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Desire Jun 2022
It’s so hard to stay when you’re so far away
& I want to see your face just one more time
Even in a great storm
Cold, snow, rain, fog, or warmth
I’d walk ev-er-y mile to have you in my arms

Even through all the pain
& the screams of yesterday
Bursting bombs, blown up tanks,
war sounds ringing’ in my brain

I still hear all the cries
“don’t you die”… “you’ll be fine…”
“Stay with me” … “you’ll survive…”
“We’re gonna be alright…”

I reopened my eyes, saw bright hospital lights
Life support’s running thin, I no longer qualify
I hear the Corpsman talkin’ when one of ‘em walks in and says “sir, you’ve had a very good fight… it’s time to call it…”

Unable to move, with no strength left to lose
I just let the tears slowly roll down my brui-sed cheek
If it’s my last day and I’m placed in the grave I just want you to know I’ll still find a way, ‘cause, see…

It’s so hard to stay when you’re so far away
& I want to see your face just one more time
Even in a great storm
Cold, snow, rain, fog, or warmth
I’d walk ev-er-y mile to have you in my arms

I said, it’s so hard to stay when you’re so far away
& I want to see your face just one more time
Even in a great storm
Cold, snow, rain, fog, or warmth
I’d walk ev-er-y mile to have you in my arms

I’d walk ev-er-y mile to have you in my arms
I’d walk ev-er-y mile to have you in my arms
I’d walk ev-er-y mile to have youuu
and to be with you forever…

Every Mile
20 minutes to write a poem with 3 random words. Happy be-later Memorial Day.
Desire May 2022
There’s a crown with your name on it
‘Cause, girl, you’re royalty
The feeling is simply amazing
Red carpet for the Queen

Real sweet - you’re my cup of tea
My fine wine, a shot with lime,
You make me stomp my feet
Dancing every time

& the feeling is simply amazing
The shine in your tiara’s got me crystal-gazing
Your smile in your eyes’ got my arm-hairs raising
You wave and I bow, but my heart’s really racing

Cause, girl, you’re royalty
Red carpet for the Queen
You make me stomp my feet
& the feeling’s amazing (x3)
3 random words were given to me (crown, stomp, amazing) and I had 20 minutes to write a poem with those 3 words. I hope you enjoy this piece ✨
Desire Apr 2022
healed the sick,
helped the hopeless and helpless,
freed the oppressed and possessed,
and forgave, of sinners, their sin.

taught truth; made miracles;
saved souls; scoured sin;
daringly died; defeated death;
radically rose; returned to life.
Alive, he ate, and showed his face;
Five-hundred eyewitnesses - there was
no debate.

ascended to Heaven;
and is approaching again;
This Divine-Manifest, God-become-flesh;
This Ransom-Redeemer, sacrificial Savior;
This Risen-Rescuer; eternally crowned
Creator-King; rightly reigning; readily returning;
This living and loving Lord; caring and compassionate Counselor; justly, Justifier and Judge;

This is… Jesus…
Desire Dec 2021
In spite of our pride, he washed our feet.
Our stomachs pained; He led a feast.
Our mouths grew dry. He quenched all thirst.
Our minds unversed - he confided his trust.

We gave him betrayal when he gave us bread.
We turned our backs. He pursued us instead.
We chose rebellion. He allowed our will.
We schemed at night. His light shone, still.

While we chose darkness - at night, he prayed.
We sold him out. Unmoved, he stayed.
We chose silver coin. He chose the cross.
Judas brimmed with regret; Jesus' life was the cost.
So Judas hung himself.

We knew not then, the price Jesus paid.
Our sins, exposed, succumb to grace.
He would, soon, resurrect after three long days.
While Judas' corpse remained in the grave.

Do we choose for ourselves a noose of regret, sin, and death?
Or do we bind faith and love around our neck?
Do we relate more to this pre-Calvary Judas?
Or do we pursue relations with this Jesus who pursues us?
The night has come.
Desire Sep 2021
Who was he?
Was he a sinless man, perfectly divine,
with a human body, heart, soul, and mind?
Was he a son and brother, relative and friend,
who chose to live and die, to rise, and ascend?
Were miracles performed? Did he multiply fish and bread?
Could he really heal the sick? Did he really raise the dead?
Was he a teacher and preacher, or was it all pretend?
Was he really crowned with thorns, judged, and crucified before men?  
Did he die for sin and suffer severe sufferings?
Was he a prophet, priest, and servant King of kings?
Did the earth quake, and temple tear, after his puncturing?
Was his glory reclaimed, and his honor received?

At the Father’s right, did he take a rightful seat?
Were his works redemptive, revered, and rendered complete?
Did the Twelve die in vain? Or did they precisely proclaim?
Do archaeological findings further support or negate the frame?
Was forgiveness his to give - or life - to those who believe?
Were the first-century claims true and correct, or falsely conceived?
Did early churches around the world conclude similar creeds?
Were plenty prophecies fulfilled, or were they too inadequate to concede?

Tablets, tombs, and temples found.
Inscribed stones, scrolls, and ancient ground.  
Charts, maps, and timelines studied.
Cultures — clashed; religions — muddied.
Doctrines debated and theories changed.
Some-thousand-years have passed. Still, this question remains:  
Who was he?

I’ll admit with all honesty, I know not all his ways.
I’ve questions unanswered; I’ve actions untamed.
I’ve a heart that knows failure, brokenness, aches, and pain.
I've a life that requires repentance; realignment everyday.
Yet, where my knowledge ends - thats where sincere faith overtakes.
I’ve a lot more to learn, yet, I've experienced a lot more grace.
How would you answer the question if you were asked this today?
Who was he? Who is he? What would you say?

Unapologetically and unashamed,
with confidence and boldness running through my veins,
in all fairness, humility, and meekness,
he is my strength, when I'm at my weakest.
My heart believes in full, and then sings my soul:
my Lord, my Rock, my Savior, my God.
Thank you, King Jesus.
Desire Jul 2021
No, we’re not perfect, love requires work and the lessons we learnin confirm that it’s worth it. Some days I feel worthless, lost under the surface, not stellar, imperfect, failing in my purpose. Pushing through the storm, my brain cloud couldn’t form enough rain to delay our parade - getting warm. Persevere under trial, diamonds form under pressure, for better or worse, love is life’s greatest treasure. I’m glad we didn’t quit, when at times we felt inadequate. Feelings, although valued, don’t lead or make choices, the heart of one’s soul’s more than changing emotions. Love’s more than a thought, or a feeling, when chosen, it’s action, flows through us, a motion so golden. Put love on display, put love into practice, and know since we married, we really be practicing…” 💯 But for real, keep practicing. Much Love‼️

Let love be sincere/genuine. ROMANS 12:9

Love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins." 1 PETER 4:8

Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never ends… 1 COR 13:4-8
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