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china white suits you best
on some strange day, you’re stranded in a desert
and i’m proud, you're brave and tall, you in that shirt

neither of us is a believer,
but i put my faith in you

we both know:
god is in the branch of trees, god is in your flimsy blue veins
a tiny silver speck in the blue yonder, and there i'll be
i'll have my eye on you

you’re fighting aliens again, sweetheart,
like in starcraft, they're somber and green and gray,
isn’t it strange that we might share the same dream,
despite being miles away?
you’re stout-hearted, but i think

you don’t have to be there
right back there christopher ray
you don't have to be there
china white suits you best
while you're in the desert, stranded
you're brave and tall, you're in that shirt

neither of us is a believer,
but god is in the trees, god is in the heart
behind the blue dome, i pin my eye on you
you're fighting aliens, like in star craft

was it a strange dream that we share?
they're green and gray,
and it scares you but you are the hero

you don't have to be there
you don't have to be there
der kuss Nov 17
sinking low, layers of consciousness drifting away softly
you slip in between, fragments of this half-forgotten face
aren't you tired of flying around me, my strange?
when i gradually grow defenseless, lampshade turns sunset crimson
darkness thickens with yearnings outside, on the lane

my senses are heightened but i am senseless,
and dull are the days since i lost you again, i have been grieving for nothing,
(you became me, and i wished not to be left by myself)
and no matter how far i go you are remembered
in hours when i grow defenseless

my cheekbones are defined, i look more of a strong-willed woman
than a mad girl in love who parted ways with me once and all
but still we said this to the thin air: make me happy again
i wished you could hear this and i felt vapid,
i only have myself and it will be enough, and not enough

take me back into the holy room, where you and i had each other
and you were enough for me but i wasn't for you, we're lovers still
if we must part then i wished it was of my will
but a creak of a toad brings me back to life here
kicked out of heavens in clouds, there's a hole in heart, and will always be

tossing and turning, i touch my face with my unarmed hands
(these were once yours too)
i thought you might forget and never knew missing yourself
(i hoped you'd be back, i hoped you'd look back)
der kuss Nov 15
sing or read, we play to **** time
you want to go through the day
when you have time to miss me
sing or read, and the game is just silly

take this rule:
we don’t even need to tell nobody when it begins
just like a gist of feeling, you just know it,
also when it ends, you know it ends
(and i quietly hope you won’t go when it does)

how come you read my mind, or so i imagine it,
blue is the color of the shirt of the man i love
sing i said, i laughed and won,
long live our love and reign

do you think you will remember these days?
you have to look it up on google and it’s nowhere
sometimes i look at you and wish you’d listen and understand more, like i hope you’d be - a man in mind

i said it’s a read, i thought you lost the game
(you lose the game and i’m the one who feels defeated)
and you say, it’s just a game
and i think you’d forget these days
der kuss Oct 3
in that dream you were miguel and i was mariah
we're riding down the town over ninety-nine,
enveloped in the dark, black was the night,
you faced the winding road without fright

starlight, oh starlight,
beyond these temporal distortions and glaring windows
have we plainly met? supposing past lives were true,
were we made out of the same timeline?
maybe we’re old and married, maybe you’re a friend of a friend

look how i thought that over, like a sundial
where are we going? i inquired while i was holding you from behind
it’s the sound of raging winds against us for a reply
you were speeding and seeming to forget i was there
or i was there all along, only alone

miguel miguel, don’t make me look back
i closed my eyes and i pretended you too thought this way
i let myself own our time while it lasted, you and i,
although you didn’t know me, i didn’t know you,
out of question was the future, but always wanting it to be true

and so i held on tight to the roads covered in gloom,
the stars would go out before i forget you
for Dearest ZHY
der kuss Aug 3
i have been living with loss
i have been living with loose ends
once i thought i was deserving warm, thoughtful closures,
unfortunately, i am blessed with a tough mind and frail soul,
and i have learned to be quiet and live without closures down the road
if anything, they don't do much to me

and i thought i have been missing some people in life,
why do i always long for people who hurt me the most?
and why do their imaginary gazes are fixed on me in a long stare?
these people come, and go, leaving trails, engraving holes,
leaving me a porous sack of bones, thin and fragile-
i was a daisy-fresh girl, and they
chose to close their eyes and left

these people left, and unfortunately, i'm grown
i've been living with any joy i could find along the way
now i stand above myself, the former daisy-fresh girl,
looking down and i know better, that i don't want them
i was angry, in fact, enraged, and that displaced girl
had no means to protect herself but wept years in silence

she was angry and hurt, and i am now,
but i am reclaiming my place,
the place that they robbed, the voice they have silenced
she didn't want them nor ever need them,
it's their imaginary eyes that watch over her all these years
that she, i, hard to let them go
because it's the way that we're so used to live with
but i am trying, we're trying
der kuss Jun 15
i wish we could try more coffee shops in town together as the night falls

i wish we could see more sunsets together through the blinds of your windowpane

i wish you could stay longer with me to see me grow and bloom- i'll make you proud, i promise

i wish we could talk more and muse about dave grohl or john mayer or poems or art

i wish you could stay longer, long enough to see me getting into nirvana, and you'd laugh at me for crying at kurt cobain's home recordings

i wish we could wake up to each other every saturday noon

i wish i could taste beer and cigarettes from your lips again

i wish you could stay longer to see how beautiful i dress on saturday nights

i wish i could see you getting better for yourself, no longer hold onto thin strings that haunted you all your life

i wish you could come back and make me feel safe and secure, like finding friends we've lost along the way

i wish you could run and chase me on that sidewalk, preventing me from falling out of love

i wish you could be kinder to me

i wish you could love me

i wish i never met you on a hot day at the railway station in the south of the city

i wish we could see more of a world together

i wish we could be right for each other

i wish i could understand you better

i wish we could stay together so i don't have to write elegies

i wish we could be together someday

i wish we could be in love again

i wish we had more time
wish cradle lyric sad poems
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