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Desire rod Oct 4
It’s peace
I keep lingering around
It’s the freedom of speech and prayer that keep the demons away
Its all the love and mercy he gives that now I’m found
Desire rod Oct 3
Light and positivity
Cheerful bliss
loving embrace
holy God
glory is him
Desire rod Aug 28
Glory to our king
Trumpets and drums
Pound loud
Thanksgiving to our God
Joy in our hearts
He lives in us
Desire rod Aug 25
If I keep writing
Will it wash away all the pain
Will it destroy these memories
Will it finally set me free
If I keep telling myself
That I moved on
Eventually I
Desire rod Aug 24
It was Pouring
Over filling
My cup
It used to over flow
Now it’s just empty
Like the absence of your
Desire rod Aug 24
Even though I’ve lost the taste of you and these lips don’t speak your name
No matter how long you have been gone
I still forgive you
I release you
I’m free
Even if you disagree with me and though you still weren’t brave enough to be honest and mend
The wounds you caused I still
Found closure
What did I except from a coward lion .

I chose forgiveness I chose to close the pages of your book
Desire rod Aug 18
I’m struggling to compose myself
To remain seated
To keep my thoughts in check
I’m losing the battle
The war is only starting
How precious life is
How pointless these wicked thoughts are
I’m on the edge
I’m on the verge of painting these walls with beautiful red
God keep me sane before I hang myself in displace for everyone to see
How far gone i am
How far I’ve gone
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