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Aug 28 · 50
Desire rod Aug 28
Glory to our king
Trumpets and drums
Pound loud
Thanksgiving to our God
Joy in our hearts
He lives in us
Aug 25 · 291
Desire rod Aug 25
If I keep writing
Will it wash away all the pain
Will it destroy these memories
Will it finally set me free
If I keep telling myself
That I moved on
Eventually I
Aug 24 · 419
Cup of love
Desire rod Aug 24
It was Pouring
Over filling
My cup
It used to over flow
Now it’s just empty
Like the absence of your
Aug 24 · 559
I forgive
Desire rod Aug 24
Even though I’ve lost the taste of you and these lips don’t speak your name
No matter how long you have been gone
I still forgive you
I release you
I’m free
Even if you disagree with me and though you still weren’t brave enough to be honest and mend
The wounds you caused I still
Found closure
What did I except from a coward lion .

I chose forgiveness I chose to close the pages of your book
Aug 18 · 126
Desire rod Aug 18
I’m struggling to compose myself
To remain seated
To keep my thoughts in check
I’m losing the battle
The war is only starting
How precious life is
How pointless these wicked thoughts are
I’m on the edge
I’m on the verge of painting these walls with beautiful red
God keep me sane before I hang myself in displace for everyone to see
How far gone i am
How far I’ve gone
Aug 18 · 332
Desire rod Aug 18
Your absence is haunting
I’m losing all control
Till there’s
Desire rod Aug 17
She whispers in my ear
Why don’t you be so bold as
I Slip into my seat
I start to Sink into disarray
Nothing can fill this void
Not even your hollow bones
She’s so cold to the touch
These lips talk of toxic thoughts
Go ahead drown yourself no one would even know
And wake up dead
A numbness far from control
A shiver of chills
It’s haunting to know
This voice will be
The death of me
Aug 17 · 535
Desire rod Aug 17
Don’t bother me
Leave me be
At the end of the street
There’s empathy and emptiness in these
I wrap myself in
Everyday another
dark hole gets filled with nothingness
broken and bruised
I’m so used to this abuse
So find yourself another amuse
Aug 15 · 204
Desire rod Aug 15
When they ask it’s I AM
He is light
He is protection
He is salvation
He is grace love freedom compassion
He is not a person
He is GOD
An amazing father the only true creation in this thing we called world for GOD knows all and loves all
When the light shines so bright in your eyes it’s your father calling for you to come home
Aug 15 · 149
Desire rod Aug 15
I want
To spill of guts
To Spilt this nasty bitter taste in my mouth
Thought love was a ripe strawberry so sweet in season
Yet I choke and rebuke this sour taste that fills my mouth the word YOU is all that comes out
When you think love is the best in the world and it all goes down to the south and you are left with disappointment
Aug 3 · 309
The touch of another
Desire rod Aug 3
Why is that we seek for attention and affection a love so pure and expecting
Yet we don’t give not even half of what we are expecting  we look for pointless lovers useless partners and expect them to stay to love to care and be the perfect lover it’s a cat and mouse game my lover wants another while the love they want is with another and you also dream of having your ex lover and other so why is it that we seek the touch of others
Jul 29 · 295
The sun
Desire rod Jul 29
Well hello sun
Your light burns so bright
I’m smiling so hard
these light pink cheeks
My skin tingles of the warmth
Hugging me so tight
Oh the white and yellow
How you reflect off the sea
And on to the sand of this beach
It’s Sun down
Till tomorrow and
goodnight for now
Jul 28 · 175
I believe
Desire rod Jul 28
I really do believe
It’s a need
It’s a release
It’s a freedom of speech
