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  Feb 2015 Ceridwen
Silent Deprecation
I exist far beneath the floor boards
I'm an apparition
Dragging my way through halls
Carrying the weight of the world
And the weight of nothing
I feel nothing
I recollect nothing
I'm not sure I even am
I'm not even sure where it came from. Sometimes it's true, though
Ceridwen Jan 2015
The overcast skies drag me
onward, onward
     into despair
The chilled wind sings me
deeper, deeper
    towards slumber
ill add more later maybe
Ceridwen Jan 2015
for years I prayed to a God who isn't there,
when I stopped,
I saw the raven in the church hall.
wait isnt it sparrow in the mead hall?
i think im funny
im not
shut up mims
Ceridwen Jan 2015
As I swallowed my miseries,
          the pain consumed me,
          the weakness nipped my heels,
I felt fear.

As I sat in the hospital bed,
           the ocean drained my sorrows,
           the needle pierced my soul,
I felt weakness.

As I closed my eyes in group therapy,
            the sins of others spoke to me,
            the sins of myself consumed me,
I felt nothing.

But as I sat in the caged courtyard,
             the wind embraced me,
             the sun caressed me,
*I felt peace.
these are all from my school notes
Ceridwen Jan 2015
do not tell me that my sickness is fake
because I know all too well
how it feels to be
bound in chains only I can feel
with a terror only I can sense
vines around my throat
muffling my cries
and gasping for breath with plenty of air around
lol another bad poem another day
Ceridwen Jan 2015
I am a child of the wind
turbulent and cold
inviting and warm
*I bring storms
I bring rain
I bring comfort
I bring destruction
i wrote this in my economics notes a while back
Ceridwen Jan 2015
I am a child of the ocean
*undulating and cold
peaceful and warm
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