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and in my mind I still need a place to go
Bryan Lunsford
M    Poet, writer, and artist. Follow me on twitter: @bryan_lunsford
26/M/Illinois    Everything is hilarious and nothing makes sense....... All poems are copyright of Christopher King (moonsocket)
F    Follow my writing on Commaful:
Kaleb Webb-Wheeler
Adelaide    im just another guy, i write songs and poems to express how i feel, im not the best but my poems and songs have deep ...
19/F/srilanka    Write to inspire others.Strongly believe in love.Love listening to Taylor swift Songs.Checkout my personal blog for more poetry.
Lior Gavra
My new book, "BitterSweet," has hit #1 New Release on Amazon's Best Sellers List, I hope you can grab a copy! Sample stories in the ...
Lure Pot
26/M/=Lure Pot= is my pen name    I'm young- So, I sing of youth Every niceness is beloved So, I would like to be nice...
Mane Omsy
23/M/Dubai    What is the purpose of living? Love and enjoy the time being? Or build your world and perish down the soil?
Andrew Guzaldo c
52/M/Las Vegas    I am a Published Author "The Loyal Disorder 1" and the "Ardor of a Poet"starting on my second, I was CEO/Editor of Amici Journal Magazine, ...
42/Turkey    I like poems.Poems are my dreams.I am a poetr.I and poem are very good friends.I have ten poetry tecnichals.Everyone is a human.My poems says life's ...
Spencer Arndt
19/F/Ealing Park, Barbados    Poetry is how I speak my mind. All original pieces - Jonesy © - This above all be true to thyself
The stars    20 something year old, in love with the moon and the universe. xoxo Sandoval Find me on #Instagram @poetrysandoval
Daniel Irwin Tucker
M/Canada    May the voice of the human always be heard above the noise of the human 2 vol. of verse Former singer/recording artist/songwriter 2 cds by ...
Willy Shakysphere
M/Georgia, USA    I had never written anything before 1996. I died for 7 minutes, revived by an emergency medical team I awoke to not be quite the ...
Alecz Madriaga
16/F/Philippines    she love poetry b'coz she was a poem herself // finding myself through words
Erin Nicole
F/Indiana    I am a bad writer that thinks nothing of myself. I have gone through a lot of pain and regret a lot. But messages from ...
Anderson M
Timothy Joyner
Magalia, California    I'm a sixty year old man living on Disability. Sometimes my life can be boring other times not. I was born with a learning disability. ...
Nida Mahmoed
24/F/Pakistan    Nida Mahmoed is a first Muslim Young Poetess, who did poetry against Taliban violence on women. She is the author of Broken Women of the ...
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