In which we are all here trying to vent emotions and discard any kind of repressed feeling of letting go as the reason that I believe we make poetry
To belong
To be loved
To be all that we are meant to be
Jul 28 · 79
Summer heals
Desire rod Jul 28
Worn out faded lily turned into a beautiful red rose
summer never felt so good
sun beaming tan skin gleaming
time passes and heals all wounds
those who trust in the universe and have faith in him that is
bright blue sky’s no clouds in sight
all this wonderful
summer how bliss it is to be
Nov 2018 · 238
It never failed
Desire rod Nov 2018
When it’s new
It’s Lovely
At the start
Till we’re both
Tearing out our
Till we’re screaming
At the top of our
Till we are
Nov 2018 · 203
It’s all in the seasons
Desire rod Nov 2018
Oh wait what season is it to be exact
Nope never mind
I’m Alone
I know And it’s so cold
I can feel the chill within my bones
This weather always pulls me back
The falling leaves
The dry crops
And my thirsty mouth trying to make thoughts to come out
Another blue year
What a way to end this year
Apr 2017 · 315
Desire rod Apr 2017
There are these and there are those
Words you often ignore
I'm torn between reality and exception
For many years living to exceed standard requirements
False beliefs
Growing trees pine needles sting like bees
I'm out done
I'm physically exhausted
Ready to start living again breathing non toxic oxygen for many years
I was poisoned
Was let down
But how the wind changes
The currents never felt the same
I guess I lost sight of it all and now I'm finding my way back home this small little hole where I place my two feet in and ground myself once more I NEVER want to be LOST
Again. For you are my new HOME
Apr 2017 · 204
Desire rod Apr 2017
How about we make peace not war
sit around in underwear
drinking tea
watching some tv
with you in my sheets
warm summer nights
cold winter days
my lover
I will take you up
anytime and any day
Nov 2016 · 330
Desire rod Nov 2016
I Witness clouds then lighting heard thunder felt the rain pour down crashing pounding hard sinking though as if flesh being torn apart the storm was fast my lighthouse burned out the color disintegrated and slowly but surly It vanished
When feelings come so fast they leave in the speed of light
Nov 2016 · 314
Once a so called lover
Desire rod Nov 2016
The one who composed me into a mess
I cant complain
I walked away
I had too much pride and she had her heart to hide
I understood but never really could comprehend
why she let me go
why she felt so cold
a chill to my bones
she struck me in the throat
knots to form
rivers of shivers
what a
Enough my so called love
Nov 2016 · 843
Fall used to be
Desire rod Nov 2016
Naked trees
Broken branches
Pile of leafs
Cold breeze
Pine trees
Gloomy sky
Rotten pie
Orange and green
Some other things
Nov 2016 · 240
Desire rod Nov 2016
Yet another night of empty white pages thoughts of the day vanished I swear I had lots to say but at the end of the day all I ask is to fade far far away.......
Oct 2016 · 228
Desire rod Oct 2016
A heart ache
A single tear
A missing home
A meaningless hug
A pointless feeling
A useless poem
Oct 2016 · 387
Desire rod Oct 2016
So alone
no where to go
stress runs down my neck  
It's only when I write
wanting the world to end
Aching chest numb limbs
Lost in thoughts
Oct 2016 · 422
Desire rod Oct 2016
Burning fire
Burning bridges
Burn holes in my soul
Demons trying to take control
Oct 2016 · 263
Pots and pans over stand
Desire rod Oct 2016
Thought you would replenish my empty pots
Help me breath air again
Fill these clasped lungs
Inflate my chest
I expected too much
Assumed you were
My cure
That's maybe why I tagged along
My needs were to demanding
As quickly as you came you disappeared
Oct 2016 · 284
Friday night
Desire rod Oct 2016
The sky ain't green nor is grass blue

