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Desire rod Nov 2018
When it’s new
It’s Lovely
At the start
Till we’re both
Tearing out our
Till we’re screaming
At the top of our
Till we are
Desire rod Nov 2018
Oh wait what season is it to be exact
Nope never mind
I’m Alone
I know And it’s so cold
I can feel the chill within my bones
This weather always pulls me back
The falling leaves
The dry crops
And my thirsty mouth trying to make thoughts to come out
Another blue year
What a way to end this year
Desire rod Apr 2017
There are these and there are those
Words you often ignore
I'm torn between reality and exception
For many years living to exceed standard requirements
False beliefs
Growing trees pine needles sting like bees
I'm out done
I'm physically exhausted
Ready to start living again breathing non toxic oxygen for many years
I was poisoned
Was let down
But how the wind changes
The currents never felt the same
I guess I lost sight of it all and now I'm finding my way back home this small little hole where I place my two feet in and ground myself once more I NEVER want to be LOST
Again. For you are my new HOME
Desire rod Apr 2017
How about we make peace not war
sit around in underwear
drinking tea
watching some tv
with you in my sheets
warm summer nights
cold winter days
my lover
I will take you up
anytime and any day
Desire rod Nov 2016
I Witness clouds then lighting heard thunder felt the rain pour down crashing pounding hard sinking though as if flesh being torn apart the storm was fast my lighthouse burned out the color disintegrated and slowly but surly It vanished
When feelings come so fast they leave in the speed of light
Desire rod Nov 2016
The one who composed me into a mess
I cant complain
I walked away
I had too much pride and she had her heart to hide
I understood but never really could comprehend
why she let me go
why she felt so cold
a chill to my bones
she struck me in the throat
knots to form
rivers of shivers
what a
Enough my so called love
Desire rod Nov 2016
***** trees
Broken branches
Pile of leafs
Cold breeze
Pine trees
Gloomy sky
Rotten pie
Orange and green
Some other things
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