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  May 2015 Devon Bingham
Gavin Barnard
I may have loved you the most,
Trusted you like no other,
But some things just
werent meant to be.

And maybe, just maybe
Theres still some love left inside
But never will I let it resurface
And never will I fall head first again.

Now I'm not saying that I
Won't ever be in love again,
I'm just explaining why
I'd rather take the stairs.
Havent wrote a love poem in a while :/
  May 2015 Devon Bingham
It's not my
that's broken
it's my
unwinding itself
into millions
of decaying pieces
seeping out of my skin like
broken glass
starving my lungs and
killing my mind
slowly burning my blood away
until I'm nothing
but a wilted shell of rotten flesh
and shattered bones
Oh, how I miss you
You still cast a shadow
In the back of my brain, I feel the sting
Oh, what I'd give to kiss you
And tell you you're forgiven,
I cannot sleep, I cannot eat at all
But I try to force it down,
The memories I'm left with,
But they crawl up through my throat
And knock out all my teeth
So I can't enunciate the words
"I'm not over you"
I've given up on letting go
Pretty self explanatory.
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