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Derron Schronce Aug 2018
Out there...
where greens of every color and shade evade Winters hand

And the land swells with verdant beauty
as the swallowtail finds me once more

Camelia and Violet, Iris and Ivy
the ladies of the garden speak and dance their way skyward

And the rhythm in natures song
plays melodically to the hearts of all who admire her

The song, oh, the song
Derron Schronce Aug 2018
If only I could make you see
that you and me are really “we”
and together we are “them” and “those”
not separate from the love that grows
inside the one, the us, the all
Derron Schronce Aug 2018
Like a thousand bees
my thoughts can seize
and freeze my creativity

I come up with one
and before its done
another has taken its place

My mind like a cup
its hard to keep up
with all that arises to overflowing

“Be quiet and quit
lest I lose my wit”
and wisdom to such rapid fire

Retreat, observe, and breathe
allow them to be, to weave
the tapestry of creative desire
Derron Schronce Mar 2016
Listening as nature narrates Spring
Glistening blades of new grass bring
Robins that sing

Bands of color white, green and gold
Stand in splendor that hearts behold
Expression so bold
Beauty unfold

Feeling the breeze it sways the tree
Reeling in thanks for eyes that see
Life in thee

Basking in the warmth of day
Asking Sun to toss away
Clouds of gray
To yesterday

Free me of the winter past
See the Spring arrive at last
Away the cold is cast
Happily fast
Derron Schronce Mar 2016
Across my path, skipping on air uplifting, yellow wings pulse erratic in fashion as they go about their flight of fancy. I think not much, yet smile for such lighthearted play before me.

Moments and miles pass, alas, yellow wings appear and arrive in the sigh of the wind. As if to capture me they whip wildly in every direction as I dodge and lean, avoiding collision in our dance of dare.

Like ticking hands of clever clockwork they point in my direction, and I wonder of the message scripted on the yellow wings of things seeking my attention.

I think not of random chance in meeting yellow wings so plenty, and I begin to see the glee in the creatures flight. The crawler once grounded is now the flyer free, to be everything it dreamt impossible. To relinquish what was and greet what is, with gusto and fervor in fever pitch.

I nod and acknowledge the message received, the butterfly and I affirm our mantra, “I am not he, tis merely me, morphed into spirit soaring.” I sense the change and feel the difference between what was hidden and that which magic has revealed, through eyes upon yellow wings.
Derron Schronce Mar 2016
Earth and sky surround me
Stars cast light that guide me
Celestial spirits embrace me
Love is the pulse that sustains me
The life I live creates me
Trust is the silence that comforts me
Kindness from others reflects me
Stillness is a power that supports me
Nature and her beauty inspire me
Divine guidance leads me
to the soul which is me
and together with me
we will always be
the greatest gift
Derron Schronce Mar 2016
Curls of clouds,

high above the songs of cardinals,

their red wings brush the air that chill my face

Upon the road that beckons forth the wheels,

they carry me through joy,

to places wide and free

From which my mind will abandon thought and then,

my heart does sing a melody of love,

with sun on my face and brow

Winds nudge,

they drive me forward in motion towards peaks and plains,

the landscape changes its mind, and my view

Riding there and back,

out beyond the limits of lights and lanes,

there lies tranquility on my bike
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