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devare Jul 2014
The darkness consumes me, the light escapes me little by little who once was and who is isn't no more the ground talks to me trys to get me  the sky closes leaving only the night sky .
Souls cry out from the heavens pleading the lights return
The darkness has consumed me now my chest tightens my
Throat clogged , the essence of light gone but one good ,
That little speck of Hope kept me sane kept the darkness out
A little longer, hope that the light will return not only e to save me
But the million souls crying outout to me, it takes bravery to keep hope when near death, when the souls are screaming in your head and darkness surrounds you what do you do how is it possible,it's not possible but it is you just need to believe you can beat the darkness and keep hope within you wherever you go and whatever situation you are in
Keep hope, and defeat the darkness
  Jul 2014 devare
Diana Bloom
do i like you?
or am i just trying to fill the hole that the last boy left?
i wish i knew.

devare Jul 2014
When,when did it become alright to harass people that are different
When is it ever alright to harass anybody whether different or no
Let me ask you something when was the last time you got harassed or pushed around, did it feel good no did you want to do something about it of course but did you no why because people say your not so you don't iam no saint I've been harassed before and didn't do anything about you know what II did that was better nothing nothing not because they said i wouldn't but because i knew if i did it would only cause more trouble for i am not saying walk away every time someone confronts you but stand up for yoursef once in awhile or everytime if your a trouble maker

Every time you don't stand up for yourself it's like your beating yourself up along with them
  Jul 2014 devare
Stu Harley
the flight of
the soul
thus swims
through a
brook  and
through a meadow
then upstream
through a
bubbling universe
weaving through
other worlds
let heaven rest
her hands
upon the soul
devare Jul 2014
Being gay isn't bad
But just the opposite
It's beautiful, it an expression
It's someones life, someones posture
Being gay isn't bad but just the opposite
I'am gay u might be gay but that's just us
Deep inside of all of us theirs gayness but only some chose to let it out
Being gay isn't bad but just the opposite a mixture of beauty and expression
Love and life passion and truth of what reality really is....
Being gay isn't bad just the opposite
Do you think the same thing?

— The End —