brilliance pushes through even my most treacherous storms.

Exhausted and still burning. The one who loves me with purpose.

Her shards of lustrous flame carve across my palo santo sky like red tattoo ink dancing on murky water.

She taught me that cats and rabbits can learn to fall in love if you let them.

The food chain is a human construct, love isn’t.

I want to become a red sunset reflecting over the lake too.

Eventually my clouds disperse like fireworks.

Engulfing the sky together against a moon made of chrome.

I’ve never written one before, and now I never need to.

She is my Happy Poem.
Unlike most people,
I sort of enjoy going to the dentist.

Poking and prodding in my mouth,
“What college did you attend?”
“How often do you floss?”

These are life’s eternal questions.
What scars did you create?
The first or last thing to rot is your teeth, no? Your choice.

If the woman didn’t have her fingers in my mouth I would tell her about your 22-year-old baby tooth.

How it caught every crumb and how we planned to pull it out with a doorknob.

And how I fell in love with your chrome colored bedroom, dripping with chains, like the braces etched into your knee.

And how the whites of your eyes get pearly in the sun, milky baby teeth.

I’ll stop drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes if it means we never decay.

Just promise to brush and floss and keep me safe, and maybe, I’ll stay.
Devon Carberry Oct 2020
What’s your name?

Does it hum like
southern teeth between southern tongue?

piercing the salt marsh quietly.
The only place my heart still beats.

Bottle nosed boys never listen.

I wonder how long your life has become? All of the years just melt now.

Running until there’s nothing left to run from.

Did our sins against each other cancel out? Two negatives?

Missing strands of hair and sheet-less beds more than I should.

Lanky arms never let go, until they do.
Devon Carberry Sep 2020
Jesus Christ, clad in a T-shirt and blue jeans.
Still emotionally raw relying heavily on her sending agency.
the face of savagery and danger.
Twenty-two years broadly chronological, better than any other outsider.
The rain was coming down in buckets

between the savagery no ladder was needed.
contrasts, atheistic of search and rescue.
she who led the search party was invaluable.

I have broken the Summer of all good things I might have had.
attracting Someone, to stage a brief burial service
Many of these materials took shape,
from memory in the pouring rain.
Devon Carberry May 2020
Have you ever run so fast down a wave of asphalt that you feel your breath catch up to you from behind?

Smacking into your back like a riptide at noon, the ocean striking like you were out past her curfew.

In the movies they catapult themselves from the crest and into a sun kissed embrace, those prettier than I.

I’d like to think of you on that shoreline waiting for my feet to hit 55 before our ribcages collide. Unfortunately, I left my room and board up north.

Where the ocean coughs up sunrises for the mountains and the city sleeps off a perpetual hangover.

Years of smoking and not smoking and smoking and not smoking won’t allow me to chase those swells. My lungs will never be like hers.

Thus, I will run like the devil in the opposite direction. Away from every advance even when your face is permanently scarred into my arm.

No matter if I build Oprah’s million dollar sandcastle, in the end, my greatest work of art will be not falling in love with you.

But I wouldn’t mind a kiss goodbye.
No one reads this **** any way so #yolo
Devon Carberry Mar 2020
I was never a structural engineer, but I could pass for a knock off pyrotechnic.

I can tell you that

Even people that have never smoked can burn holes in your home.  

Their arrival,
is a patiently waiting for sale sign.  

Call me if you’re interested.

Their absence is heavier than the dust has been settled for years.

Its hard to remember
that you are made of that same ash.

Not like the kind in your mothers backyard, you’re the type to burn a bridge and run.

If you ever step foot in this town again
I will know.

I have been a skyscraper.

My entire life.
Taller than the other suburban girls.

Can you see me ablaze
from halfway across the world
hands releasing what they never used to hold.

A fire has never melted steel faster.

Who was I when you loved me?

She is molten in your neighbors driveway.

My elevator has been playing that song for

walk in.
Press three.
Door close.

As you rose higher I began to fall.

Begging for your love was easier
Than begging for you to get out of my head

like that song.

So I’ll let you stay.

Walk into the lobby
and be greeted with a smile.
Devon Carberry Oct 2019
She’s a wonder of the world, and you treat her like she’s a house on fire.

She’s tired of burning for you.
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