These yellow leaves cover the streets

A cold breeze blew between me and you

Your body heat was all I will ever need

Honey Kisses with a misses

I adore you

I miss you

Some how you Complete me
Oct 2016 · 927
Seen shadows
Desire rod Oct 2016
Terrified of what I was capable of afraid of my intentions only what you see in movies but not knowing the difference between reality and fantasy brain wired to see false alarming images this fear beyond my understanding it's hard to live when you cant seem to tell if these monsters are real the ones who run and hide play tricks on you when you wipe your eyes yet there still there standing tall
Indulging in too much coffee seen what's not real I hope
Sep 2016 · 314
Back ache
Desire rod Sep 2016
That captivating glare in your eyes
I figured it was pure love burning molding lava forming my heart healing open wounds but your tensions were beyond my comprehension you cut a slice of lime and watched it sting you left a trail of salt to follow but in the end there was a sign screaming your hollow no trespassing transported to the sea drowning no lifeguard to save me
Sep 2016 · 334
Desire rod Sep 2016
It was as if I spit the bitterness from my mouth
Echo sounds were so loud my voice went south
I'm no where to be found lost in a non sense of
Sep 2016 · 419
Color in
Desire rod Sep 2016
Yellow splattered on to the sun seeming it couldn't get any brighter the orange fumed in flames and red came dripping down the sore rib cage turning into purple then black the shadows took rounds beating me to the ground blue and used was what I had faded into a color of nothing soon became some vanishing white like empty clouds without rain not even a light grey
Sep 2016 · 287
You aren't mines
Desire rod Sep 2016
YOUR heart was painted  
while MINES was inked into my chest
YOU played in the rain and it washed away
but MINES would not fade even if I scrubbed really hard
YOU sang songs with no beat
While MINES played to YOUR fake heart beat
Sep 2016 · 295
Desire rod Sep 2016
You don't love me
I don't love you either
We grew
A custom way
quote on quote to "care"
We stay in a contract
Agree in
Affection and attention
Lust not love
Somehow believing
We aren't lonely  
Wasting our time
Selfishly thinking of the receiving
Always seeking
Because the ones we once trust
Failed us
So now we drink from the same cup
A thirst with no ending
Nor satisfaction
We aren't really there for one another it's all a lie no one really has time
Sep 2016 · 435
Sworn this
Desire rod Sep 2016
I solemnly wrote for you
But since you've been gone
The letters don't match
Like a puzzle missing
it's pieces
All that was left to decade
Swore there would be no more
I keep mimicking that
Till my weary body
You had inspired me to write to rid you from my bones but now there's nothing left to rid since you been gone
Sep 2016 · 478
Seasonal wickedness
Desire rod Sep 2016
Crawling on your skin
Seasonal depression
Sinks in
A Blue picnic
Mouthing unspeakable phrases
Brain try's to unwind
It's a tangled mind
Incurable sickness
Horrid wickedness
Sep 2016 · 582
Desire rod Sep 2016
Longing for that place to rest it's never on your chest
Searching above sea and under land
Mountains move its true
Slightly year after year as you did painfully you
inflicted your
disease on me
vanished to another round
I only see clowns with frowns now
No point in pointing things out but moving my body all around
Sep 2016 · 389
Poetry can read
Desire rod Sep 2016
Slowly choking
sipping this caffeine
Amounting to nothing
oh how I missed poetry
using and forming
words to let me know
I'm still human
I'm still breathing
Im still in this HELL
Sep 2016 · 205
Desire rod Sep 2016
Will you turn off my light watch me sleep for the last time you don't have to say goodbye just turn off all my lights
Sep 2016 · 327
Desire rod Sep 2016
Acid tears deteriorate
The last bit of love
I had to give
This swollen heart lost its beat
Abnormal is all that's left of
Sep 2016 · 212
Hurts you know
Desire rod Sep 2016
Inflicting pain at 2 am
Hitting home
clashing sea
emotions known oh so well to be washed away with waves
crashing hard rocks fall apart
Brittle trees
rotting from the roots and soil as dead as You and Me
Desire rod Sep 2016
The hike was narrow step incline two hours and a half 3 and a half miles to be exact sun beaming tanning me caramel had to strive on will power many didn't achieve the top for I gave stamina strength and my all after reaching the goal I screamed victory at the highest pitch I could blow wind blew my cheeks burned and my feet hurt but I managed to finish I managed to destroy my feet bleeding heels open wounds on the sides of my pinkies ran down for an hour and cried the way home mentally drained and physically hurt but I had accomplished it
Aug 2016 · 405
Lion and fish
Desire rod Aug 2016
She loves with intensive light brown eyes
breathing the letters
With Tender fingers running down my  spine
cares like no other
Shows her heart the way it beats for me ever so
the way it glows with no remorse
Smiles wide with every kiss trying to make contact
eye to eyes
If only I could love her back with such a smack but I'm ****** a heart with no beat concave bones and a hollow soul
Aug 2016 · 740
Desire rod Aug 2016
So brilliant yet so ironic soaking in baths of agony at 22 the world seems a blur nothing matters spending dimes killing time wasting mines I've been told a thousand times life is beautiful and I'm still trying so hard to see what they see but in reality death is near nights of terror taunting when will you give up the battle and put yourself in the ground is what I think of lately placing a gun to my head with a wonderful shade of ****** red the
Aug 2016 · 414
Desire rod Aug 2016
Pressured by you presents
Cupid struck hard
I Took it to the heart
Aug 2016 · 325
Desire rod Aug 2016
Love sickens
Drains veins
Commits ******
Without a weapon
Leaves shattered remains
Haunts Souls
Causing rainy storms
Dry red eyes
Aug 2016 · 416
Desire rod Aug 2016
California breeze
Sunshine stings
Crowed Streets
Beautiful Palm trees
Casual teens
Caramel flesh
pocket sand
Baby *****
Flock of Seagulls
Seaweed treats
Delighted by the beach
Aug 2016 · 198
Desire rod Aug 2016
In Disbelieve
Slept in misery
Trains comes in contact
With pavement grounds
disconnected and dismembered
Don't know how to connect the dots
Words slur and bunch in mixed moons
Desire rod Aug 2016
Black sheets
cold feet
Craving coffee beans
Dark with no sugar or cream
To slowly slip and sip away
A cigarette to light my insides
Laying here motionless and Mindless
Hearing sad songs
Some how it's
Helping me
When trying to find an escape or something to drown into  pour me like a cup of tea and drink me in my sleep
Aug 2016 · 1.2k
She's a Virgo
Desire rod Aug 2016
Pale with no make up on
that's the way I find her most astonishing  
Glowing from the inside out
I'm amused every glance turns into her blushing
it's cute
how her smile shakes away a horrible day  
draws me small hearts making mines race
I pace in circles debating
Does her heart pound when I'm around
Aug 2016 · 184
Vomit equals music
Desire rod Aug 2016
When Sentimental is plays the guitar
strings screech
**** noisy sounds
Failing to compose waves of rhythms
My Screams are always way to loud
Drums can't keep up with my pulse
Every beat is off
My head spins
Notes contain *****
I bleed out
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