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Deovrat Feb 7
rosary of
beautiful roses
honoured rewarded
maybe a ray of color
is probably painted
by the touch of soulmate
who have seen the
color of heart

©deovrat 07.02.2019
Deovrat Jan 17
desire to elevate
desire to celebrate
it may be at work
or in the habitat

beyond the confession
every on having compassion
to show himself wise
to other advise and dictate

every effort only for
the mortal skeleton
but nothing to make
their soul pure salvate

indeed its strange
infact looks like revenge
running for such deeds
those are purely  deflate misstate

we still having some time
to find corect the ragtime
actuating and cause of mistakes
to come out from this illusion state

©deovrat 17.01.2019
Deovrat Nov 2018
महकते फूल..
कुछ किताबों में।
जागती पलकों पे..
सजे ख़्वाबों में।।

मेरे अहसास हैं..
या कि गोयाई-ए-लब।
कुछ तो हैं सवालों में..
कुछ पोशीदा हैं जवाबों में।।

©deovrat 27.11.2018
Deovrat Nov 2018
all living
created by the
divine nature
only Human being
is distinct and unique
they blessed
everything from
supreme divinity

feels so much
and plunge
upto the neck
in the ocean
of bogey greediness
name and fame
wealth and esteem
ambition and avidity

©deovrat 27.11.2018
Deovrat Nov 2018
the poetry
by two hearts
your heart my heart
and everyone's heart
one soul two hearts
phrases written here
is  the conversation
of our hearts
do you agree?
to love
and to be loved
is a real happines

©deovrat 08.11.2018
Deovrat Nov 2018
मोहब्बत की लौ
दिलों में मचलती रहे।
चिराग़-ए-कैफ़ सदा
यूँ ही जलते रहें।।

हो तबस्सुम लबों पे
और दिलों में ख़ुशी।
न कोई भूखा सोये
यही बस दुआ कीजिये।।

भूल कर के तस्सदुद
ओ सभी रंज़-ओ-ग़म।
क़ल्ब-ओ-जिग़र को
ख़ुशी से सजा लीजिये।।

ना तो शिक़वा कोई
ना किसी से गिला।
चिराग़-ए-नज़र से
दिवाली मना लीजिये।।

©deovrat 07.11.2018
Deovrat Oct 2018
in the
lake of eyes
tears comes in tides
each and every
moment seems
like drowning
my soul
nearby boat
nor the
clue of cost
with the closeness
of beloved ones
few moments
of caressness
gives billions
of dreams
trillions of hopes

©deovrat 29.10.2018
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