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Cabbage Jan 2019
Do you see the night's display?
Or hear the waves below?
If you were just to stay.
Then I would gladly show.

The night, did you know,
in its cold and dark embrace
can warm and bring happiness.
With its vast and empty space.

The waves, did you know,
in their rage against the shore
can whisper us their secrets
of peacefulness and more.

Bring warmth with its embrace.
The night did. You know.
If you still don't understand
Then I would gladly show.

Whisper to us their secrets,
the waves did, you know.
If you still don't understand.
Then I would gladly show.

You are my warmth. My happiness.
My peacefulness and more.
In the embrace of the night
And the waves on the shore.

I hope to bring you one day.
And watch time grow slow.
As you just sit and stay.
And I gladly show.
Wrote this one on a vacation trip to Pismo Beach. I also drew inspiration from  some poem that I can't remember for the life of me.
Cabbage Mar 2018
It was heard in every place
The tragic loss of a man of thought,
A researcher of time and space,
A down to earth astronaut.

But he wasn’t “down to earth”,
Instead he was quite the opposite
Incredible ideas and theories
A creativity that would never quit
He’d stand on the shoulders of giants
He stands even though he sits.

He’s Superman in a floating space station
And though he lost at quantum chess,
His ideas are heard in every nation
Of a great man, you would expect no less.

So how do we cope you may ask?
How does one recover in a world so weary,
Well surprisingly enough he gave us the answer.
It’s his Hawking Radiation Theory.

Hawking radiation weakens a black hole
But this is more than just celestial entities.
It can describe coping as a whole.
Or instead coping as a hole, you see.
Like his theory, grief diminishes over time.
We learn to move on and remember.
We write the legacy he built in his prime.
And we make a flame from the dying ember.
A flame!
A beacon!
To light the future and radiate through all of creation.
Radiate through all of time!
Now that’s Hawking Radiation.
Stephen Hawking was a man who defied all forces who tried to stop him, including himself! He showed the true potential that people can have and he is one of the reasons why I plan to study Mechanical/Aerospace Engineering. So that I can work with a space agency and live my dream of aiding in research regarding space.  His death was one of the most shocking things I have heard in my life and it spurred me to write this in memory of Stephen William Hawking.
  May 2017 Cabbage
Midnight Rain
but with you, even the worst
of days
turn into the best of
—For I.J.M. & A.H.
Some days you are the only reason I smile. And you probably don't even know that.
Cabbage Apr 2017
I could write books.
I could take a break.
I could work out.
All the food i could make.
If only time can be changed according to my will.
Imagine all the things i could do, if time stood still.
I would love for time to stop for now. AP tests are coming too soon.
  Apr 2017 Cabbage
I thought I was broken, maybe I still am.
I thought I couldn't love at all, that all my life was ******.

I thought I'd be fine on my own, living the life I'd been dealt. Until suddenly your in my life and I've felt things I've never felt.

You grabbed my hand, you held my heart, you glued me back together and promised I'd never fall apart.

And now your mine our hands intertwined, and now I'm yours, our love out pours.

Into every word we speak and everything we do, because every hole in my life is now filled with you.
Cabbage Apr 2017
Warmth hits my lips and serenades my senses,
I feel your heat radiating off of you.
Eyes shut in true passion and flavor.
Its almost too much to bear
I open my eyes to gaze upon the bringer of this joyous feeling.
Ahh yes, I love ramen.
Cabbage Apr 2017
A steady daily routine, rarely broken.
My life was dull before. An unending repetition.
Colors were present, but they were dulled and decayed.
I could sense my sense, but I couldn't make sense of my senses.
It was all a gray blur.

A steady daily routine, broken.
I see you and my life finally lives up to its name. I finally have life.
Colors are still present, but this time its a present just to see your colors.
You hug my arm and my senses flare. I don't want to make sense.
I just want to be with you.
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