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Devin Lawrence May 2017
Sea salt spray - the air
absolves you of all the rest.
You are an island.
  Jan 2017 Devin Lawrence
Kaelin Bell
you are the tide and i am the shore.
you come and go as you please
while i lay in waiting for you
to return and kiss me once again
the way you did before.
the repetition does not teach or change me
for i am malleable.
i remain because of the hope that you will return
once again after each departure
you make from me.
Devin Lawrence Jan 2017
I want to do something,
not for you,
something for me,
something gleaming with everlasting renown.

Throughout this fraction of life,
I have grazed this objective
like a lover's fingers
tracing the profound edge's
of the starving artist's spine;
I have tasted that moment of completion
but only in the smallest dose,
like that last drop
that collects around the bottle's rim.

I cannot say this life has been mediocre,
but I yearn for the exceptional.
I'm tired of seeing lesser fools
idolized by fools more talented than them.
I'm tired of the chorus,
let me write a new verse.

And though the greatest agony I bear
is that I may never reach that fabled nirvana,
I hold close the dreams
that make believers out of fools like me.
Devin Lawrence Nov 2016
By fear or by love,
you've got me frozen,
in perpetual awe
and I don't know
whether I should fight
or I should fly -

My darling,
you've clipped my wings.
Devin Lawrence Sep 2016
I am with you wherever you go. I
cannot be seen by anyone but you. I am
only around when you are weak - I am
the reason you must be strong. I am
familiar to those around you. I am uninvited,
but I have the key.
I come to life as the light is siphoned from your eyes. I am
anti-social and I hide away. I am
selfish - I want you to myself. I am
bleak when you have hope, I am
the reality piercing through your fantasy. I am
that bitter taste of regret as you swallow your pride. I am
the refilled prescription, I am
the angst against filling it. I am
the quiet in an open crowd. I am
the noise in your seclusion. I am
everything that you see no matter how far you go to escape.
I am your hopes and dreams - in the open for everyone to witness -
bursting into flames,
and you're forced to sit and watch.
I am the presence behind you waiting for you to fall.
No matter where you are,
I am with you wherever you go.
Devin Lawrence Sep 2016
I stopped dancing
and started to sing
because the background
was never the place for me.
A song came out
with no rhythm or rhyme,

Lo and behold!
By the gift of my name,
poetry flowed through my veins.
Whether they were spoken or written,
the words were true,

and I shined this spotlight on you.
Devin Lawrence Sep 2016
Validity is all I seek,
Or perhaps
I have invested all my life into a
Devilish lie.
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