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D'Errika Lastie Mar 2016
Sometimes I feel so alone
And when I do , I get so mad at you
I get mad at you for leaving me
I hate you for not staying with me
I hate that you chose to leave
Because I forced you to
I hate that I made a dumb mistake to think that someone else could ever love me
Could ever love me as much
Could ever love me more than you do
Worst mistake I've ever done and I'm still reminded of it everyday

Sometimes when I cry
I feel like I'm dying
I feel like I've just been slapped in the face by God's hand
And it hurts
It hurts so so much
And I know that if you just
If you just touched
Touched my heart again
I wouldn't feel like that anymore

God gave me a guardian angel
But I let it go
I found a winning lottery ticket
But I lost it  
I held the world's most strongest bond
But I was too weak to carry it
To Oliver
D'Errika Lastie May 2014
Ocean waves singing
The graceful song of nature
As the moon listens
  May 2014 D'Errika Lastie
Do you ever wonder?
Wonder if there's someone right now
forgetting their keys and getting locked out?
experiencing their very first kiss?
looking warmly at their loved one?
asking for directions in broken French?
dancing to oldies with their best friend?
looking at the stars and smiling?
kissing their boyfriend in an alleyway?
reading your favorite book?
listening to indie songs in their car?
singing their baby girl to sleep?
taking their first breath?
or their last?
I don't even know
  May 2014 D'Errika Lastie
Do you know what "lovelust" is?
It's a craving for late night movies and early morning smiles.
It's a want for stolen kisses and borrowed fingers.
It's a hunger for shared secrets and inside jokes.    
It's a desire to know every inch inside and out of someone's being.
It's a yearning to touch and be touched by someone whose love for you burns as bright in their eyes as in yours.
It's the sick-to-the-stomach feeling you get when you picture yourself happy with someone else.
Lovelust is when you look into your friend's eyes and wish you could see more than just your own reflection inside.
you are
outstanding and
unique, a work of

art. You are as
radiant as the sun, your beauty is
enchanting, and you are

lovelier than any
orchid or lily or tulip or rose or
violet, and
even though you might not see yourself as such, you are a
d**iamond, you are beautiful, and you are loved.
For all of you.
  May 2014 D'Errika Lastie
nakedness is not just the absence of clothes.
be naked with your soul.

I'm eighteen years old and I don't understand ***.

I don't understand how people undervalue the thing that is literally one of the most important actions in this life.

You shouldn't bare your body, if you aren't willing to bare your soul. You should be comfortable naked.

And by naked, I mean, you should be okay with telling them all the reasons you hate yourself and let them tell you it's okay. You should be naked with the fact that your family hurt you and you grew up feeling lonely.

Be naked because you grew up with so, so many saddening secrets and now you find it so, so difficult to be naked with your soul.

I am trying to be naked
and I struggle with openness.

There is no point taking your clothes off to only hold the weight of life on your chest.

It breaks my heart to hear stories of friends that haven't grasped this concept. They're too embarrassed to share their secrets and the first time they made 'love' they wore a t-shirt.

don't miss out on the best things in life, get naked.
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